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She is my littlest one – although she is 22 and  not so little anymore, she will always be my baby -XO. You can find another post I did showing how to make a beaded dangle.  There are many videos online showing how to make wire loops. Discover & share coolest do-it-yourself crafts for home improvement, interior design, and home decor.
Do you still remember your parents or grandparents making hand shadows to entertain you when you were a kid?
I thought you might like to get back those sweet memories of how to make simple hand shadows.
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Imagine that the figure of a man with a car jack is driven by a mechanism (probably a cam) attached to the driving pawl.
I received many questions about how I actually made them, so when my youngest daughter was getting ready to go on a two week trip to Utah and needed some new earrings, I whipped up a few pairs for her to go with some of her outfits.
Hold the tips of the pliers right at the base of the bead and wrap the wire around one tip into a circle.
Every time the hand of the automaton makes a rotation, the man could raise and lower the handle on the jack.
If you would like to follow me on social media – you can connect with me by clicking on the icons in my sidebar under my photo. I tried my best to document the process – they are so easy to make, but you do need a pair of All-In-One Jeweler’s pliers to make them.   They are sold at crafts stores in the jewelry making aisle and cost under $10. In this photo she is sporting a pair made with green glass beads – they are for her casual outfits. My favorites and the type I used to make the earrings for this post are the style on the far right.

The ratchet is advanced on tooth at a time by a driving pawl which is powered by a hand-crank. Next, imaging that a car jack is connected to the same axle as the ratchet that is being driven. Simply attach some of the automaton's actions to the axle that is being slowly advanced, one step at a time. It's not an exciting example, but it should give you an idea for how the two axles, while operating simultaneously, have a different pace and type of motion.
Meanwhile, a more fast paced set of actions can be driven off of the same axle to which the driving pawl is attached.

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