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Decorative duct tape, scissors, cotton balls, one small section of toilet paper, and a sticky sided jewel. Stitch Witchery is a fusible bonding web that melts when heated up by an iron and fuses 2 pieces of fabric together. When determining the amount of fabric needed for your pillow, add 2x the width of your stitch witchery.
Now place both of your squares of fabric together, with the wrong sides together {aka right sides out}. Lining up your edges, place more stitch witchery between the seams that you just created and pin it in place.
Iron the stitch witchery the same way you did before, allowing it to melt and fuse the fabric together.
Iron the stitch witchery one more time along the 4th side, again allowing it to melt and fuse. I have some cushion covers to make soon for my Etsy store – maybe I'll experiment with a bit of this new fangled (and also old and mystical sounding) stuff!! If you don’t have a sewing machine, by all means you can hand stitch your edges although it will take much longer.
Place your matching squares on top of each other with the patterns facing inward and the plain, backside of the fabric facing outward. Take your straight pins and pin along the edges of the fabric so the two pieces remain intact.
FREE Simple Budget Form Forget those complicated Budget Forms. I have kids, so I made my pillows with zippers and pillow forms for the insides instead of stuffing.
My Name is Josie and I live in sunny Southern California and I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful boys. By Leslie 37 Comments For me one of the easiest ways to redecorate a room is with Throw Pillows.
Since moving, I had all of the pillows from the old living room tossed on the sofa and chairs in the new living room.
Because I already had the pillow inserts I just changed out the old pillow covers for my new ones that now go quite well with the rug in the entry hall.
In case you think I live in a fantasy life model home ~ which I can assure you is absolutely untrue ~ I’ve tossed in this photo from the other side of the room. Ooooh, that rug is fabulous and what a fabulous reason to change your throw pillows I love the fabrics you chose!
I love the color palette and the patterns of the fabric you chose all work so well together.

Upon the insistent request of my daughter, we’ve made these easy DIY barbie pillows without any sewing! Try to make it as square as possible so that the duct tape sticks properly around the edges. And I had a boring off-white couch with boring off-white pillows sitting along a standard boring off-white apartment wall. Its awesome for a quick hem fix or for “sewing” projects for those of us who don’t have a sewing machine. Or if you are lazy and don’t want to get up to the ironing board {like me}, or simply don’t have an iron, a hair straightener. I would have added 1 ?”, but I wanted a flat, fabric border around my pillow so I decided to make make it an even 2”. Do this by using your yardstick and moving up the length of the fabric, marking out 16 inches at multiple spots.
If I’m staying overnight somewhere I pretty much always bring a Mini hair straightener. I don't have a sewing machine either but I have some red throw pillows that need a face lift.
The quilt pattern of the scallops is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, for forever – where, what, how? Home decor stores are selling single pillows for as much as $40 each, so if you want multiples to accent your sofa or bedroom you are looking at over $100 for several pillows. You can always see if a friend will let you use theirs, or some sewing centers and craft stores have them available for rent. Use your ruler to really stuff it in there and make sure it is getting into all of the corners. This one is so easy, you will wonder what the heck you've been doing all these years ;) It really is that easy.
We all know that living in California is a task of it's own and saving in California IS possible! Cut about a 6 inch piece of duct tape and place your wrapped cotton balls on top of the sticky side of the tape, leaving just enough room on each side for the tape to overlap. It really does work!} You may have to linger for a second or 2 to fully allow the stitch witchery to heat up and melt. We were going out for dinner, I had a really cute dress that was meant for evening, apparently it was cheaply made or something so we stopped at a gas station, I pluged in my flat iron, undid a few more stitches, and stuck some stitchery witchery in the hem, held my flat iron on there for about 30 seconds.
Any recommendations as to what sewing machine I should get,looking for one thats good for beginners but that I can eventually grow into (want to start making clothes for my baby girl)? If purchasing from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, be sure to print off your 40% off coupon before you shop for extra savings.

Get creative and explore thrift shops for a variety of fabrics, or use some old fabric scraps you already have and save even more. I started this blog mainly to share all the awesome deals out there and show others how to save in any area of life. Because I am a total cheapskate when it comes to buying something like throw pillows I tend to sew up a few new ones.
Do you know how difficult it is to find turquoise, black, gray, and white in one piece of fabric? SH has been working away at adding a small deck to the backyard and is storing his tools in the living room while he works on the project. When you make your own throw pillows you will feel so proud of your decorating accomplishments, and no doubt your friends will want you to make some for them too! Even though you may make the commitment to be frugal and pinch your pennies doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice! And you can tell from the photo above that you can see the sofa pillows from the minute you step foot in the house. Cutting while the fabric is still folded will give you 2 squares the exact same size for the front and back of your pillow. Which really wasn’t a problem because all of the colors were available in a variety of fabrics.
And when you need something new there is no guilt on making new covers since the cost is minimal. You can easily and inexpensively make your own thrown pillows for just a fraction of the cost. This time, I backed it with a woven fusible interfacing and that was all it needed to stabilize the fabric. You don’t have to be an expert seamstress, and you don’t have to be a super duper crafty queen in order to make your own. I just asked my husband if he could remove his tools from our kitchen counter about an hour ago! In no time, you can have charming and fluffy pillows adorning your favorite spaces and you won’t have busted your budget putting them there.

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