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As soon as you find some trees, hold down the left mouse button until the sound of you punching the tree stops.
Collect the block that falls out, then press E and select it, put it at the top bit of the inventory, and click on the wooden planks that appear. Now click the wooden planks and place them somewhere nice, then click them again, drag them over to the crafting squares and right click them into every square. You should see a wooden plank-like object appear, click it and put it at the bottom of the screen, if you don't have a wheeled mouse then press ESC and save your game. Then, go and find a wheeled mouse, you can tell it's the right one because they have a wheel-like thingy on them. Click the wooden planks you crafted in the previous chapter and place two on the crafting table with the right click button, click on the sticks that appear, and place them and the wood anywhere.
Now chop down a tree until you are satisfied you have heaps and craft it into wooden planks, then sticks. Now put some sticks on the very bottom (you can use either your crafting thingy or your inventory crafting blocks) and put the coal ABOVE the sticks. Press space to jump, and jump onto the square shape you made, now place ONE wooden plank and jump on it, now make another square by placing wooden planks on top of your original square.
Normal: Monsters spawn, and cause medium damage to you, but this time creepers WILL kill you, unless you have decent armor on (Creepers are monsters with no arms and four legs, they also have a very scary face).
Sounding good so far, the only problem is, it is a piece of cake for creepers and skeletons to destroy glass. It should now be your second day, and by now you should be familiar with the way minecraft works. Also, Spiders will become hostile for no reason when they get in the dark, I.e, A big tree or a cave. You have every right at this moment to be scared, Over the next lines we will help you get to day 3, and teach you how to combat a monster when you anger one. Ok, Unless you want to lose all your stuff and die, I think it's a good idea to equip your sword. If not you may as well skip to the bit where we talk about killing the creeper that's just snuck into your house while you were reading this. Anyway, If you've got a heap of iron from mining some iron ore, or some leather I think it's the time to make some armor.
Now that you're all big and strong and tough in your new armor, let's go out for a nice, peaceful, nature walk. Find a black spider (They come in black and blue, I will explain about the blue ones later) and hit it with your fist or sword.
If this guide just leaves you in a pit of spiders and creepers with no way out, then check out the videos on YouTube. Anyways, let's get on with getting to bed at night, and waking up to sunlight, not creepers. Food is really the least of your worries, with the Monster truck making a new delivery every night!
Time for you to make some new stuff to kill that big pile of zombies they just dumped at your own, personal Terror Inc. Now that you have made a new bow, and got some num num training I think you can get through the rest of day 2 without me.
Now, unfortunately stone and iron don't last all forever, and sooner or later your house, tools and weapons are going to wear out (usually about the same time as the Monster truck makes its delivery). Look at the achievements page on the Pause Menu for a good example on how deep you have to go to get a glimpse of gold ore (It’s not as deep as the ore with blue spots, but it's still really deep).
Just get a piece of flint, and smelt a piece of iron ore, and place the flint and the steel anywhere. Now, as soon as you have lots of TNT, you should go back to your mine, and find a nice spot to place some TNT.
Storage room: A big room with lots of chests, You should make this room underground or out of stone. And did you know you can make stuff like: A doorbell, a remote trigger for things like TNT, Special torches that let you travel faster, And stuff like that too?

I don't know what kind of pickaxe you need for redstone, but I think it's something more powerful then wood or stone pickaxes. Now, when the buckets done, go to a lake or pond or another source of water, and right click.
Use your diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian or whatever the black stuff's called, and get 10 blocks of it (14 if you want a proper portal).
2: Even though the normal monsters can't naturally spawn here, Ghasts and zombie pigmen take their role in this place. 5:The nether is filled with ever-lasting-fire and lava, so watch your step, or you'll be crispy fried squares in no time! Think of them as a warm, fluffy pair of slippers, with large, sharp teeth, that will protect you from horrible, nasty monsters with large, sharp teeth. To heal a wolf, give it pork chops, cooked pork chops, or rotten flesh from zombies (this doesn’t work in creative mode). PS: This was written by 9 year old, so if this doesn't make sense, then you are in serious trouble. Weekend wood projects DIY Download weekend wood projects PDFweekend wood projects Many different DIY scrap wood projects.
Wooden planks minecraft how to Download wooden planks minecraft PDFFront runner this project 2.
In the past it didn’t matter what kind of wood you made your planks from, they always looked the same. Now, get back on your game and test out the mouse wheel, if all you see is your hand, then check your inventory. The difference is: you can use it more before it breaks, you can mine stuff faster, and you can mine iron, which is needed for later crafting goodness.
The reason for this is, that if you place a door from the inside, the monsters that come out at night can break into your house, and kill you. WARNING: the next chapter is directed to players playing on the easy, normal, or hard setting, please limit yourself on what you do depending on your difficulty.
This is useful because if you use it on your roof, monsters like spiders can't jump on you from behind when you go out pig hunting or something useful. If you have 3 blocks of wool and 3 blocks of wooden planks you can make a bed, Place 3 blocks of wool on the middle of the crafting blocks, (it doesn't matter what colour of wool it is, as long as it's wool). TIP: The crafting pattern of a chest plate made of diamonds is on a T-shirt in the minecraft online store. There's still some creepers and spiders wandering around to see if they can steal your stuff. Bows, like so many things in minecraft, look just like a real ones, and are made out of exactly the same stuff! There are 3 easy meals on the menu today; Raw pork chop from a piggy, some beef from a moo moo, AKA a cow, and some chicken from, you guessed it, a chicken.
Because if you don’t cook meat, you can get food poisoning, and food poisoning depletes your hunger bar at twice the normal rate. Place the feather at the bottom, the stick in the middle, and the flint at the top, this will make 4 arrows. A QF chapter is also known as a Quickfire chapter, and you guessed it, they are short, quick chapters. Zombie pigmen are a danger in numbers, but like spiders, they won't attack you unless they are attacked. Minecraft is a game where you decide what to do, but good advice might just help you work out the best way to do it. Minecraft classic is like creative mode of minecraft beta, but with no monsters and basically, a bit out-dated. No, it's not some weird, 8 bit skin condition they've picked up from eating dead zombies, that's disgusting, not contagious.
Just don't blame me when you end up as a three tailed cat, in a world where all the trees are really rocking chairs.
If you’re new to the game, you gather items by clicking and holding down the left mouse button to make your character punch repeatedly until an item breaks.

If there's grass or some snow, then check your surroundings; you should go and find some trees, but avoid all holes and caves. So keep mining until you see this weird block with black spots, (you may need more light to make sure this really does have black spots), this is coal ore. You can make a 4th or 5th layer if you like, but if the sun is setting then forget about it for now, and make a roof. Now is the time to double check that your door is closed, and there are no gaps in your house.
I don't think I really need to help you with this one, but here's a hint, there should be either wood or cobblestone in your inventory. Hopefully the only thing you should see that's green is a zombie, and that can easily be taken care of by punching it to death. The crafting pattern still works with all the materials that you can use (leather, iron, gold, etc.).
Cook the pork on your furnace, and it's pork chops for breakfast (or lunch if you're a bit slow). But don't get cocky, Spiders are still a threat even in sunlight because of their jumping ability. Some caves called "Abandoned mine shafts", are home to Smallif Lis Venomeous Las Arack-nid!
To make a shovel place 2 sticks from down to up, and on the top place some wooden planks, or some cobblestone. Place the sand in a D-pad fashion, and put the gunpowder (The stuff creepers drop when killed) at each side. Just place 2 blocks of stone, or something else on the top left side of the crafting blocks, and 2 stick at the middle of the shape. Wild wolves behave the same as zombie pigmen and spiders, if you attack them they return the favor.
When you attack something or, as so often happens, it attacks you, your wolf will attack it.
It is great for new ones who have never played minecraft, to gain some skills before they leap into the monster rich hell that is minecraft beta.
You can make a roof out of anything you want, except sand and gravel (gravel's the strange stuff you may of found while mining).
The middle one is for a chest plate, the semi-bottom block is for leggings, and the very bottom one is for boots.
The spider will be hostile, but I've found the best strategy is to attack it without pausing, Snort. Creepers: I have had my share of fighting creepers, and I have the leftover skin and wounds to prove it!
Make sure that the middle of the D-pad has some gunpowder as well, and congrats, you have a block of TNT! You should now have a hollow rectangle 5 blocks high, and 4 blocks wide, with a hole in the middle that's 3 blocks high, and 2 blocks wide. If you use the sprint function by double pressing the up arrow key and holding it there after pressing the second time, (Contrary to 1.8), you could go on a spider killing spree!
But there's no getting around it, living alone isn't all not having to tidy your room, and cookies for breakfast. I think it's time you learn the wonder that is, the bow, Good news spider killers, the bow crafting pattern involves string! There should be files of all your saved games and worlds, just copy your world's file into a box on the website you're trying to upload to.
I may have mentioned the little spider-string-bow problem before, but now it's time for a few hints to make things easier. Hey, I wasn't really going to leave you in the dark about this forever, just for a little bit.

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