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If you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen, you may want to consider decorating and sprucing it up.
Getting a backsplash with an off- white quilt travertine look will make your kitchen lovable. If the tiles you have been eying are too expensive, use their color as paint to accentuate your kitchen’s backsplash.
Why You Should Upgrade Your Countertops Countertops have a huge impact on the general appearance, attractiveness, and value of your kitchen. If the countertops are too difficult to maintain, or probably are damaged beyond repair, or they simply no longer match your design vision, it’s time to for upgrade. Whether you only step in your kitchen to grab a snack, cook dinner, or bake cookies with the kids, having your countertops upgraded is definitely good news. With an crew boasting of over 20 years of experience in remodeling projects involving, countertops kitchens, bathrooms, hardwood floors and more, we eliminate the cost of having to wait for long before life returns to normal. Since the foundation of your countertops is in good condition, replacing the surface will give your kitchen a brand new style, add a sense of elegance and allow you to enjoy the space more.
Fast forward to today, kitchen is glorified as the main family rebonding area and entertainment center to fulfill our never ending munching desires along with modern appliances, gorgeous finishes, granite counter tops, elegant cabinets, walk-in pantries and meal-planning desks and usually homey backyard views. Use the following kitchen backsplash ideas and within no time, your kitchen will slowly become the focal point within your home.
This is especially so if you paint the cabinets a warm white color and get limestone countertops. This will introduce an attractive visual spark even if your backsplash is relatively simple. These tiles will harmonize with your kitchen especially if you use an oak veneer cabinetry and a creamy hue onyx. However, because the kitchen is the center of all activities in your home, the countertops suffer minor problems like burns, stains or scratches. At Nalley Home Design we understand that your kitchen is the hub of your home, hence time is of essence when doing an upgrade.
Removal of the old countertop can be very complicated especially if there is a tile backsplash to be worked around.

We have a knowledge base of what many homeowners in Houston want which have helped us to hit the bull’s eye in stocking our store. This is so because we know where the shoe pinches because we listen to you during a free consultation done by an expert contractor, who is within your locality. Kitchen backsplashes have the ability to catch food and liquids which are splattered and leave unattractive stains or any other kitchen wall surfaces giving protection in your wall. And because you can’t help spending a lot of time in your kitchen, upgrading the countertops will restore its pleasantness, make it efficient and more functional.
In finding the best kitchen backsplashes, you should find the materials and designs that are not only functional but also attractive. Now add to the mess the agony of putting your life on hold when the contractor you have hired takes days or even weeks to complete the tasks while waiting for new countertops. The kitchen backsplash tiles idea can be a key to trump the idea of black and white kitchen design for modern kitchen.
To apply such kitchen backsplash tiles idea, we only must find the compatible black tiles that may be set up as the kitchen backsplash. Your eye  and hand should move naturally from one thing to the other without any reluctance.Following are some important kitchen elements to be considered while designing itColorsColor makes a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen.
The presence of such kitchen backsplash tiles idea can strengthen the main concept of kitchen.
Light and cooler colors will make the kitchen look spacious, airy and bigger while darker and warmer colors  will make your kitchen look smaller and congested. Counter topsThe kitchen counter tops are near to eye level and will always occupy maximum portion of your visual space. One should always select a color of the cabinets that complements and coordinates with the countertop color. With the help of reflective and glossy surface of these glass tiles, you are able to give a splendid and sophisticated look to your kitchen decor. Darker shade counter tops will make your life much easier as it will not show the oil sprinkles and smudges that seem to be very friendly with the shelves.CabinetsKitchen cabinets usually take up half of your budget and occupy almost 40% of the visual space in your kitchen. The basic purpose of the cabinets is to store food items and beverages and should be easily approachable to everyone working in the kitchen.
Because of the reflective and shiny nature of these glass tiles, these tiles can help to give an illusion of extra space for small kitchens.

The cabinets should be safe, accommodating and provide maximum storage space.IlluminationLighting is an extremely significant aspect to be considered while designing a kitchen. Using these tiles for kitchen backsplash will add brightness, and also make the kitchen look bigger.
So, if you want to give a dramatic and unique turn to your kitchen interior then you can certainly go for these backsplash tiles. The position of the sun can even greatly affect your kitchen in many ways, place windows to take advantage of natural sunlight to add energy and refreshing environment.Work triangle conceptThe work triangle is a significant design principle that improves the functionality of the kitchen by reducing walking distance between the refrigerator, sink and cooking stove.
But, before that, make a note that glass tiles are bit expensive, and you may have to pour some extra money for installing glass tile backsplash.Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen BacksplashCeramic kitchen tiles for backsplash can be the best option. Ceramic tiles are offered in a variety of colors and patterns enabling you to choose the best pattern and color which fit to other kitchen components. In choosing the color and pattern of the ceramic tile, you should consider your kitchen wall, countertop, and kitchen cabinets. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you’re getting used to DIY job, it is possible for you to install ceramic kitchen tiles for backsplash from your own without getting specialist. Tin Tiles for Kitchen BacksplashWhen you want to choose an economic backsplash along with easy installation, tin tiles can give you the best deal.
Tin tiles, that are also referred as tin ceiling tiles, are durable, light weight and are available in a variety of designs, finishings and patterns. These tiles can also be painted, and you can choose a color which goes well with other kitchen components.
Installing these tin tiles for backsplash is quite easy and you need to simply nail these tiles within the wall.
Hence, with these tin ceiling tiles and panels you can give a vintage look to your kitchen interior in an economic budget.

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