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Interior Sliding French Doors are available in a variety of designs that provide spaciousness for you to choose according to your liking. Interior Sliding French Doors are now produced with various combinations of frame composed of fiberglass, wood, steel, aluminum with glass as a panel. April 25, 2012 by The Accent Piece 133 Comments If you missed the first part, you can find it here.
Hold it up to the door so you know how far to drill your hole.  Since the hanger will sit flush against the door, there needs to be a hole for the bolt to sit in. Then attach the rolling part to the hanging part.  I know, these technical terms can be overwhelming. Now the hanger part fits flush against the top of the door since you drilled a hole for the bolt to slide in to. Now that the hardware is installed on the door, you can install the box rail to the wall.  Find your studs (insert cliche joke about my stud being on the left in the picture below) and mark every stud. Oh my goodness… Hanging it was more complicated than making it but the results are amazing. I think it would look really good and work well to mill in both sides about half an inch or so and find inset plates for a door grab! Just google “sailboat hardware recessed” and you will find exactly what you need! Ironically Ive been thinking about installing a sliding door on our bedroom for a while, and if I can make it look good enough (with my limited woodworking skills;) then I might move on to other doors. Recently I met a general contractor in the Phoenix area, he asked me to help him with doors. The contractor and I met, he told me he is doing a total renovation to a house that had a bad water flood damage. The idea is to install two doors that will be totally fixed on each side of the opening and two doors that will slide on a track that will be mounted above the doors. I gave the contractor the  bid a long with a plan, he liked it and asked me to order the doors.

The tricky part was to calculate so the sliding doors tops and the fixed doors are at the same height so all the lines are lining up perfectly. Under the doors I installed an upside down a T shape (about three inch long) a floor guide into the floor.
The doors must meet each other at the center perfectly when they are closed and must overlap the two fixed doors perfectly when they are wide open.
At last I drilled three quarters of an inch holes for the installation of the finger recessed pull. The contractor is going to finish it up, meaning, remove the doors, painting and installing trim around the frame. About Latest Posts Dov ShapiraDov Shapira, owner operator of Shapira Builders, has been working with doors for over 30 years, licensed, bonded and insured contracting in Arizona for the last 15 years. I wish our house was big enough to have those doors but unfortunately, they wouldn't make sense here. Beautiful door, I like how you plan and discuss all possible downturns, our last contractor messed up with floors so now asking my dad to help or at least look through the work.
I had to take off the sliding doors about two and half inches from the bottom to accommodate for the track, hardware and the floor guide. I'm addicted to French Doors, I hope to have something like this in my future home office.
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The door is capable of in place in all parts of your home even in the exterior part of your home’s doors is able to give an elegant look. You will not be confused if it will open its doors with the condition of your home a narrow spaces, because you only stayed sliding doors. If that doesn’t work, we are thinking about drilling a small hole (but big enough to slide it with a couple fingers).
Tell J that I wish some of his handy helperness would rub off on my J that is NOT into handy helperness!

Shapira Builders is a remodeling company, based in Phoenix since 1993.Shapira Builders has a total remodeling license. Is a leading-edge manufacturing enterprise established in 2000 on the basis of an existing company.
If you would like an image or content removed, please contact our webmaster, No hard feelings. Many people are now switching to use Interior Sliding French Doors to be placed as a children’s room door. Your child’s bedroom contains a variety of objects are definitely going to need enough room.
I was planning on trying to rig something up myself with random metal pipes and bars, because the prices I was seeing were just way to high. After the door produce finished, Our QC team check the parts one-by-one, to make sure there is no problem with parts, then we assembly it.
We have this opening between our bedroom and “sink nook” that I really want to add a sliding door to, and now I can thanks! There are many types of doors available and it is very important to have someone with the best knowledge and ability in the industry to install the perfect door for you. Whether you are installing French doors, pocket doors, wood, steel or fiberglass, an expert installer will understand your needs and go the extra mile to beautify your home and help you with everything from choosing a design to the final installation.The right type of door will benefit you year round!
From the heat of the summer to the cold of winter, installing the right type of door can save you in heating and cooling costs. Custom designed doors will be both functional and beautiful increasing the curb appeal of your home.In addition to installing a new door for that summer patio, some doors need a quick fix. An expert installer can not only provide you with a new door in a variety of finishes but can also repair and make your old door look as good as new by refinishing it to your specifications.

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