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Maintenance of all those kitchen must be done regularly to keep its cleanliness and appeal. I will be more than happy if my kitchen was patterned to one of the modern & contemporary kitchen Island designs.
The wine rack below the counter top caught my attention as how it was designed to save space. Upon seeing all of the photos, the designs are superb but I noticed a flaw that is common to most of them, I think that they are not safe if you have children in the house.
I must admit that one of my favorite parts in our house is the kitchen, you know, cooking has been my passion ever since I was young. After visiting your blog, I have found your blog has a great collection of latest kitchen designs. These trendy retro design Zassenhaus digital kitchen scales are great for baking with their add and weigh tare feature - read more about this below. Cherry Deluxe: This traditional luxury kitchen features beautiful cherry wood cabinets, professional stainless steel appliances, and a large bi-level island with a raised bar. This kitchen island has a butler sink, shaker polyurethane doors and Caesarstone bench tops. There are many kitchen island designs that are suitable for large and moderate sized kitchens. This is a black kitchen island with a wooden countertop similar to that of the entire kitchen model. The curved kitchen island with sink attached to it along with the cooking stove and chimney above it. A wooden kitchen island with green marble for other countertops and brown marble for the center island countertop makes it distinguishable. This is a spectacular glass curved kitchen island in the center with a stunning blue color combination to that of the brown wooden flooring.
This is another stunning glass countertop kitchen island with center shallow space for placing fruits, cut vegetables etc. This is a glossy white kitchen area with a center rectangular white furnished kitchen island with drawers and shelf to place books.

A white furnishing and countertops matched with a dark brown kitchen island that is so unique and different when compared with the rest. September 14, 2015 By Beckie 3 Comments Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic had always wanted a kitchen island but for space reasons decided against it when having her home built. The original inspiration came from the Hamilton Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island from Pottery Barn. I love the place, the food and the mood it possesses, I even recommended it to some of my friends, and I dream to have an interior just like what the restaurant have. What I love about that house is the kitchen area where there are so many different designs you can choose from. For a wine lover like me, I might design or purchase a counter top that can stack my wine collection. Think about what you've always wanted in a kitchen area and how to apply your strategy within your cost range. The kitchen island has seating overhang on the Caesarstone tops down one end away from the butler sink area. Apart from offering ample illumination, they seem to bring along with them beautiful balance and contemporary style.
These island models can be matched with the entire kitchen model so that it doesn’t stand out of place.
A rectangular piece of design that is placed towards the outside view corner that can be used to have food having a glorious outside view or to work in cutting vegetables etc. The island is designed using a contrasting cherry red color that looks ravishing amidst the pure white kitchen furnishing. Though the countertops are different, the furnishing and the color of the island remains the same as the rest of the place. The island is designed using a thick glass countertop whereas the rest of the countertops are made of stainless steel.
It is attached with a sofa, where a small round table is placed nearby with chairs to enjoy your food as it is served hot and fresh. If you click on the link or picture in my feature, it will take you directly to her site and you can email her directly.

I like the second to the last design the most, I just like its illumination, the placement of every single pieces is just perfect. Consider talking to with an experienced company in your area to get a better idea on cost and options in your cost bracket.
With an amazing array of pendant light designs now on offer, the lighting above your kitchen island need not look dull and boring anymore. They can be designed in various shapes using various materials for countertops either the same one as the other countertops in the kitchen or separate unique design to make it look different and a standout from the rest of the kitchen.
The red island is covered topped with a white countertop like the rest of the furnishing and shelves. She teamed up with Ana White to design and build this gorgeous wooden kitchen island with casters. The pendant lights above the island add dimension and character to the room, while providing light to the surface of the island.
While there are several lighting options available for every kitchen, elegant pendant lights that offer much needed ‘task lighting’ clearly steal the show.Logico Pendant Lights over the kitchen island look like floating pieces of modern art They not only give you the right illumination that allows you to get the work done on the kitchen countertop, but also act as great decor additions even during daytime. When natural ventilation takes over, pendant lights still seem to retain their enigmatic charm.
The 48-inch wide built-in refrigerator has an in-door ice and water dispenser and is situated for easy access to guests seated at the island.
A pot filler faucet on the backsplash behind the range allows the cook to access water without traversing to the main sink. The built-in microwave sits nicely in the corner without grabbing too much attention, and is mounted lower than the upper cabinets for easier (and safer) access. There are others that match the metallic tinges of aluminum surfaces and shiny kitchen countertops to offer a sense of continuity. When used in the right manner they transform even an old and dingy space into a bright and beautiful area.

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