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IKD’s kitchen design services are not endorsed by, affiliated with or sponsored by Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. The door must open up more than 90 degrees in order to remove the drawers and to clean your fridge properly. While some designers will suggest adding a filler of at least 3″ to provide additional space (think about the thickness, weight and even the handle of the door, not to mention the wasted space), the best design is to re-position your fridge. Of course, not having to root around within the dark recesses of a corner cabinet is welcomed by anyone. You absolutely know that remodeling your kitchen is probably an exciting, but also challenging, daunting task to do.

You have to figure out what type of cabinetry that you like but still require the needs that you will face in daily use.
You need to use cabinet design tool online to help you of course, do the layout of your cabinets in a virtual environment and even help you to create the floor plans that you can use for yourself or give to the contractor.
It is owned by Google and is a free set of tools for designing any room, including designing the cabinets of your kitchen room. Simply make 3D models of your rooms, and then you can virtually walk through each room to see how it would like to be. You can use it all start from creating the blueprints of  the work space and then convert it into 3D presentation, the possibility for you experiencing 3D models of different items that you can drop into your virtual design, until convert the computer drawings into sketches.

You can even scan a photograph of your kitchen and then make it available to be use in your actual space.There is also this KitchenDraw, which allows you to create your 3D kitchen design plans and add accents along with the colors to your kitchen appliances and cabinets.
You can create a floor plan using this software then enjoy your time adding accents like cornices and islands to your design plan. You can use it for 30 hours freely, but it will cost you about $5 per project that you make.

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