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January 7, 2014 by howtonestforless 14 Comments As mentioned yesterday with my Pantry Makeover post, I’m trying to get more organized in the New Year. The easiest plan for me was to take photos of all my cabinet exteriors and mark on them in Photoshop what would go where. The less used kitchen items go higher on the shelves, second set of dishes, nicer mugs and drinkware, and specialty serving pieces. Since I have a double oven, I have a large cabinet to the right of my stove for all of my pots and pans.
Now in my last home I had less than half of the cabinets and about a fourth of the drawers I have now, but no matter your kitchen size you can make an organizational system work for you!
It is easier to organize when you have a huge kitchen with lots of storage like the one shown in these pictures.
Great change, right?!  Nothing from this space had to go, but instead everything was reorganized to be easier to get at in an instant. Once I aligned the contact paper on the cabinet and pulled off the backing, I used a straight edge to trim the excess.
At the top of the interior of the cabinet, I added a half round piece of trim, which I then added metal screw-in hooks to.
I attached the half round piece of trim + the newly made wood spice holders using a very very very strong adhesive – Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix.  Basically it’s two formulas that mix together and provide a major adhesive mixture.
Also on this inside cabinet, I added another half round trim piece for added storage.  Right now all I have is a pin with a pen hanging, but it can be used for so many other things.  Maybe more kitchen utensils??? To gather even more unique, fun, and creative ideas for your indoor and outdoor Fall and Winter spaces, I would definitely suggest downloading the Lowe’s Creative Ideas app on the iphone and ipad.  I’m always checking out the FREE app for great seasonal + do-it-yourself inspiration. You now know where things are and time spent trying to locate items are no longer a worry or stress.
I recently installed the stickers hooks inside by cabinet doors (great idea) and I love it.
When you hung the wooden spoons, did you have to cut the corresponding shelf back for the door to close? No, I did not have to cut the shelf back for the door to close, but instead I made sure to hang the spice rack so when the door closed it would not interfere with the shelf but instead close where the void space is. By Manuela Williams I think a lot of us are trying to better utilize the space that we have and I know that organizing your spices is a challenge!
My house was built in the late 1960’s and this cabinet close to the stove is pretty typical for houses of that era and basically where everyone that I know keeps their spices.
In the cubbies around the stove is where I keep my most used larger containers of  sea salt, peppercorns, cinnamon etc.  Yes I know, cool and dark is how to store spices. Dollar Tree does carry them, but I tried for about 3 weeks to get some there and they were always out. This is something that I need to do, I love organization, I’m just not good at creating it. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
I picked up a few of these kitchen cabinet organizers from Walmart, and what a difference they’ve made! Looks like Wal-Mart owes you some commissions for boosting their kitchen organization product sales! But what I’d reallllllly like is something like this… one of each side of the oven!
I bought several double-tiered lazy Susan style spinning shelves from the Container store and line up all my spices (labels facing outwards) in my awkward upper corner cabinets.
All my overflow kitchen gadgets have moved to the office closet and no more linen closet for us.

How did you know that I have been trying to figure out what to do with my shelf-less cabinets?
When I'm not organizing (and re-organizing) my own kitchen, I'm stalking Pinterest and other blogs to see how others are getting the job done.
I have found so many clever kitchen organization ideas and thought I'd share some of my favorite with you today! 5.) Another great way to put the inside of your cabinet doors to use it to mount some small containers! I would love to have some pull out drawers in my pantry and that tension rod idea is so clever! The first zone was near the dishwasher, the perfect place for my dinnerware, drinkware and silverware… everything that I used on a daily basis.
Here I keep everything that I need to cook dinners, including all prep work and food storage. I have to reorganize my kitchen … I have way to much stuff in my cabients and drawers! We recently remodeled our kitchen and I have at least 2x more cabinet space and a larger pantry.
What are they eating?  What do they buy?  We use a lot of coconut oil – 3 jars right there in front. I showed you some great spice organization tips in this post 10 Ways to Organize Your Spices  .  So I had plenty of inspiration for how to tackle my own spice cabinet organization.
I realized that some of my problem was from having different sized spices & herb containers.
I keep my vinegars, oils (other liquids) in a tray under that cabinet, in the fridge and in my pantry. It did take me a while to get around to organizing these spices but I’m so glad I did. I love to have everything neat and organized – Now I just need to get busy and do something about that. This house we moved into really needs some work to it sense the family for what ever reason had really torn this house up or it started happening after they moved out.
I’m almost afraid to even tackle my spices but this makes me want to get busy putting mine in order too. I have been collecting and using small spice bottles like yours since I use bulk spices now. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
I always write the date of purchase on the the label so you don’t keep them too long. I too have a hard time with the cookware storage in my cupboards, but have never found anything sturdy enough for the glass bakeware!
We just moved into a new house and I have been having a terrible time trying to organize everything.
There are quite a few things I see on Pinterest that I've yet to tackle, so don't feel bad! The kitchen can get so messy so quickly!!I haven't tried the tension rod myself but thanks for the heads up!! The middle cabinet holds my corningware and bakeware, plus larger appliances like my crockpot.
I had big containers of garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, I had some bulk spices from from Whole Foods  etc.
We put it in our morning smoothies and we like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on our coffee grounds before brewing.

It”s so much easier working in the kitchen when everything has a place and you know what you have and where it is!
Although I have a drawer by the stove with store bought size containers, I also have some of the larger ones purchased at Sam’s.
I do not have any above counter cabinets so we are going to be putting up some new ones, and arrange the kitchen to make it more efficiate. There are still containers I’d like to get but until I do, it is organized and functional! I have the smaller metal containers in one cupboard on tiers, and then my regular jar ones take up 2 cupboards and I have some special ones in a drawer!!
I guess by the 80s when this place was built boring old stock cabinets were the word of the day. An avalanche of cookware overflowing from the cabinets whenever I needed to retrieve a single baking dish.
I do my best thinking after going to bed and last night I spent a good while organizing them in my head.
Put it to use by adding a magnetic strip and have all your knives hang out right there ready to be used! And if you don't have any space to add a chalkboard you can use the inside of another cabinet door! I transferred these into smaller glass spice jars (which you can purchase at the Dollar Stores, Container Store, Cost Plus World Market, Ikea etc). I ended up cleaning mine out and giving away a good bit that knew I would not use again, or they would be to old when I wanted to use again.
They started building a new room up were the attic of the home was and never finished it so we are the way we think will make the house look a lot better. Abby is getting her college apartment in August and we are planning all kinds of fun organized spaces like this, I can’t wait for her to see it! So this is a great way to do an inventory of what you have and it’s a good time to wipe down those shelves. I had some Martha Stewart labels that I was going to use but didn’t have enough of all of the same kind left in the package. I just do not have the heart to throw them out sense some of them are in the old tins they used to come in.
I’m attempting your recipe this weekend!)I had to pull out every single bottle to know what the heck was in there!
I had an idea like that pinned MONTHS ago and I still have not gotten around to actually carrying it out yet.
We did not use the wooden piece or the hooks you used so the utensils are touching the inside cupboard door. Any ideas what to do with all the spices that I am replacing instead of going in the trash? Take some magnets and put them on the back of each tin and then you just put them on the metal and they will stay there. I also have a lot of teas —which seems crazy to me—I guess these are my weakness! But she did her spice thing on a chalk board, and attached the tins with magnetic chalk board paint, and under each tin she wrote the name of the spice. That is a great way to get all your spices out and organized for each recipe you might be doing.

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