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When we first moved in, my husband was kind enough to offer me his office table which is 180 x 60 cm.
After we got the butcher block from the home improvement store – we had to order and wait on the wood, my husband put a wax a stain on the counter. Do you think it is possible to make this with just 2 so there is a place to sit and push a chair into? In regards to the self healing cutting mat, do you have a website for the company you used?
I've had a lot projects in partial completion but this particular one turned into a must finish situation. But nevertheless it resulted in a beautiful deck table that can comfortably sit up to 16 people.
We read on this subject and appears that people recommend staining the red cedar to extend its life – yes, even if it is cedar.
So she went on and bought the most expensive Australian Timber Oil (for decks, railings, stairs and outdoor furniture) natural look made by Cabot, stained it, etc.
Not to leave on a bitter note, we really enjoy the table despite the stains – very big and gorgeous!

So – if I come and build you one of these tables, can you pay me in food like Cynthia from your awesome Greek creations?? My friend, I would cook up some Greek food for you anytime you decide to come up for a drive! I am thinking that you could scale the original down if you transpose it onto a CAD program (like Autocad or similar). This is really a great table and matches another smaller table of 120 x 60 cm (both from Ikea) which I wanted to use for my sewing. I didn’t want a dark stain and was pleased with the natural look but KNOW that I will have a cup of coffee on the top and with it a stain. If your counter top is not super flat, you will want to stain the side that is bowed up like a boat. We centered the base, pre-drilled wholes for the wood screws and screwed the L-Brackets to three adjacent sides of the counter top. I have just finished using the Cabot oil in Jarrah Brown on a teak bench and am NOW reading this and feeling a little nervous! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Of course, it is great to have such a LARGE table for basting and laying out patterns, and I was really thankful that my husband offered it to me, BUT I thought it took up too much space in my room to serve just one purpose of a table.
A clear lack coat would not work for me, because I didn’t want the red beech wood to show through. The instructions I got off ebay have pretty good instructions although you will have to tweak with the dimensions a little, specially when you close the angle.
It would be cool to see a picture with people seated, because I have a feeling it is a lot bigger than what it looks like!
But, in any case, the table is still a fine piece of outdoor furniture and you should be proud of your handiwork!

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