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Hello everyone, I wonder if anybody would be able to help me in regards to my sleeper arrangement on my Templot layout.
PS I also notice turnout sleepers are wider than plain track, is this usuall or a setting I am unaware of? Where the sleepers go under the rail on the next track should I cut them back or does it not make a difference?
Sorry for the questions but as well as learning Templot I am trying to get the grips with trackwork workings as well.
You can now swap between templates by clicking on the required one and then clicking make the control on the left or simply pressing the M key.
If I were to draw a cross-over from one line to the other in double track, would Templot draw all the interlaced sleepers? Templot includes full controls to create custom timbering layouts (called "timber shoving"), but it doesn't do it for you. If you wish, every individual timber and sleeper in Templot can be adjusted for exact size and position, but normally it's only necessary to adjust a few of them where they conflict.
Crossing timbers were normally available to designers in lengths from 8ft-6in (or previously 9ft in pre-grouping times) in increments of 6in up to 30ft. Sometimes where a long timber was required it was made up on site by halving and splicing two shorter ones, using bolted-through fishplates top and bottom as stiffeners.
For a single turnout, the usual rule was that crossing timbers stop at 16ft* length, after which normal sleepering is used, with the sleeper ends interlaced as necessary. I find that most of the track combinations that I require cause clashes of sleepers between templates which cannot be simply resolved by rolling sleepers. Before even beginning the shoving, it's sometimes worth seeing if a different basic timbering style would help.
The pop-up menu for a plain track background template has functions for rolling rails and sleepers.
The control template is adjusted to match the joints and timbering on the selected background template. In the screenshot above the plain tracks are currently set for 13 sleepers per 30ft rail length. Both the control template and the selected background template must be plain track templates. As with timber shoving, adding slip roads, etc., this is a function to use when your track plan is finalized. To follow this up, Is it possible to print the chair positioning for plain track and turnouts? Prototypically, providing full chairing detail is a minefield of different periods, practices and chair designs. Thanks again for the comprehensive answer Martin, I made a visit to C&L on Monday and baught my first turnout kit which comes with a template and chair positions.

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I have areas where the sleepers overlap or If I join two tracks there is an odd spacing at one end.
I can't say I've noticed it when looking at real life trackwork, but then again I was never looking out for it. That's because there is an infinite number of prototype permutations, and only you know what you want. The very long timbers were expensive, and different companies had different rules about how many could be used. Timbers up to that length would normally be held as a stock item by the railway company, longer timbers being ordered from suppliers as needed.
If you have a string of templates, you can work along them adjusting each in turn to match the previous one, creating a long run of track with correctly spaced rail joints. The background template on the left has a partial rail length of 5 sleepers between the final rail joint and the template boundary ( sleepers A14 to A18 ). The result is a full rail length of 13 sleepers ( 5+8 ) across the boundary, and the sleeper spacing at the boundary is now correct. It would be meaningless to use this function if the templates are using different lengths of rail. Otherwise you risk your work being wasted if you make subsequent changes to the length of a template, insert additional turnouts, etc. Any translation using Google translate is a guide only - its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and it is used at your own risk. Our extensive experience, superior product and access to a diversity of brands will ensure that we can supply suitable solutions, quickly and efficiently for your specific industry. Improve production, gain larger yields, extend the longevity of your equipment, increase accuracy and explore cooling applications for high temperatures.

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This makes it possible to have prototypical rail lengths and sleeper spacings flowing correctly across template boundaries. The adjoining control template on the right has a full length of 13 sleepers at the boundary. You can enter some chair dimensions, but they are used only in the 3D settings for DXF export to raise the rail above the timbers.
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I have attached my Templot file as well as screenshots in the hope it makes things clearer.
I can't understand why it's such an uphill struggle to get everyone to upgrade to Templot2 when the latest version is a lot easier to use. I am having trouble with spacing the timbers so they don't cross which isn't helped by the different timber width and spacings. Templot provides full controls to adjust the size and position of every timber if you want to do so (called "timber shoving") but it is up to you to know what you want for your chosen prototype and location.
It's quite quick to do -- just click on the timber's number and then press the L key (lengthen) a few times. Comparing an LNER drawing for a crossover with a GWR equivalent, you can see the latter used far more long timbers and produced much more heavily-timbered formations generally.
Press the HOME key a few times to flash the current template on and off so that you are sure you have it the right way round. We strongly advise bidders not to bid on any lot if they have not viewed to their satisfaction first. I have tried rotating certain timbers to aid in this after looking at pictures on the net but nothing I come up with "looks right".
There is no right or wrong beyond the basic principles that all the special chairs must be supported on a timber in the right place, all timbers should be capable of being packed when needed, and the rails must be held to gauge. Our descriptions and photographs are not sufficient to wholly rely upon for the purposes of bidding.

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