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Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Long Lighting Wooden Vanity White Washbasin Updated by Dick Oatts on Thursday, February 7, 2013, is one of the photographs from the main posting Bathroom Backsplash Ideas for Public Space.There are 12 more photographs that you can see below. Made in Italy, the fabulous Prestige dressing table is an ultra modern dressing table with pull out storage, a lift up section with a mirror and yet another lift up lid on the right for more storage.
The Prestige dressing table is shown in lacquered ash, which is a matt lacquered finish but with a visible wood grain showing through, & is also available in frassino bianco (an off white) or frassino carbone wood.
There are 14 exciting photos more that you can see below including Bathroom Design Remodeling Small Corner Bathroom Sink Doodmix image, Modern Bathroom Ideas With Bathroom Vanity Sink image, Single Porcelain Bathroom Sink Vanity With Cherry Finish image, 60" Mission Turnleg Style Double Bathroom Vanity Sink Console image, Fancy Bathroom Sink Vanity From Agria image, Model Q0136 CR Corner Verdana Vessel Sink Bathroom Vanity Size image, and other. I had this grand idea {for Handy Hubby} to DIY a wooden vanity top similar to the one above. On a recent browsing trip to IKEA, I passed by the bathroom section on my way to the lighting area.
The GODMORGON sink cabinet is available in a width less than 24″ which should be petite enough to fit in our tiny master bathroom. I’m also digging the fact that the floating drawers cover up the plumbing to the sink. Since the vanity has a much sleeker, slicker feel than I had originally planned for, I’d like to tone it down a bit with some rustic touches. Dana, will you be ditching the medicine cabinet, now that you will have drawer storage, or keeping it?
We installed the Godmorgon vanity you speak of in March of this past year when we renovated our bathroom.
Holiday – Your DIY’d pull-out kid step in the bathroom vanity is simply genius!!!!
We have the GODMORGON vanity with the BRAVIKEN sink in our master bathroom and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Your husband is right to ask for more hidden storage, although I also love your other version! Jule – I scoped out the as-is section in hopes of finding a bathroom vanity at IKEA but no luck. Dana, we just installed the 2-drawer 38″ Godmorgon black-brown vanity last month in our lower level bath.

I fell in love with the godmorgon series last year on a trip to ikea, and whenever we get around to doing the bathroom, probably not for a few years, we plan on using it. We love the floating vanity as well…about 50% done of the remodel and contractor just realized the 4 inches behind the drawers won’t work with my existing drain! We are about to install a 2 drawer cabinet with a single sink, but will not be using an Ikea sink. Wondering how the vanity is holding up to heavy use and if it still feels stable without the optional legs. I am currently installing an Ikea sink with same plumbing and saw the plumbing photos which are great.
Trough Sink for Bathroom, Custom Commercial Trough Sinks, Bath Room Console sink, Concrete Vanities Manufacturer - Eko. Eko is your exclusive manufacturer for Magnesium Ceramic commercial and residential bathroom trough sinks, ramp style sinks, countertops, and architectural elements. But over the past few weeks, HH has hinted around to me that he’d prefer a bathroom vanity with a little more closed storage. My neighbor just installed a floating vanity in their basement bathroom and they Had low lights installed on the bottom of the vanity, so you can see where your going in the dark. I am a huge fan of hidden storage and I have so much bathroom stuff, I agree with HH that the more storage, the better! Well, I guess if someone were to pick their feet the bathroom would be a good place for it! As I have to make over our bathroom this year, I have also thought about Ikea Godmorgon, and last year (when I already had this in mind) they sold a couple of Godmorgons (the version with two drawers) in the as-is section for only 20 Euros, because their packages were broken (but the inside wasn’t damaged).
It’s definitely worth all the day-to-day function you’ll get out of that storage!
There is a reason most sink cabinets are doors that open out rather than drawers that slide in. The previous owner of our condo did a very cheap renovation of the master bath with ikea pieces, and it’s literally falling apart after four years of use (2 fairly clean adults daily).
Wondering what the 90 degree elbow is called that is connected to the pipe right at the wall?

In addition to our standard product line, Eko can help design and create one-offs, two-offs or custom elements for every room in a resort.
Then I started thinking logistically and took a mental inventory of the bathroom toiletries in our apartment bathroom.
Not that I would have minded but the vanity will be directly visible from the master bedroom. And drawers are SO much better than bending down to look for something in the way back of a floor-level cabinet.
I didn’t have to think twice and bought one, which is now in our attic waiting to be installed.
You need the room to make the pipes work, especially if you are hooking to existing plumbing. We were hoping to do a gut renovation this summer but decided to hold off since I’m headed back to grad school this fall. The high gloss gray option is just screaming to be placed alongside the grayish penny floor tile and shimmery white shower tile surround that I’ve already chosen for the bathroom. I thought if I changed my mind (and wanted the bigger version with 4 drawers) I could always resell it.
There is a very very very small amount of wiggle room available with the IKEA system, and with some existing plumbing it may be impossible without modification. Also, we only have one bathroom, so two sinks plus huge drawers with lots of room for storage is fantastic. We wanted to do a high-end floating vanity anyway, and your vanity seems like the perfect compromise. When one of the elements changes {here, the vanity} I have a good idea of how that effects the rest of the room {in this case it takes away that natural feel I like} and can make changes accordingly {like switching the mirror for one that has more rustic qualities}.

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