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The market of low price tablet computers has grown exponentially over last few years with many companies launching their products to woo the lower strata users. When the Government of India planned to equip the students across the country with the lowest price tablet Akash with a view to enhance the quality of education, DataWind took up the challenge of designing, developing and manufacturing this revolutionary device. The tablet fell to about $410 from third-party retailers with 2013 holiday promotions, but has held steady well above $430 since mid-December 2013 and currently retails at an average price $447 online.
The 1.8GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 processor and 2GB of DDR3 RAM are also of note, which power up the tablet to exceptionally fast speeds for the size and type of the device.
The SlateBook x2 does not have pen support, but as a tablet it does operate as a touchscreen device.
Aakash is the name given to the low-cost tablet computers being procured by the Indian government to help enhance the quality of education. Launched on October 5th, 2011, the first version of Aakash was designed, developed and manufactured by Datawind based on the specifications set by IIT Rajasthan. Launched on November 11th, 2012 by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, the second version of Aakash is designed, developed and manufactured by DataWind based its proposed improvements to Aakash 1. DataWind, declared the most innovative mobile company in UK in 2012, has been the pioneer in the field of low price tablet computers bringing a series of revolutionary products that have given a boost to the industry.
The low price tablet left the world gaping as people understood the possibilities of producing such devices.

3,999 inclusive of all duties and taxes with cellular connectivity providing anytime and anywhere internet access with a regular SIM. To get a better experience of PriceSpy and other websites, we recommend that you download a newer version of Internet Explorer.
With this limited-time HP on-site discount and coupon combination you get the lowest price to date from a mainstream retailer on this HP tablet.
It is envisioned that computing and internet access used in a blended learning environment will empower both students and teachers. It's 'jaw dropping' price garnered global attention and helped spur the low cost tablet computer industry. The product is currently being supplied to IIT Bombay, who in turn is tasked with application development, content integration, field testing and deployment.
DataWind has always placed its philosophy of affordability and connectivity above profitability unlike other companies that focus on producing media tablets for the elite. The UbiSlate series of low price tablets from DataWind is another step by the company towards executing its vision of empowering the 3 billion people across the globe lacking means to buy expensive computers with computing and internet access. It has an extended hard disk capacity of 8GB and provides a superior mobile web experience aided by DataWinda€™s breakthrough technologies. We can also recommend any of the following alternative browsers: Firefox,Safari, Opera or Chrome.

The Indian government has laid out a vision to equip all 220 million students across the country over the next few years with such products. For supply to students, the government not only waives duties and taxes, but also further subsidizes the cost by 50%. The reviews for Aakash 2 have been very strong globally and on November 28th, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon launched it at the United Nations in New York.
The device enables users to make calls like a smartphone and access internet through its quad-band EDGE modem anytime and anywhere. DataWind has always strived to enable users with their first computer at an affordable price, and it is committed to continue in the same vain in future. It has an embedded UMTS modem which provides broadband speeds without the need for external dongles.

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