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This FREE eBook from Dow Chemical Company is full of home decorating ideas using STYROFOAM brand foam. If you haven't found your unbleached filters, go to the grocery store and see if they have them. If you have an old common coffee table and want to make it unique but still feel warm and cozy, try building your own rustic wood coffee table.
Whether you are planning to buy new cabinetry or repainting the old ones, consider using sage green as it is easily paired and looks tremendous with other colors. The oceanic landfill is located in the North Pacific Ocean, not far from the coast of Hawaii.
DIY projects are supposed to be fun, but when you're working on them with your significant other, they can turn downright ugly!
If DIY solar bags seem a little too complicated for you, how about starting small with matching recycled iPhone cases?
If you and your better half are oenophiles, this little project from crafter extraordinaire Danny Seo is the perfect way for you to use up all of the corks you’ve amassed.
If you and your partner are both DIY newbies and want to start with something that requires practically no hammering, sewing, or even gluing, check out this eggceptionally easy seat made of egg cartons. Qui in Italia (e non solo) realizzarlo sulla spiaggia e vietato perche servono delle concessioni, pero potrebbe essere una bella idea per qualche festa in giardino che dite?
It is easy to make and it can work well with dull and plain Ikea tables and bring it a farm look. To help you to obtain the perfect blend of colors, consider the 60-30-10-percent split-complementary color scheme rule.
Each slat is reversible, with 2 distinctly different sides made from reclaimed & re-purposed woods.

We all know that whether you're building a new coffee table or tiling a bathroom, a breakdown in communication can make turn a weekend task into a month-long nightmare, which is why we've rounded up some of our favorite do-it-yourself projects that are so simple, you and your better half will be able to complete them without ending up in couples counseling. This DIY was done by our very own Bridgette Meinhold for only $5, which is probably less than the cost of the large soy lattes you and your partner can chug while you’re building it. If you haven’t saved your corks, you can always start now or even hit up your local bar or restaurant. Well, if you like the idea of matching with your partner but wearing identical outfits is a little too extreme for you, why not make a coordinating pair of solar bags? Conceived by former ReadyMade editor-in-chief Andrew Wagner, this clever project turns found egg cartons into a chair simply by piling them up high and securing them with a few straps. From the throw tossed over a chair to a candle placed on a nightstand, little details add up to great design. The common phrase is almost as easy to flout as it is for plastic to float and it turns out that floating plastic has become an immense problem for the vast waters of the open ocean. Made of old shipping pallets, it even has a storage area to keep your various remotes and magazines.
Then all you need is a shadow box or frame and you’ll have a super-absorbent, designer DIY cork mat that you made with your own four hands. Not only is it a great way to recycle bags that you already own, but the set of two DIY bags will actually cost you less than just one store-bought sun-charged bag and will make for a cute story too! You and your better half can probably crank one of these babies out in just half an hour or so, so why not make one for each of you to sit on and celebrate afterwards during a romantic meal the same night? Her shelves are easy to make and are the perfect solution if you’re a couple that constantly argues over what stays and what needs to be thrown away.
If you’re looking for a new way to spruce up your home without making any major changes, a DIY is just the solution.

This project will recreate coffee table with wooden planks on top that you will fall in love with. You can find Large Rustic Wood Coffee Table guide and look the latest Rustic Wood Coffee Table: DIY Guide in here.
As limitless as the ocean may seem, it is neither wide nor deep enough to hide what is now called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Here are steps to do it.Building stepsMeasure your table and you can choose to have several thinner boards or few thicker boards.
Try using smaller pieces of 4 inches wide planks for a pallet look for your rustic wood coffee table.
The white-washed surface of the converted wine crate gives it an antique feel, while the ribbon handles make for convenient transport.
Protect the wood with a plastic tarp and keep your plants in pots for easy watering.Dress your greenery in style with this DIY from Chris and Allie of The Reason. Let stain dry before applying the next layer of coat of and putting the boards on the table.Position planks on the coffee table and make sure they are placed evenly.
When choosing a window for this project, look for thicker glass for added strength and support and seal the paint to prevent paint chips. This project is very cheap and you try lots of different ways to make lots of different looks. This project makes a great storage solution for an office, craft room or workshop.Wooden crates are a chic and polished storage solution that will work with any home decor.

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