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Since we are using Facebook in our day to day life and it's becoming so popular these days. Let me explain you today how you can create Facebook Desktop Icon and make a Facebook Shortcut with simple step by step print screen. Finally your Facebook desktop icon created with few simple steps, share this tutorial on making shortcut for your Facebook with other friends.
In this tutorial, we will learn “how to make a shortcut to a website” and “how to make a website a desktop icon” by using 4 different browsers chrome, Mozilla, opera, internet explorer. By performing following steps for different browsers, every time you don’t have to write URL in browser for your frequently visited websites.
More from my siteBest ways to check your website value, traffic and worthHow to fix blurry pictures online? You already know that your Mac can talk to you; what you might not know is how helpful its text-to-speech powers can be when you need to proofread a document.
I have already teach you about Facebook Shortcuts and gave you lots of user friendly Facebook Tips & Tricks.
It can say (and do) a whole lot more than that—there's a lot of power hidden behind that friendly face.

And your Mac may be your friend, your best friend, or even your only friend, but there are still a few things it's not going to share with you no matter how close the two of you are. Luckily, Macs come with a riot of keyboard shortcuts just waiting to enhance your productivity. The reason this is so helpful is simple: Studies have shown that when we reread something that we recently wrote ourselves, we often skip over a double word or an incorrectly placed word because we read it the way we remember that we wanted it to be read.
No, not four million yellow sticky notes attached to the rim of your monitor, but rather the application called Stickies that comes preinstalled on every Mac. And if that weren't enough, creating almost any keyboard shortcut combination is dead easy. When the dialog appears, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab and then click the plus (+) sign at the bottom left.
Just as in meatspace, sticky notes are great for occasional reminders, and they're much quicker than opening an app and saving a file. And with the improvement this text-to-speech feature saw with Leopard, the system voice (named Alex) is more advanced than any other system voice.
When you're done, place a check in the box marked Speak selected text when the key is pressed and click the Set Key… button.

Here's a quick tip: If you'd rather a sticky stay in front of all open windows, simply click on the note and click Floating Window in the Note menu.
Choose the application you want to create a command for from the application pop-up menu (for a global shortcut, leave the selection at All Applications), and then type the exact name of the menu command you want to add a shortcut for. If you want to listen to your Mac read a Word document, simply select the text you want read, then press your chosen key command, and the recitation will begin.
Type the shortcut you want to use and click the Add button—you've just programmed your first keyboard shortcut.
But we're willing to wager that most will be new to you, though they've all been around at least since Panther (OS 10.3) and some have been a part of the Mac experience for as long as we can remember.

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