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There are a lot of different factors that come into play when Microsoft Windows 8 is figuring out how large to make things on your screen, one of the most important of which is simply screen resolution. That can be aggravating, however, if you want to have, say, high resolution maps or better resolution photos or videos and really just seek bigger icons and text within the Desktop itself. Fortunately, Windows has always had excellent support for this sort of tweak (not to mention a ton of options for people with various motor skill or visual impairments) and in Windows 8, like Windows 7, it’s really just a few clicks away from the frustrating tiny view you currently have on your Desktop. Never miss a single tutorial, review or article here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for our weekly newsletter.
It's in the 'advanced options' window available from the top-left corner application icon menu. Sorry but I have only a Spanish W10 version right now and an English one will be installed in a few days on a second PC. How to get rid of the line under the taskbar icons ?When I open a program that I have pinned to the task bar, this line appears under the program icon.
Taskbar, icons customizationsHow do I remove the desktop.ini and Thumbs.db files that appear on the desktop? Also, I don't use OneDrive, so how do I delete the OneDrive icon from the desktop (there is no option for that on right-click)?
Any Way To Make Permanent Folder Icons on Desktop?I'm hoping you guys have some cool freeway apps or tricks around to help me out.

I'm looking for a way to put specific shortcuts on the desktop, mainly to folders, but make them permanent, so I can't move them or delete them. How create keyboard shortcuts windows 10, Any time open windows app rolling mouse pointer icon lift finger tapping tile, ' wasting time putting. With R2009b you can customize the keystrokes associated with different actions across the desktop.
The Plot Selector has been enhanced to make it easier to select the plot type that you want.
The help browser has had a significant overhaul, allowing for better listing of search results, navigation through a bread crumb bar, improved layout when the help is docked in the desktop, and an overall freshening up of the user interface. The Current Directory Browser has been renamed the Current Folder Browser, and has received a number of updates.
I was hoping that with publish to pdf that pdf printing is now working, so that the resulting pdf has the proper crop box. I may be a heretic for saying this, but if you have a big screen, you really don’t need to run it at super high resolution. See near the bottom the blue text “Make text and other items larger or smaller”? There are more advanced options for fine tuning your resolution, by the way, but this is the easiest way to make it more easily visible for your eyes.

The biggest change is that you can now see the hierarchy of files rather than only the files in the current folder. Simply lowering you screen resolution from, say 1920 pixels across to 1200 will automatically make everything bigger, including even the windows and dialog boxes in individual apps as they scale to fit.
We’re preparing blog posts about the new features in R2009b and doing retrospectives.
You can also rearrange the order that the plots are shown based on which plots are most important to you. Everything on screen, all the icons, the text in folder listings, everything’s just too darn small on my screen.
Another powerful feature is the ability to search within the current folder (including its subfolders) by pressing the magnifying glass icon next to the address bar.

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