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Epiphany ushers in the Mardi Gras season, which lasts until Mardi Gras day, or Fat Tuesday on February 21st this year. This doorway featured above goes all out with Mardi Gras deco mesh, Mardi gras beads, metallic fleur de lis and a custom wreath. Accent the basic deco mesh garland and wreath with foil ribbon, tinsel garland and fun Mardi Gras swirl ornaments. The Traditional symbols of Mardi Gras include fleur de lis, masks, beads, crowns, jesters, feathers and anything glitzy. Glitter fleur de lis ornaments, bows and feathery floral sprays work well together for this entryway. Dear going crazy in VA, I have a large 18 inch wreath for sale in my etsy shop and I will gladly attach a burgundy bow to it! I want a wine cork wreath like the top picture but am unable to find a site of how to do it or where to buy it! I just stumbled on this post after seeing it linked on Etsy's Facebook page, and I immediately sent it on to a friend of mine!
Although I'm a writer by education and profession, I have a not-so-secret DIY and craft (of almost any kind) addiction. If you prefer more country Christmas decorations, then consider displaying an antique sled and ice skates. If you have the good fortune of a green front door (or red), then you are one color away from Christmas.
Make your own decorations by tying a small evergreen garland around the door knob and attaching a few pine cones.
The holiday season can sometimes be downright chaotic; so why not celebrate the simple things in life?
Have a little fun with your outdoor decorations by displaying oversized Christmas ball ornaments alongside potted plants and herbs. How to Make Christmas Wreaths - Learn how to make over 7 different styles of wreaths using a wide variety of material including fresh flowers, dried fruit, ornaments, candy canes, pine cones, and even paper!
Christmas Door Decorations - Get ideas for creating your own festive holiday entrance including outdoor Christmas trees, unique front door wreaths, glowing snowflake ornaments and much more. There is nothing quite like going out in December and gathering some winter foliage to make a wreath for your front door.
What you need: String, secateurs, reel wire, wreath base, moss, and plenty of foliage and some berries for colour.
Make another bunch and place this on the stems of the last bunch and secure again by winding round the wire. This entry was posted in Uncategorised and tagged Christmas, penny hemming, Riverford, wreath,  craft,  design,  holly,  ivy. To decorate, I used so many festive elements including deco mesh, tons of ribbon, picks, flowers, beads, and even a fancy Jester Mask! I’ve made a step-by-step video showing you exactly how I made my jaw dropping Deco Mesh Mardi Gras Jester Door Wreath Here.
Of course, you need a step-by-step video showing you detailed instructions on how I made the Deco Mesh Mardi Gras Garland here. 100% mobile ready using adaptive responsive technology which means it will fit all mobile device screens.

March 11, 2013 By Jacque 93 Comments With all the door wreaths I have made in the past year you would think that I have one for every season. I made a quick trip to the dollar tree and picked up about 15 bundles of tulips in three different colors. Cut your tulip stems from the bundle using wire snips, and begin adding one color at a time into every other ribbon overlap.
Next you will add the white tulips to your door wreath (or whatever color you chose that will compliment). July 5, 2011 by howtonestforless 17 Comments While at a local grocery store last week, I noticed a curly ribbon wreath out of the corner of my eye.
Once I was finished curling all of the ribbon, I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to stick the ribbons onto the craft wreath. I had to laugh when I saw your wreath becaise I live in Mizzou country, but am a Nebraska grad. Epiphany, or 12th night, is the Christian holiday celebrating the day that the three kings bearing gifts visited baby Jesus. Celebrate the arrival of the carnival season by changing wreath and door entryway decorations over from Christmas to Mardi Gras.
Any basic wreath can be accented with Mardi Gras items to turn a plain wreath into a carnival wreath. This metallic Mardi Gras ball ornament wreath  looks crafty but is available already assembled for you.
This home not only decorated the door with a wreath hung low to keep the window clear, but also added a touch of sparkle to the porch light and planter. Elegant, yet understated, this inviting Christmas entrance features a lovely collection of seasonal ornamentation.
Embellish with a few evergreen sprigs and a bright red bow and you are ready for the holidays. Antique skates are one of the easiest ways to decorate your front door for Christmas -- they are a fun departure from the typical front door wreath. No need for fancy Christmas ornaments or bold pops of color when your door is draped with lush evergreens and white Christmas lights. You really don't need to go overboard with your Christmas door decorating to make an impact.
The variety in shapes and sizes adds an incredible amount of texture and detail while the dried leaves and satin striped bow adds the perfect pop of color.
Here you'll find pictures and inspiration for Christmas specific wreaths, as well as different types of wreaths suitable for all occasions. I do so a lot at this time of year as I make wreaths to sell through Riverford Farm Shop at Staverton, here in Devon. You don’t need all of these, three to five different types of foliages will be enough and about six to eight sprigs of colourful berries.
You can buy wreath bases from a florist for a few pounds, or make use of an old wire coat hanger if you are feeling creative! Place a handful of moss onto the base and secure by winding the string around both the moss and the wire base. Hee hee  I had so much fun decorating and getting my door ready for this Mardi Gras season!

You can wire them in if you like but If your ribbon is wrapped tightly enough there is no need the tulips will stay in place perfectly. It was extremely cute: a birthday themed decoration with shades of pink, purple, yellow and green.
Once the paint was dry on the letters, I used the Scribbles 3D paint to create gold and black polka dots. I cut the gold and black ribbon in 6 inch lengths and grouped them in bundles with 4 ribbons of each color. I filled in spaces as needed, but tried to cover as much as possible so none of the black craft wreath showed through.
Your gift ideas post for crocheters, knitters and sewers immediately grabbed my eye because my mom does all three. See creative outdoor decorations including homemade Christmas wreaths, outdoor Christmas trees, impressive garlands and even snowy door decorations. We adore the potted evergreen saplings in a bed of pine cones, the evergreen garland also decorated with pine cones and the simple stocking.
This bright red wreath, brilliant potted flowers, and green Christmas ball ornaments transform this ordinary house into a holiday display.
Walking into this house would certainly feel like a much needed retreat from all the busy-ness of Christmas (and life).
It really does make me feel very close to nature as I walk a hedgerow on a few friend’s farms looking for bits of black berried ivy, a few sprigs of bright red holly berries and some spindle berry if I am lucky. The only difference this time is you will want your white tulips towards the middle of the wreath. Once all of your tulips are in go back and check for any bare spots and fill in with any color you choose. While walking up and down the craft aisles looking for ideas, I found some painted wooden football decals. Then I stapled the ribbons together in the middle of the group and curled both ends with a pair of scissors. I just recently bought a Bond USM (entry-level knitting machine) that gets TERRIBLE reviews along with great ones. Adding festive metallic floral picks into the planter creates a third point of interest around the door. I HATED it for the first 6 or 8 hours of trying it, and then something clicked and now I'm thinking it's pretty cool.
I found a cool post by Jocie at One Project Closer: The Better Half on how to make a fabric flower.
So with the upcoming football season right around the corner, I thought a cool take on this project would be a Mizzou Tigers curly ribbon wreath.
I love her tutorial and think these would be super cute on a wreath and then I remembered that our front door is out in the open and any fabric flowers I might make wouldn’t last very long.

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