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Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. Hi John, Thank you for your expertise and, more important, for your kindness because they make me, almost, look forward to my next computer problem. Engineering degree in Computer science,Microsoft Certified Professional.JA computer expert. I can’t deny it any longer Summer is over and the Fall weather is here in the Northwest.
Here are some of the fun porch ideas I discovered as I went searching for fun ideas for my own home. Use a wheelbarrow or wagon filled with fall leaves, plants, pumpkins and gourds to create a fall effect on your front porch.
Without encryption, all transfered data on the internet could be looked into, and could be manipulated by third parties using a man in the middle attack. In spite of everything, it’s still not clear why blogs and news websites should switch. The web service Let’s Encrypt promises certificates for everyone, and entirely for free at that. Recently, it was announced that with the latest update, Chrome 50, the web browser will be shifting to Material Design.
Considering the fact that Google wants Material Design to become a standard design concept on the internet and Chrome OS itself is heavily focused on the internet, it makes sense to bring Material Design to Chrome OS. As of now, the plan is that Chromebooks should now have a hybrid layout, and the overall design should add more room between buttons and icons. However, there will have to be certain changes, because not all devices running Chrome OS come with a touchscreen, and many users tend to prefer using the mouse to navigate in and within the operating system.
To learn more about this development, check out the blog post authored by Google’s Senior Designer Sebastian Gabriel. Ten years ago, building a web site was a marketable skill; today, there are a myriad of site builders that can do the job, and increasingly web designers are finding themselves moving into the more advanced web application arena. Web apps are increasingly popular, offering almost the same functionality as native apps, but with the added benefit of being cross-platform and powered by a single code-base. WebOps is a general term for any server job that is part of the process of deploying and maintaining a web application—that might mean repairing a database, or securing the system.
WebOps are fundamental to the longterm success of any application, but can be prohibitively complex for web designers making the step up to web application development. Solving the problem is Plesk, a hosting and WebOps platform that runs directly on your server. Once installed on your server, Plesk allows you to manage your server—even a virtual server—via a simple to use dashboard, creating a “ready-to-code” environment.
Plesk even enables role-based access to your server setup so stakeholders can access the parts of the application that you want them to, without worrying about letting them loose on your proprietary code.
Plesk provides you with all the tools you need to deploy and maintain your web app, so that you can focus on developing features, refining UX, and designing your UI.
According to research conducted by Plesk, only 1 in 10 web developers knew to properly secure their application before something went wrong, the other 90% left themselves vulnerable. Take advantage of multi-factor authentication, single-sign-on, and minimum password strength.
Plesk has recently introduced what it refers to as the WordPress Toolkit 2.0 which is a powerful WordPress management panel built into the Plesk dashboard.
In addition to WordPress management, you’ll find a whole heap of 3rd party extensions, many free, and a few premium options. On top of this, Plesk is actively engaged with both the WordPress and Joomla communities, collaborating with them to build further extensions for Plesk, based on their own SDK, CLI, and API; and all open-sourced through Github. Managing a server is a huge stumbling block for most web designers looking to create web apps.
Partnered with some of the biggest names in hosting, including Media Temple, 1&1, 123-reg, GoDaddy, Telefonica, and Amazon Web Services, Plesk is readily available on both Windows and Linux, providing full feature parity across operating systems. If you’re ready to make the jump to web app development, and plan to handle your own WebOps, then you should check out Plesk. For over a decade, designers have debated what constitutes simplicity in user experience design.
These definitions can vary further between users and designers, and clients and stakeholders.
When defining simplicity by aesthetic, perhaps there is no more perfect an example than Google.
To the user, both Google’s interface and the experience are simple and self-explanatory even though the backend of the application is not.
The simplicity of Google is perhaps part of the reason why “Google it” became a part of our lexicon.
User experience is threatened when the simplicity of an interface design comes at the expense of usability, such as when elements are buried, buttons are not labeled clearly, or the user is unfamiliar with the navigation. When it comes to simplicity and functionality, maintaining consistency in what a user innately expects from an experience is perhaps equally as important as accounting for the fact that today’s users are also accustomed to getting what they want right away. Like it or not, we’re deep in the age of instant gratification and this needs to be taken into consideration when designing a user experience. While there are opportunities to create lush user experiences and interfaces, they need to be appropriate to the end goal—both that of the user and of the design.
One might think then that simplicity equates to minimalism, but it is more about giving users only what they need.
Wong spoke of a recent project involving the redesign of a dental application that required numerous complicated, but essential elements. Instead of presenting drafts and finished layouts to your customer on site, the internet is becoming an increasingly more popular method.
The first of our four collaboration tools, “Live Capture,” developed by the prototyping platform InVision, provides an extension for Chrome, which allows you to easily take screenshots of websites that you can distribute and receive feedback on. After having installed the extension, you can create a comment in any spot on any given website. Of course, these comments are not public, but only visible to the before defined team members.
Marqueed is not only specialized on websites, but also allows sharing and commenting of graphic layouts. In contrast to the other collaboration tools introduced in this article, Bounce works without registration. Differences aside, all collaboration tools have one thing in common: They ease the presentation, commenting, and discussion of drafts in teams or groups. My first experience in the design world came through an internship at a small motion graphics studio called Motion Theory. The post How To Land A First-Rate Graphic Design Internship appeared first on Smashing Magazine. There are so many projects on the market that we literary don’t have enough time to read the info.
BeTheme is one of the greatest WordPress themes, that you can use to create different kinds of websites, for electric, veterinarian, loan agency, charity agency, sitter, moving company, barber, health magazine, book writer, plumber, art agency, interior design company and many others. One of the features provided by Flyzoo is the group chat which allows you to use avatars, emoticons, moderation, image or video with preview, file sharing, friendships and much more. If you are looking for icons, you should have come across Iconfinder, the largest marketplace for icon designers. Simbla is a great website maker platform, which gives you the possibility to use an easy-to-navigate interface in order to build your site a lot more easier. The Builder from helps you design any layout you want, by using the drag & drop interface, which makes it possible to create beautiful pages for your websites in no time and with no coding experience needed! OptinMonster is the most powerful customer acquisition that converts your visitors into subscribers!
If you are looking for a dedicated team of web developers and designers that can offer you an amazing experience with your next site, you might want to choose Xfive.
Fast, simple, totally secure websites are a dream, but with the help of, that is now achievable. ThemeZaa is another tool you can use to design and develop quality themes and plugins for your awesome website, especially by using their great H-Code Theme.
After making a strong research, we found that 48hourslogo is one of the top logo contest websites on the Internet.
Some of the ingredients of creating beautiful designs are the icons, which add a lot of magic to the appearance of your website.
With so many people using our app, it’s more important than ever to make sure it works great for everyone—no matter where you live, what language you speak or how old your phone is.
Keeping your users engaged over a company website is more of a technical job that could easily be performed with excellently designed website navigation menu.
A proper website navigation is so much important that it plays a major role in the success of the website among a number of other factors.

This write-up is going to showcase some of the web design and development firms that have websites with extraordinary navigation.
No-refresh through its navigation design describes perfectly what is called hassle-free navigation.
Sparx IT Solutions is a web design and development company that has got an engaging website with an easy navigation. CSSChopper is again a leader in the web design and development world with an outstandingly crafted navigation menu for the users.
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In the year 2014, Google announced the encryption of websites with an HTTPS certificate as a ranking factor.
That’s why the company decided to include the encryption of websites via HTTPS in the ranking.
However, when an HTTPS certificate is used to encrypt the data, any communication with the website is safe and cannot be attacked. However, Google does not seem to be stopping at just the web browser — Chrome OS too is moving towards Material Design, and these principles will soon be implemented in the operating system. That said, the basic principles and concepts of Material Design on Chrome OS are expected to be same as those on Android and elsewhere. You’ll find a fully featured online code editor, that allows you to navigate to files, and edit them, without ever leaving your server. If you need or want even more security there are 3rd party authentication mechanisms such as social authentication, Google, LDAP, or Active Directory available.
Plesk takes the labor out of the process, so that you can quickly and safely deploy your own web apps in no time.
The experience is designed in such a fashion that it is easy for a user to find what they are looking for—and find it quickly. When you give the user just enough, simplicity can prevail, even when dealing with complex applications. The experience needed to be simple to use without sacrificing the complexity of the interface.
While layouts used to be sent via email, there are plenty of tools now, which ease presentation, receiving feedback, and collaboration in general. Afterward, the screenshot is available in InVision, and you can share it with your team and clients or whoever you want to share it with. After that, everyone that has access to the link, as well as a free InVision account, can leave comments on the screenshot. Using the tool, you can leave comments directly on a website, without taking a screenshot first. This way, you can allow access to projects for groups that you can add as many members to as you want.
The paid plans forgo ads, and come with additional features, like searching through the placed comments.
To get more time and win as many projects as we can, we have to carefully select tools that work better than anything.
You have many predefined demos that can be imported super easily with a 1-click installation and you can choose whether you want to make a business site, a blog, a portfolio, or just something creative and entertaining.
The “Wraps” section gives you a freedom to create more advanced and astonishing content, you spend less time on finding the items you need thanks to the search tool or tabs, you are given a fast and light interface, because it has improved performance and speed, by reducing transferred and saved data and, at last but not least, it has a fresh clean look thanks to the new layout, graphics and light colors. It is a service for taking automated screenshots for your website, or any other website for that matter. It is affordable to everyone and there is no need for you to install it, as you can get instant access to your site only by signing in. You can choose from multiple form types such as lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins or sidebar forms that you can customize with point-and-click simplicity. Designing prototypes is as simple as playing with building blocks, mostly because you can use the drag & drop function. Having pleased clients from eBay, Twitter and Microsoft to any regular guy with an idea, you can be sure they will offer anything possible. An agency-focused platform, BowTie integrates user management, admin controls and Stripe payments into static sites without a database, lowering your website’s load time compared to a traditional CMS. It is a creative, clean, fully responsive and multipurpose multi page and onepage WordPress and WooCommerce theme, that provides you with a powerful admin panel, quality of the design, shortcodes, various header options and many others. What is awesome is that you can easily create a logo design contest online and you can have your new business logo created by dozens of logo designers from around the world. On Squik Ink, you can find 2000 handcrafted, consistent and pixel-perfect icons ready to use for your project, whether it is related to music, holidays, clothes, entertainment and many other domains. The new version claims to be extra fast and extra clean, and focuses more on functionality and usability.
Plus, it is not available in 31 languages, loads up to three times faster as compared to the older versions of the app. Now that we’ve rebuilt things in a smarter way, engineers and designers here at Pinterest will be able to develop features faster than ever before. Providing an ideal navigation to the users is like paving their way towards the right direction. Ideal navigation can decide upon the website conversion rate and the overall business success. All these entities have big names as their clientele who obviously come for getting outstanding websites that are easy to be navigated by the users. The website has been thus designed to offer users a perfect navigation experience while exploring the web pages.
The company’s website is designed to help users switch easily from a page to another.
The amazing navigation menu makes it much easier for users to explore web pages with utmost ease.
The standard navigation design of the website seamlessly takes visitors from a web section to another with easy switching in the menu. As the company majorly deals in PHP development services, it has vividly showcased the benefits of hiring their expert with an engaging layout.
However, I’m a stubborn bastard and I want to fulfill our promise to provide you with a preview of some sort on this lovely Wednesday.
Many websites have since switched to HTTPS, and can confirm first advantages in the ranking.
Of course it will take a while until webmasters can measure big advantages due to the switch. This means, that HTTPS provides your website’s users a safe way of communication between them and your website. Of course, this brings up the question why owners of a simple blog are practically forced to switch to HTTPS.
The service, which is currently in an open beta stage, wants to provide HTTPS certificates for free to anyone who demands one. Simplicity could refer to a clean design (then there’s the disparity of what “clean” actually looks like), the complexity of the experience, or even the required coding.
This search bar then auto fills possible search queries based on complicated algorithms before pulling a list of relevant search results. Rather, you want to offer the user what they came for in a prompt manner that is easy to follow and understand. The team had to design the experience so that the application contained all the necessary elements, but only showed the user what was necessary for the desired outcome at that moment.
Apart from pure graphic layouts and mockups, there are also services that take screenshots of websites or allow the user to comment on live sites.
To do so, a browser extension which is – currently – only available for Chrome has to be installed.
While commenting, you don’t pick a particular spot but mark a rectangular area which you can add a comment to. It’s important that it stands out from the rest of the elements on the page, but yet still matches the overall style of the design.
We tested and compared many tools and services and we concluded that these 14 work awesome. After that, you can build beautiful websites, where you can customize your template according to your vision. If you are not sure what you search for, just send them your project and they will answer you with a quote and some amazing ideas.
The best thing is that all icons are vectorial, so you can easily make them any size you want!
Such menus over a website act like the signs on the road that help anonymous users get going towards the right path.

Thus, while choosing companies to build websites having exceptional navigation, you cannot go wrong with the choices.
The navigation structure has been brilliantly summed up with a number of engaging elements for users to surprise them with a number of aspects. The grid base menu that this company utilizes over its website helps users to go on the specific page as required. The navigation menu has been crafted with a solid structure to ensure visitors have a good time while browsing through different web pages.
The menu has been designed in such a manner that users could easily understand the same and browse through the design without facing any difficulty.
With a sleek web navigation, the website generates greater conversion rates that also boost the readership.
The layout of the website exhibits the content while the users scroll down the menu from a section to another.
Menus, sub-menus, and the content on the websites have been designed perfectly to allow a perfect navigation experience to the users coming to browse the website. The navigational pattern takes users to the specific pages in a hassle-free manner and helps them experience the brilliance of an outstandingly crafted menu. Moreover, the exceptional ideas of each of these websites could help you design an attractive layout for your website. At the moment, Google wants to give the webmasters plenty of time to switch, which is why they implemented the encryption as a light ranking signal for now.
Yet, Google will force a conversion for all websites, as everyone wants to have a good ranking.
Every webmaster can create his own certificate for his domain, as long as the server meets the technological requirements. You’ll find web app preview tools, full app isolation, and an added option for optimized VPS hosting. Today, we’ll show you four different collaboration tools that help you reach the communicative goal in a variety of ways. As the comments stay in the same spot, they are only in the right spot, when they are displayed in a particular resolution.
Because my experience was so rewarding, I’ve developed the habit of scrutinizing internship programs at every new studio I visit. You are linked to one of the best designers on the platform, each one picked by hand, and you submit your project.
Thus, navigation in web designing counts as the most important web element that cannot go wrong. An easy to navigate menu has thus contributed to the success of Sparx IT Solutions professional website in the web arena. CSSChopper has specifically given importance to the design of sub-menus so that users could easily land to specific web pages with just a click. This simple but interesting navigation menu has remained a factor in providing the success to the website design.
In simpler words, AppsChopper’s website represents a brilliantly crafted navigation option that makes it much easier for users to land on specific content on specific pages. The entire menu thus makes it a pleasant experience for the visitors to browse through different pages and go to the specific web page. The font style, on the other hand, contributes more to make the website more appealing as well as user-centric. The menu style is clean and keeps the visitors engaged while browsing through different sections.
The switch to the new protocol surely is complicated in many cases, however, the step should still be taken, to not get left behind by the competition. However, advantages can already be measured, especially for strong brands and online shops. At the moment, HTTPS is only a light ranking factor, but in the near future Google will change this factor’s significance.
No website wants to see direct competition above them in the search results only because they have already converted to HTTPS.
You may choose code integration with all kinds of plugins, from WordPress to Drupal or with server-side programming languages: PHP or Ruby on Rails. They require guests to change the name before joining the room and not only allow access on specific roles, but also allow guests to read, but require login to post. You then receive about five quotes for your brief (that can contain specifics, like ‘it should be Material’) with prices varying from $70 to $130 per icon. The caption for the images, on the other hand, describes the services perfectly in a nutshell.
The homepage of the website has a link with a caption “Steven Witten” that leads to the ‘about us’ section of the website. All these factors collectively have contributed to an exceptional navigation over HTMLPanda’s official website.
This year in particular the hype train started really early with shops putting out Christmas 2014 pre-orders and accessories out as early as October which is way too preemptive, seriously.
By now, the difference in SEO visibility of HTTPS websites in comparison to unencrypted sites is statistically significant. This way, the project is supposed to be able to react faster to compromised or improper certificates.
Other characteristics provided are turning URL to PDF and insight pages analysis, to check the appearance of every page on your site. All these features are made in order to give you the best experience in communicating with others, so you should check it out! Select a Picture Location -A) Click on the drop down arrow menu to select from the list of available picture folder locations, or click on the Browse button to navigate to the picture folder location. There have been allegations that Christmas has not been receiving a lot of innovation within the franchise and remains largely the same with each new iteration. WordPress users even see further advantages, as the CMS itself makes sure that old HTTP URLs are redirected to the new ones with HTTPS certificate. If you don’t receive them on time, or they are not in an acceptable quality, Iconfinder guarantees your money back. Fans of the series remain relatively unfazed by all of this and remain content with each year’s offering. First, there is the traditional Family Brawl mode that challenges you to argue with your relatives for no particular reason and see how long you last before giving up and going to your room. Select a Desktop Background -A) Right click on an available picture, or click (check) on the box in the upper left corner of the picture, to select it.
Then there’s Gastric Resilience, a mini-game where you try and keep all of the food that you scoffed down without thinking about the consequences and bonus points will be allocated for the degree in which you hate yourself. Up next we have Gift Getter, where you have to pretend that you’re super excited about that pair of beige socks your Aunt Gertrude gave you and bonus points will be given if you manage to kiss her without gagging. Select the Picture Position -A) Click on the drop down arrow menu, and click on the picture position you want for the desktop background. This can range from gifting them Hustler magazines in front of their parents, putting coal in their socks , stealing the last bit of trifle and reading their Facebook posts aloud. Christmas Crackers will give you the ability to annoy them even further with all of the cheaply made crap that gets put in them such as the awful jokes that nobody laughs at and those tiny bouncing balls that make an ungodly amount of noise when bounced on a wooden floor. For a Desktop SlideShow -A) For how, see: How to Create a Desktop Slideshow in Windows 7 7.
Something I didn’t always understand because how can a bag of popcorn cure the sniper bullet that just hit you in the chest? Christmas 2014 has gone with a different take on this trope and you now lose health whenever you eat food.
This can be because your mother put way too much gravy on the roast or you accidentally scoffed down an entire plate of miniature pies.
With all of the controversies surrounding representation in gaming recently, you would think they might make a female Santa Clause for a change. However, he is still the same old lovable fat guy we know and love even if it’s still creepy that small children sits on his lap with such frequency.
There hasn’t been much of a change in the range of songs available and some have been around for centuries, but they can still put you in a good mood if you allow them to. We just hope that no pop star is going to cover Silent Night and start twerking next to the manger.
That might sound ridiculous, but this is the world we live in now.Your mother-in-law is the final boss. If you decide to get it, please make sure you pace yourself and stay away from your drunk uncle.

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