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Building your own desk can range from super easy ("buy 4 IKEA legs and pick out a table top") to more advanced DIY projects requiring woodworking skills and proper tools. Sketchup: plan things out ahead of time and you're less likely to find yourself facing surprises when constructing a piece of furniture from scratch or even when just accessorizing an existing piece. Instructables: with a vibrant community of readers and makers ranging from downright geeky to polished chic modernists, the guides over at Instructables offer a wealth of how-to knowledge related to putting together desks of all styles. Interested in putting together your own treadmill desk?
After reading that article, I immediately started trying to stand more, to get up from the computer at regular intervals and walk around the house, and to exercise in front of the TV rather than sit in the recliner.
When shopping for a treadmill, I looked for one that had level arms that could hold a board across them without sloping, and this concern ruled out a lot of treadmills. After the treadmill arrived (in a HUGE package and weighing over 300 pounds) and my husband and I managed to wrangle it into place in our bedroom, I spent the evening putting it together and then the next few days getting used to it. Figuring out how to secure the board to the treadmill was the toughest part of making the desk.
I cut the strap around the buckle to fit over one handlebar, and then I looped some of the remaining strap through a keyring to attach to the lobster clasp over the other handlebar. I’m enjoying my treadmill desk, though it will take some practice to actually write anything significant while walking on it.
This post contains Amazon affiliate links, including a link to a treadmill I purchased myself. This is a very ingenious idea Susan; I just got a treadmill from a friend that we were going to sell but perhaps I should keep it and try this out.
Wow, Susan, I agree with Debbie and Kristin–this is absolutely ingenious and so cool!!
Susan, I was excited to see this, as I’ve been doing the same thing for 2 or 3 years now.
A big factor in my motivation is my little Fitbit Zip, so I can track how much I walk and how many steps I take. Thanks for sharing this, and I encourage your readers to give this a try; it works fantastically well!
I remember reading many years back about a company that gave this option to their employees. I’m hoping that using my recumbent cycle machine is at least a little better than pure lazy sitting.
By the way, for people who forget to get up occasionally while sitting, I think there’s an app for that. You say in your post above that “A current study shows that the more you sit, the more likely you are to die. This is something very important all of the plant based doctors talk about… being sedentary does decrease total lifespan in several studies.
At home, I have a small elliptical type stepper that I use while watching TV, but you’re right it is so much easier to fall onto the sofa. We were encouraged to participate in the recent Global Corporate Challenge, which is to get at least 10,000 steps per day.
It looks great!i work at a desk all day too so when I ‘m on conference calls I use a wireless headset so I can stand up and walk around.
Ok, I am not a professional nor do I pretend to be, but if there is something that I want bad enough I will figure out how to get it.
You are going to want to measure the width of your tredmill from side bar to side bar to make sure you get the right length shelf.
I then screwed the clamps to the bottom of the shelf on each side to line up with my treadmills siderails. I found it funny reading this entry, you have an ad at the top of the page for a treadmill desk for $789!! You could put a piece of velcro to the bottom of the laptop because honestly I would vibrate my laptop onto the deck and then into the wall! I am a wife, mom of 3, coffee drinking, beach bum, chocolate loving, penny pinching, taker of short cuts.
Okay so I found that treadmill desk online that cost almost $50, but I was certain I could come up with a way to make one myself. So today when I opened the closet to put my coat away, I noticed this old storage riser thing we’ve had in there since I can remember. I have a desk job and my company got flooded last year and everything destroyed – we’re in a temporary facility right now, but my work is renovating a new permanent building for us and all the desks are going to have motors so you can raise and lower them!! The first thing you will need to get when making a treadmill desk is, of course, a treadmill.
Since I made my desk, it looks like Gold’s has updated their design, so you may have to find a different model. Drill (Optional) – if you want to pre-drill holes for your screws (which I recommend).
1 Piece of Plywood – You need to make the top surface big enough from side to side to encompass the arms of the treadmill plus the width of your vertical wood blocks plus the width of the L Brackets. 4 hooks – You could probably get away with 2 hooks, but I went with 4 for more stability. T Molding (Optional)- Putting molding around the edges will keep your wrists off of the wood corners.
Now that you have your treadmill desk set up, you need some way to do some work while you are walking.
Before you get this one however, make sure that your studs are the right space in your wall for this mount.

So whether it's factoring in the dimensions of the desk in relation to the room it will occupy or actually creating completely new plans for construction, it's good to sketch something out.
Other more traditional desk plans can be found at woodworking sites like Renovation Headquarters. You might think that I spend most of my time in the kitchen, but the truth is that cooking is just a small part of keeping my blog and website running, which is now my full-time job.
From time to time I would even work standing up with my laptop perched on top of a bookcase.
But, I found that these machines are simultaneously more expensive than regular treadmills and less powerful.
After much shopping and review reading, I finally settled on the Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill*. I put the board under the treadmill arms, lined it up against the edge of the console, and used a pencil to trace around the handlebars. I needed something that would hold the board tightly to either the arms or the handlebars so that I wouldn’t accidentally send my laptop flying the first time I grabbed hold of the board while work-walking.
Using a cigarette lighter, I heated all the cut edges, to melt them slightly and keep them from unraveling. For now, I’m content to manage my email, update my Facebook page, and read articles as I walk about 2 miles per hour.
If you can find an inexpensive used one with level arms, an $8 pre-finished board and a little hardware is all you need. The Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill only works as a treadmill desk if you have a very small laptop.
When you buy something through my links, I receive a commission that helps support this site. All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days.
When I had a sedentary job over a year ago, I thought about putting a treadmill under my desk.
Good thinking (and how better to upcycle a fanny pack?) I bet I will use that idea some day, for some project….thanks for sharing! As a woman of a certain (yet glamorous!) age, my small bones aren’t great and my mom and all her sisters had osteoporosis. I just use a timer set for 20 minutes to make sure I get up and do some upright work for every 20 minutes of sitting.
I too am guilty of sitting too much working on my blog and recipe writing so I know this is something I have to work on too.
However i really wish they invented treadmills and spinning bikes that you could use to generate enough electricity to run your laptop on! However, I am not sure that would even be necessary considering the desk turned out very level and the pipe covers on the siderails act as shock absorbers so there wasn’t much bounce at all. I realized I better make use of my dental plan so I had to go back multiple times in December to get everything done. I really hope that once you get into the swing of things at home you will find other things to occupy your time and thoughts rather than NEEDING to walk while you read blogs.
Definitely one of the most unique looking treadmill desks out there, but it definitely gets the job done! I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that offering differing opinions can stimulate healthy discussion. Please always feel free to let me know what you are thinking, but please do so in a kind and helpful manner.
Book Lip: The 570 has a nice book lip that is just at the perfect height for a treadmill desk.
Smooth Slow Speeds: One thing I wish the crosswalk 570 was better at is smooth slow speeds. Measure the distance from the center of one treadmill arm to the center of the other threadmill arm. Their prices are usually competitive with the lowest online prices and they carry name brands like Belkin, Bluelounge, 3M, Flatwire, and Lutron. But these efforts relied on my actually remembering to get up, and as you may know, the allure of the comfy chair is strong, so I was still sitting too much. But it also had to be easy to unfasten so that I could take the desk off when I wanted a full workout. Then I measured exactly, and where I would need to screw the straps down, I melted a hole using a hot nail. I really do need to exercise and yet I spend many hours in my chair in front of this laptop.
I just made a very soft veggie burger and used a similar technique, but measured them out and then scooped them into a bowl of breadcrumbs- flattening them out a little, and then flipping over using a spatula and making sure there were still enough breadcrumbs underneath. I swear by my little treadmill desk, which is a lot more makeshift than yours (basically a bulletin board fastened to a crappy treadmill) but it has served me in good stead for quite a long time. It might sound like a lot but it’s surprising how it adds up, especially when I can do a lot of my grunt work (like Facebook, answering e-mails) on the treadmill at about the same pace you do — 2 miles an hour. So now I will at least be standing while doing the countless number of things that I have to do on the computer. If you were really concerned about it falling you can by some of that rubberized shelf liner paper and cut a piece for under your laptop.
I have a bad habit of NOT flossing so my gums bleed everytime I go… I’m trying to fix that now!!

I do have a treadmill sitting at my parent’s house that never gets used… the wheels are turning!
I bet you will love using it – once you start multitasking like this, you won’t ever want to go back to sitting! Any comments that are deemed to be rude or hurtful with no opportunity for positive outcome will be removed. If you are going to spend any hours working at your treadmill desk, then you will need to make sure the treadmill is smooth at slower speeds. At both Home Depot and Lowes there is a scrap wood area, that you can probably find these pieces for free. In this step we will not attach the outside brackets yet, in-case we have to move the brackets later. The hooks should be attached with the top hole at a distance of the height of the treadmill arms to the book lip minus the height of the hook to the first hole.
Now that you have your hooks attached you should be able to put it on your treadmill, and verify everything lines up.
If everything checks out on the last step, then add the outside brackets, and rest of screws. This is pretty easy to add, but at the corners you will have to cut the edges of the molding and cut out the T. Unlike most 3D applications the learning curve is gentle and immediately rewarding, as revealed by the plentitude of desk projects shared online created with Sketchup.
I also recommend keeping an eye out on sales for items like this Wiremate Cord Organizer, which is currently $16.99 vs. Just note, it's advised to use hairpin legs with a third rod design for stability when outfitting a desk.
I wanted to be able to use my treadmill for regular workouts as well as for a desk, so I decided to buy a regular treadmill and make my own removeable desktop. The arms were a little short but long enough to hold the 12-inch wide board I planned to use as a desk top. The 12-inch deep by 36-inch wide board fit across the arms of the treadmill perfectly, except for one problem–the handlebars that hold the heart rate sensors jutted out, keeping the board from fitting close enough to the console. Now the board rested perfectly on the arms and just needed to be fastened to the treadmill. I was prepared to go back to Home Depot for supplies if I had to, but I looked around my house for items that might work and found an old fanny pack (remember those?) in the back of a closet.
And when I want to really workout, I remove the desktop and do one of the many programed workouts that has me climbing fake hills and burning real calories. The other day I realized between walking and yoga I’m exercising two hours a day, which is pretty darn good for someone like me. Now, I stand up all day and therefore walk about 2.5 miles just at work (so says the fitbit).
A treadmill desk may be a step too far for me; I just try to get off the old posterior whenever possible.
I would be interested to see the specific study that you are referring to, but the studies that I have seen in general linking sitting with mortality have been exaggerated and have twisted the facts. You develop the ability to type while walking, but it is less accurate than when you are sitting or standing still.
As long as it isn’t being used as an extra way to get a workout in and actually maybe even shorten regular workouts, I see no problem with it.
With a treadmill desk near to my normal desk I can get a few hours of cardio a day while working. The 570 slows some on each step, but it wasn’t enough to make me want to get something more expensive. The distance between the two vertical blocks should be the distance between the treadmill arms plus the 2x the distance from the center of the hook to the edge of the hook. I would only put on one of the hooks on each side, and only the top screw until you have verified everything lines up later on the treadmill.
It had a long strap made of nylon webbing, a side squeeze buckle, and a short strap with a lobster clasp. Remember that living happily and without stress can contribute towards a long life as well. Usually those experiences are in the kitchen, but this one time I wrote about something besides nutritious eating that I am doing for my health.
You’ll have a lot of good productive time on it, and sometimes the physical activity helps the ideas flow better. Every bit of detail helped for me, the two left hand person – remember I sit at a computer all day which is why I need this desk! They take just seconds to clasp and unclasp, making the desktop easy to remove whenever I want to workout rather than work. Very unrealistic for the average person and very triggering for a person who might be suffering from an ED.

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