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Nowadays, purchasing Halloween decorations from regular supermarkets and superstores may be the convenient choice for most people. Construct large colorful rosettes from a cardstock which is accordion-folded and hang it on the walls of your sitting room. For completely successful results, embellish the crafted, ribbon covered wreath with leaves and colorful flowers found in complementary colors. I showed you Max's nursery way back HERE -- and I mentioned then there was one last project I was hoping to complete in the room. Because of the vintage farm theme in his room, I knew from the get-go I wanted barn doors on the closet -- but we had a couple of obstacles.
And second, even if we were prepared to fork over the money for it, there wasn't room to slide the doors completely open because of the placement of the closet (very close to the door!). Finally, we decided on building bi-fold doors that - when closed - would look like barn doors! I'm very fortunate to have a carpenter for an uncle -- and after a quick explanation of what I wanted, he was able to bring my vision to reality. You can see, he added the thinner boards on top of the 2x4s to add the frame and X details . I think the barn doors just add a little more character to the room and helped to complete the overall farm theme! I bought a kitchen set and only intended to use the stove and fridge from it, but I ran out of time and just used the sink that came with it as well. The tiny Jonathan Adler vases are from the Adler Barbie couch set we already owned for me Eleanor. This room was going to be the nursery, but then I switched things around at the last minute.

I intended to sew bedding, spray paint the bed, and make some art for the room, but I ran out of time before the deadline.
I will eventually finish the things I wasn’t able to get to, without the pressure of a deadline.
OMG a friend just sent me this, knowing my love of all things tiny–especially tiny houses!!
MMy dad has a 1992 Ford straight 6 flare side and I know there is a safety switch on the clutch and he has to slam the clutch almost through the floor to get the truck started. However; lots of fun can only be attained when you do it yourself and especially during this spooky holiday.
This can be done by downloading any beautiful print or templates and wrap them around hurricanes made from glass. Although not most people are talented in crafting, you can easily obtain that skill from a friend, a close relative or the next door neighbor.
I’m amazed though by the creativity and hard work that was put into dollhouses by the people following along with this whole crazy project! I made the mattresses out of two pieces of foam core, sandwiched together with fabric on top. The Clutch Master Cylinder and slave Cylinder Assembly, which includes all hydraulic hoses is $200 plus tax and shipping, The master cylinder alone is $45.
This has proven to be the most awesome and popular homemade Halloween decoration among the others. I’d also like to eventually make some cabinets and counters, sew a little skirt for the sink, and put up a backsplash. I also had some amazing wooden flooring to go in the room, but it’s going to be labor intensive, so I left it white with a sheet of woven scrapbook paper as a rug.

The accessories were in with the other little things from Brandon’s mom and grandmother. I didn’t do the stairs, which I had put so much thought into, and I didn’t even touch the exterior! One friend told me and I saw it online another place that you can dissasemble it and wire it back together bypassing the safety switch.
The white wire chair is an ornament from CB2, and I already owned the mini Barcelona chair.
I’m really happy with the end result (so far) though, and Eleanor is over the moon about it.
And if you follow the image of that down to where it shows bolts, that is where is passes through and is bolted to firewall. Continue wrapping additional ribbons in a similar manner as the previous one until the entire straw wreath is covered. I’ve tried to source things below but unless otherwise noted, you can assume everything came from eBay. I have seen that happen, the firewall gives from thousands of pushes on the clutch and over time can begin to crack, then finally separate.
The gold folding screen and little accessories belonged to Brandon’s mom and grandmother.

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