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Fix bug with Digital Encoders reporting their output as Relative when they were actually Absolute. Rename Digital Encoder to Incremental Encoders as it supports both digital and mechanical devices.
Encoder now has a pullup resistor property, to partly support mechanical incremental encoders. The device about to be programmed sometimes doesn't respond to the Start Bootloader button.
We all solve problems on a daily basis, in academic situations, at work and in our day-to-day lives. A large cosmetics company had a problem that some of the soap boxes coming off the production lines were empty. Analytical and critical thinking skills help you to evaluate the problem and to make decisions.
Not everyone has these two types of skills in equal measure: for this reason, team working is often a key component in problem-solving. The final stage is to put the solution you have decided on into practice and check the results. At any stage of this process, it may be necessary to return to an earlier stage – for example, if further problems arise or if a solution does not appear to be working as desired. The ability to use your own initiative, to think for yourself, to be creative and pro-active. These qualities help graduates to make a difference to their employer, whether that employer provides a service or manufactures a product. Describe a difficult problem that you have solved.  State how you decided which were the critical issues, say what you did and what your solution was.  What other approaches could you have taken?
When answering these questions, cover the process you used to solve the problem rather than just outlining the problem itself.
Examples could come from your course, extra-curricular activities such as student societies, school, work or work experience, year-in-industry placements, travel or other sources. My responsibility was to control the movement of the robot through the sensors and actuators. Our team achieved second place in the local competition and progressed to the regional final, where we came fifth out of 25 teams.
A study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests you are more likely to succeed if you solve a difficult problem on another person’s behalf rather than for yourself. The most common of these tests involve verbal and numerical reasoning: you may also encounter diagrammatic reasoning and critical thinking tests.

If your application form has included competency-based questions such as the ones above, you can expect the employer to ask for more detail about the problem or the situation and the way that you went about finding a solution. Competency-based questions ask you about actions that you have taken in the past: hypothetical questions ask you about the course of action you might take in the event of some fictional situation, often work-related.
There is usually no right or wrong answer to these questions: the interviewers are seeking to assess your logical thinking and common sense. The only thing harder than looking for a needle in a hay stack is looking for a needle in a needle stack! This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the answer you have given – just that the interviewers are trying to find out how you have arrived at your solution to the problem.
Although the situation is hypothetical, if you have been faced with any similar situation in real life you can use this, and the way that you handled it then, to support your answer.
There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.
Should doctors be authorised to remove organs from a dead person without obtaining consent from their relatives? A patient urgently requires a bone marrow transplant but the only suitable donor is her brother, who has severe physical and mental disabilities. Should conjoined twins be separated even if it is almost certain that one of them will die in the process? Since the victims in rape cases have anonymity, should the same anonymity be granted to the accused? Again, there is often no right or wrong answer, although you should be aware of the legal and regulatory framework behind these questions. This type of interview is often used for graduate positions in management consultancy and investment banking.
Case questions are business problems designed not only to test your logical and analytical thinking skills, ability to solve problems but also to make you think on your feet.
A manufacturer of umbrellas, based in the west of Ireland, wants to expand into mainland Europe.  What issues should they consider? A parcel delivery company plans to offer a new service where customers can hand a package directly to one of the company's drivers instead of taking it to a depot. These business problems are similar to those put forward for group discussions at assessment centres (see below) – the difference is that you have to tackle these on your own!
The decision reached by the group is likely to be less important than the way in which the group works together to reach its decision – these tasks aim to test your teamworking and negotiation, as well as your problem-solving, skills.
There are five adjoining houses in a row in different colours: blue, green, red, white and yellow.

In each house lives a person of different nationality: British, Indonesian, German, American and Dutch.
Some say that the above problem (in a slightly different version) was invented by Einstein and others say Lewis Carroll although no one really knows. You are most welcome to link to these pages but should not use content in other ways without our permission. It is important to show to a recruiter that you have the right skills to resolve these problems, and the personal resilience to handle the challenges and pressure they may bring.
The problem was quickly isolated to the assembly line, which transported the packaged boxes of soap to the delivery department: some soap boxes went through the assembly line empty. They spent much time and money in devising an X-ray machine with high-res monitors manned by staff to watch all the boxes on the line to make sure they weren't empty. A logical and methodical approach is best in some circumstances: for example, you will need to be able to draw on your academic or subject knowledge to identify solutions of a practical or technical nature. Further skills, such as communication, persuasion and negotiation, are important in finding solutions to problems involving people. However, the following interests and activities may be useful in demonstrating a high level of these skills - this may be particularly important when applying to employers in areas such as engineering, IT, operational research and some areas of finance. The brief was to design and build a robot that could perform a dance routine synchronised with a music soundtrack.
This was a complex task because of the number of movements that the robot was required to execute and the different stimuli to which it had to respond.
He found a rope in his cell that was half as long enough to permit him to reach the ground safely. They may be administered online at an early stage of the selection process, or at first interview or assessment centres. They may also be testing you out to see how you cope with pressure and how well you can argue a point. Often there are no right answers to these types of questions, but they give the selector an idea of how you think, your reasoning skills, how you react under pressure and your common sense.
It is also useful to say what you learned from this process, especially if the problem was not resolved to your complete satisfaction. In addition, the robot proved particularly sensitive to changes in light levels and I needed to experiment with a number of adaptations to discover the optimum balance between responsiveness and reliability.

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