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Four of the early 1980's cabinets with the huge TAITO sideart, newly modeled: Lunar Rescue, Crazy Climber, Lock 'n Chase and Stratovox.
Thought I'd also point out that the marquees for Stratovox and Crazy Climber are from scans that I cleaned up, and Lock'n Chase from a high-res photo of the cabinet at Funspot. Update: Yoke has sold and was also identified as being not star wars but instead from one of the other various yoke games that were similar.

FYI, there's a discussion on BYOAC about what actual yoke controller this is since this is not a Star Wars one. Pins: FP, HB, Thunderball (2), JL, Pharaoh, SF, Rat Race, TOM, NF, BSM, STTNG, WOZLE, Varkon.

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