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Supplied flat-packed including fixtures and fittings along with instructions on easy assembly.
Sturdy and secure, a metal garden shed will remain a highly functional asset to any garden or outdoor space for years to come.
Caravan parks often have regulations about storage buildings, and generally a non combustible product is compulsory.
Canberra outdoor storage buildings are the highest specification lightweight steel garden sheds on the market and are composed of durable hot dipped galvanised steel, and finished with 3 coats of paint. A popular tourist attraction at Newport, South Wales, is the Newport Transporter Bridge which crosses the River Usk. The town of Brigend in Wales, played a major role during the Second World War, by being home to a prisoner of war camp, at Island Farm.
One of Cardiff's many tourist attractions is the Doctor Who Experience, which provides an exciting interactive journey for all fans of the popular TV show whether young or old. If you had a real tardis or time machine you could travel back in Cardiff history and see the Romans setting up a forte in AD55-60 on the site of Cardiff Castle. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Those who read our articles regularly, will recall that last month we featured large storage buildings available from our ranges of garden sheds. As the warmer weather of the summer months approaches we think of taking out all those items we wish to use in the garden, at the caravan site on the terrace, on the beach and in other general outside activities from their winter storage. If you have a light-weight timber or plastic box, you will find the contents may not have survived the winter very well as these are prone to providing the least protection from winter weather. We are one of the few websites who deal directly with all the manufacturers of the products supplied by us. The manufacturers are under severe pressure from the large store groups to maintain price levels. This is why we concentrate on sourcing garden storage products across our ranges, which provide good value to satisfied customers who will obtain many years of trouble-free use. The smaller storage products in our plastic range are confined to the heavy-duty LIFETIME products. The locking device on this model ensures security and when opened, the gas-lift pistons holding the roof up and the wide opening doors allow complete access. The flagship of the range is the StoreMax storage box with a fully retractablealuminium lid and front which, when opened, falls to the back. This model is offered in 3 sizes and the largest can house a minimum of 2 standard size bicycles in a safe, stylish and secure unit. We have searched for some years for a storage box in this category and we're very happy with the introduction of this model in 2013.
Although manufactured from a lighter gauge steel it is attractive, offered at a competitive price and can also be used as bench.
This is the only model featured here that does not include an integral floor but we can supply a timber base to which the shed can be secured.

These versatile buildings will keep your gardening, DIY items, and anything else you need to store dry, safe and secure.
The Canberra Low Pent is specifically designed for use in caravan parks, where a compact yet roomy storage space is often needed. This gives a smart and long lasting profile which is why it comes with an incredible 20 year manufacturers warranty.
Your metal shed will of course require a firm foundation, which will anchor it down and protect against strong winds.
This Grade 1 listed structure was built in 1906 and was designed by the French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin. Dr Who is still filmed on location in and around Cardiff, or in the new BBC studios in Cardiff Bay. The original Roman walls can be viewed around the castle, which was built in the 11th century. As a guide to the immense variety of models offered by us, we feature for this month, our smaller storage boxes.
It may be that these items have been stored in their storage boxes all winter, particularly in the better quality products, but if so they do need to be removed, aired and re-stored again for the summer. This means we have an input into product development and often make representations to them about the possibilities of designing new products. This is sometimes impossible for many reasons and so, in order to comply with these price constraints, the specification is in some way modified and the product quality suffers.
These are recognised throughout the industry as the best quality plastic storage products in the market. There are many cheaper versions but this is the best quality and value product in this category. All have the gas lift assisted lid openings, a heavy duty locking device and integral floor. The pent roof shed has for many years been promoted as the opening utility option building. Comprehensive Range of Outdoor Storage Featuring Integral Floors & Secure Locking Systems, High Quality, Durable, HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC STORAGE BOXES. The Canberra 6x4 Low Pent premium metal shed is particularly useful for outdoor storage at caravan sites, for a number of reasons.
Uniquely designed to withstand salty sea air, you can use your Canberra Metal storage shed in a coastal holiday location as corrosion will not be a problem.
You will find details about this and videos showing how simple it is to construct one of these Canberra metal sheds on the SM Garden Sheds website. Only eight of these bridges exist worldwide, and they are created where there is a problem of low banks at the desired crossing point, which would normally require an extra long approach ramp to allow for ships to pass underneath. The prisoner of war camp may have contributed to the reasons why Brigend was never blitzed, the main reason being the areas air pocket.
At the Dr Who experience, you will find an incredibly large collection of original Dr Who props, artefacts and costumes used in the series since 1963.

They may also have been stored inside and you now wish to keep them in a secure, more accessible storage facility. We also provide vital customer feedback to ensure that present products can be modified where necessary. Although the price remains the same it looks cheaper and certainly its longevity will suffer. If compared with any other cheaper or similar priced products, the quality and finish of these models is simply superb. This product will grace any terrace or swimming pool area and the lid is reinforced to allow it to be used as a bench. Although, the Utility Flat Roof sheds from this range seem to have taken over this mantle, the Low Pent remains one of our most popular sizes for caravan sites and holiday homes. Firstly, the height of this shed, allows it to be placed comfortably underneath the window of your caravan, without restricting the view or interfering with any window opening mechanism. This outdoor building has all of the advantages of the larger models, but its low roof makes it ideal for situating underneath a caravan window.
Its towers are 242 feet and its horizontal beam is 177 feet above the road, with a gondola designed for transporting vehicles as well as people across the bridge.
Fans of the series will spot many parts of Cardiff which have been used as sets in certain episodes, like Cardiff Castle and the Wales Millennium Centre. The Addition 6 x 3 metal shed has a built in wind and rain guard to keep even the toughest wind and rain out, leaving your tools safe and dry all year round. In so doing, we are continuously examining the market, considering feedback from our customers and generally keeping our eye on the ball to ensure that the range offered here is the most comprehensive available.
Extra space is always welcome to store holiday equipment such as fold up tables and chairs, inflatables and paddling pools, outdoor games items like footballs, tennis rackets and outdoor toys.
Featured in several films and TV shows, there is an extremely high set of steps that can be climbed before walking across the bridge walkway. Nearby Swansea and Cardiff suffered bombing raids, but not Brigend, which is highly fortunate as there was a large munitions factory at Waterton and an underground munitions storage base at Brackla. Most of the models featured throughout our range, include their own integral floor and all can be locked, either with a padlock or their own locking system.
Very often cheaper plastic products suffer from cracking and are further distorted by the different weather conditions. If you have a small planted area near your caravan, you may even require somewhere to keep gardening tools, pots, compost etc.

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