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Making clients' dreams come true since 1997, I'm Kara O'Brien, a licensed contractor and owner of the renovation company Kara O’Brien Renovations.
Former co-owner of Laughing Sun Renovations, a lauded and internationally recognized company, I forged my own firm, Kara O’Brien Renovations, in 2012. From budget conscious kitchen and bathroom remodels to highly detailed historic renovations, we are here to make your dreams come true. Cool Coup in KirkwoodHuge cotton mill beams were cut, planed, and sculpted to enhance the Craftsman motif of this Kirkwood home, restored after a 2004 fire. Building out an attic space can be challenging, but at the same time the space is there for the taking. Kara O' Brien Renovations has tackled green building from the start with our massive effort to recycle house parts, salvaged from other houses locally, parts that otherwise were headed to the landfill. White cabinets aren’t only in style, they brighten up the space of any kitchen, making it look larger and more elegant. White cabinetry is extremely versatile and can be used with pops of color for added emphasis. On the other end of the spectrum, when white cabinets are used with rich materials like natural stone and darker woods, they give off a look of elegance and glamour. For a modern or contemporary style kitchen, choose white with a high gloss or in a reflective material like laminate or thermofoil. This entry was posted in Cabinets, Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Renovation, Transitional Kitchens on March 6, 2015. Installing new kitchen cabinets is one of the easiest ways to redo your kitchen without overhauling the entire thing! Contemporary cabinetry should reflect the style of the kitchen – and contemporary kitchens are simple, unique and endlessly stylish. Contemporary kitchen designs are not one-fits-all and should be customized to fit your tastes and individual needs, but there is one thing nearly all contemporary kitchens have in common: contemporary cabinetry that relies on rich, brilliant colors!
Do you like aspects of contemporary kitchens but also want to preserve some more traditional kitchen features?
Contemporary cabinets are significant when it comes to designing your modern kitchen.  The cabinets should complement the simplistic and unique style of the kitchen, and many different styles, colors, and materials achieve this.
If you live in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC and want beautiful contemporary cabinetry for your kitchen, call Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens today!

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If you install custom white cabinets, you have the freedom to choose a daring pop of color or intricate backsplashes on the walls. Darker colors tend to make spaces look smaller, so white cabinetry is definitely a must-have for smaller kitchens. You can choose to pair them with darker woods for a deep contrast that really adds a dramatic edge to your kitchen, or you can create a warm and inviting space when you pair white kitchen cabinets with a lighter wood. When you combine too many colors, your kitchen may look crowded and messy, so we suggest white cabinets for anyone who plans to install an intricate mural or intense splashes of color.
Choose elaborate carvings and hardware for a traditional kitchen, and stick with simple, streamlined hardware for a more modern look. Using scalloped edges, off-white glazing, and soft hardware will add to the feeling of a cozy cottage kitchen. White is simple and classic and lets the attention be drawn to features like grand chandeliers or marble countertops.
Paired with sleek countertops and bright glaze-tiled walls,  white cabinets can make your entire kitchen look as new as the day we designed it.
Our award-winning designers have plenty of experience dressing up kitchens with white cabinetry. White cabinets look great as entertainment centers and wet bars and can be used as custom cabinetry in the dining room, den, or basement.
If you’re looking for kitchen remodeling designers in the Washington, DC metro area, get inspired at the Jack Rosen showroom in Rockville, MD, where you can view cabinetry options, countertop slabs, and more. If you want to update your traditional kitchen to a sleeker, modern look without having to completely remodel, consider adding contemporary kitchen cabinets.
The sharp lines and edges of flat-panel contemporary cabinets create a sleek look that reflects modern kitchens.
Square cabinets, rather than the typical longer rectangular cabinets, effortlessly create a sophisticated, contemporary look. Some people choose dark wooden cabinets, but cabinets a bit more unique with bright colors are quickly gaining popularity.
Just keep in mind that contemporary cabinets shouldn’t be ornate and detailed the way they often are in traditional kitchens.

Below we’ve highlighted 10 kitchens we’ve designed in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC areas that flawlessly showcase all the amazing aspects of installing white kitchen cabinets. Because white cabinets complement any design element, if your style changes in the coming years, you can change your accents instead of having to go through a full kitchen remodel.
Another way to accomplish old-world charm is to choose traditional window dressings in light, warmer colors.
Streamlined wood cabinets in an off-white or cream color add style and grace to any kitchen. Adding features like glass cabinet fronts and pops of color in the counters or seating work incredibly well to give your kitchen depth and character.
Pick out the features you like best, and leave it to our award-winning kitchen designers to give you the kitchen of your dreams! Contemporary kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles and colors and can be customized to fit your existing kitchen. Sleek and simple are the essence of modern kitchens, and nothing can help display this more than your cabinets!
Black is popular for contemporary cabinetry, but don’t hesitate to go for those cherry red cabinets that catch the eye! For example, wood cabinets, while usually found in traditional kitchens, work quite well in a modern kitchen. And the great thing about using glass for your modern kitchen cabinets is that they won’t easily scratch! You can transform your kitchen into a sunny escape with white cabinets and the right window dressings alone. Vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, red, and green create a refined contemporary look and are terrific choices for modern cabinets.
Darker stained wood cabinets provide an urbane, modern appearance while retaining that touch of traditional beauty.

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