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Sash windows consist of two glazed sashes that slide vertically in a frame or a case.  A pair of weights, contained within the case, balance each sash. Today, there are two forms of sliding sash windows, the traditional with weights and pulleys which were developed by Sir Christopher Wrens master carpenter and the modern version that is constructed in a similar manner, only the sashes work with a spring balance mechanism instead of cords and weights.
Our sliding sash window is traditional in design but without the draughts and rattles often associated with older sliding sash windows.
Supplied with fitch fasteners, sash lifts and security sash stops, all available in brass and chrome finishes.
Fitted with British made nylon cord, Lead weights, brass pulleys and sash lifts, which offers the ultimate in smooth sliding operation. Casements and frames manufactured using time-honoured traditional mortice and tenon joints. Fully factory spray applied decoration to any RAL or BS colour with a selection of stain finishes also available. We fit bespoke sash windows across the UK, working extensively in the Nottingham and West Bridgford region. Below you can see a few examples of our sash window installations in the Nottingham and West Bridgford area.
Dear Old English Doors, thank you for the work you have completed for us, the windows look fab and have transformed the look of our house.
If you’d like to speak with our team, find out more information about our sash windows or request a quote, call us now on 01159 588 755.
Extensive testing by leading institutes around the world has shown the performance of Accoya timber to offer outstanding durability.

We design and make bespoke wooden doors for a range of properties, including homes, banks, schools and office buildings. Our company is run by Michael and Daniel, a father and son partnership with over fifty years experience in woodworking between them. Long admired for their attractive appearance and practical benefits, sash windows are perhaps the most revered of all window types. However, many people feel that if they are going to have new sash windows fitted, then they must be made with the traditional timber frames. There are many different factors that go into determining a quote for the replacement of wooden sash windows, not the least of which is the type of wood you will be needing: hardwood or softwood.
Other factors that contribute to the ultimate cost of replacement wooden sash windows are the amount of space you have in the stone (this will affect whether or not you can have two weights to be included with each sash or if spiral balances need to be used instead), and the kind of finish (paint, varnish, staining) that you need on the inside as well as the outside of the frames. For a single window to be completely replaced with a new wooden sash window, including the casement, weights and glazing, plus any finishing, expect to pay somewhere between ?600 and ?1200 depending on the size of the frame. Our timber sash windows are made in our Nottingham workshop by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience of the woodworking industry.
West Bridgford has a notable number of period properties, particularly Victorian, and sash windows were the most popular type of window in that era. Particularly well-suited to period properties, sash windows have an elegance and charm that comes from being a hallmark feature of traditional architecture.
As a typical and traditional feature of a period property, it stands to reason that the materials used in sash window frames must also be authentic. Always remember that you give yourself a better chance of finding the best possible price by getting more than one quote.

Windows make a significant aesthetic contribution to a period property and by choosing an authentic-looking bespoke design, you will help preserve the character and charm of the building.
The only downside is that wooden sash windows do tend to come at a higher price than their uPVC equivalents.
If you have a bay window that needs replacing, for example, this could drive the overall price up considerably. The more cost estimates from reputable local suppliers you have, the better able you will be to make an informed decision.
The reasoning goes that uPVC as a material is comparatively inexpensive, and it is also easy to clean and maintain. Only by comparing different quotes will you get an understanding of what the best possible price can be. Modern innovations have seen uPVC being produced in realistic woodgrain finish effects, which has enhanced this material’s popularity. There is standard double glazing, or even triple glazing to choose from, although if you are in a listed property or your home is in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there may be limits on the type of glass you can have installed.

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