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Cubit shelf units are made from MDF that is coated with a thick layer of semi-gloss lacquer. However I find that the medium sized configurations such as this floating shelf in green look better than the full wall installations and also serve to better illustrate the customisable nature of Cubit shelving with its rough, irregular shape. The configurable nature of Cubit shelving and the multitude of sizes available means it can also be used to create other furniture articles such as a sideboard cabinet or a desk. Some Cubit installations can end up looking misaligned, unbalanced and cluttered but I suppose this must largely come down to the skill of the person who configured the modular shelf using the online configurator tool. Unfortunately we’re just a design blog that features products such as the Cubit modular shelving but you can visit the actual Cubit shop by following the link in the article. Some of the designs we feature are just concepts and so aren’t actually for sale but if the items are available to buy then we always endeavour to like to the shop.
Made of hardwood with a white or black finish, these modular storage shelves are a great way to organize and show off your favorite items.
Use ProductWiki Connect for Merchants to enhance your product page and improve conversions. Enter the e-mail address you used to register with the site and we'll send you a new password. If you would like to continue without an account, just close this box and it won't reappear. The Expedit shelving range by Ikea has become one of the most widely used furniture articles in recent years and is synonymous with adaptable, modular shelving. However due to the popularity and basic nature of Expedit, the range in my opinion has begun to acquire a somewhat generic persona.
Expedit shelves come in several different colours and if you just can’t decide between two or just want to mix things up a bit, why not get both.
Break away from the ultra-regular grid structure by removing a few of the vertical panels from your Expedit shelves.
Due to the blank-canvas style of a lot of Ikea furniture such as the Expedit system, a number of companies have popped up who are completely independent of the furniture giant who provide decoration such as decals and stickers to personalise your Expedit shelves. Mykea also have a unique offering in that graphic designers can submit their own images to the shop to be sold to customers who will receive a cut of any proceeds. You can find many DIY guides online about how to incorporate lighting into shelves such as the Expedit but the way I suggest can give a much sleeker and higher end look in my opinion. I dont think so: side panels have the fixing holes on the ends, while top and base panels have fixing holes on their bottom and top surfaces respectively.
This configurator allows you to design a modular shelf made up of different units that come in a wide array of sizes.
They come in variously sized formats and many of the options are specifically designed to fit particular storage media such as LPs, A4 papers, books, CDs and DVDs. It could be an idea for Cubit to introduce some kind of tiered pricing offering bulk discounts to those creating these larger shelves. While we made some suggestions in a previous article about how you can customize Ikea Expedit shelves, it’s not really possible to change the overall shape of an Expedit shelf due it the thicker outer panels and the way the shelves fit together.

It could perhaps be useful if Cubit designed some templates you could use when buying their shelves as the option to customise might not appeal to everyone.
If you’re looking for other minimalist DIY Christmas decorations, check out our top 10 article.
Who says a bookshelf can’t be a canvas for an eye-catching arrangement of reading materials and vases?
And for good reason too as these shelves are both highly affordable as well as having a clean, modern appearance. The obvious choice to me would be to mix black and white although you might prefer light and dark wood or so etching different altogether. When assembling your Expedit, you can choose to leave out certain vertical panels to create longer, rectangular spaces in certain areas.
Be sure to only remove one panel per level and do not have two removed panels directly above each other.
These hooks have an ultra-modern brushed steel appearance and fit seamlessly into the unit with no exposed screws or other nasties. However be careful when installing these hooks that you don’t over tighten the screws. Two examples of such shops are Mykea and Panyl although I’m focusing on the former here as from what I can see they offer more creative designs although Panyl is definitely the way to go if you want a wood effect. An example of this is the Bad Memories design by Astronaut as pictured to the right on the side of a 2×4 Expedit. I haven’t opened one up to find out but they definitely feel hollow and are very lightweight. Previously the shelves were only available in plain white, then black was added, and now there are a total of 15 vivid colours to choose from as well as a premium walnut finish. However the boxes can of course house anything depending on what you choose to use them for. For example 10% off when ordering over 10 shelf modules or 25% off for those making a shelf with more than 20 modules. These thicker panels are however due to be thinned down in the new Ikea Kallax shelves which are replacing Expedits in 2014. And what if the shelf itself were a work of art?An array of  modern options awaits you, from the simple and clean-lined to the whimsically modular. One of the main appeals about Expedit units is this plain appearance which allows the items you choose to put in the blocks to create the atmosphere within a room.
A lot of these customisations should also work with the new Ikea Kallax shelving which Ikea are replacing Expedit with. The great thing about this is that it’s also easy to take your shelves apart and revert them to normal matching colours if you get bored of this style or want a plainer look. This is great if you’d like to store larger items such as printers, guitar amps or record players on your Expedit. Also try to avoid placing heavy items such as books or vinyls above a removed panel and if you notice any sagging, dismantle your Expedit and revert it to its normal state.

Astonishingly, a set of two of these hooks costs just ?2.50 from Ikea in the UK which includes the plastic inner workings used to fix them to surfaces. Expedit sections are made from a reconstituted wood fibre material and over tightening the screws can tear up this substance giving the screws little to fix to.
Mykea also sell stickers for other popular furniture designs from Ikea such as the Billig bookcase and Malm drawers. You’ll need a drill with hole saw bit and a set of round LED lights, preferably with a push button interface such as these. Whether the room calls for a wall-mounted shelf or a free standing piece, a variety of colors and designs are available. This can of course be done with virtually any Ikea furniture and I have personally done it with Malm drawers and Micke desks.
However, I can confirm that I have a 5×5 Expedit with 3 panels removed on the bottom, third and fourth levels and have noticed no sagging or other issues from this customisation. Prices for their stickers vary widely according to their size although in my opinion, its quite expensive when compared to the price of the furniture its for. Battery powered ones are ideal although if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could attempt to run wiring through the thicker Expedit boards and fit a switch as these are actually hollow. Enjoy perusing the shelving finds below–storage has never been so stunning!Freestanding ShelvesWe begin with the versatile Ushanki Ushanki shelf lamps from Ukranian design house decorkuznetsov. These decals should fit the new Ikea Kallax shelves as well as only the thickness of the outer boards is changing.
These lighting and shelf combos come in three different sizes, and they are ideal for bedside placement.
With Mid-Century Modern flair and a matte white finish, the piece is the crisp focal point of any space. [from AllModern]Add movement to the room with the Sloane Espresso Leaning Bookcases. Not only do X crossbars give the piece true substance, try purchasing two or more and arranging them side by side. [from CB2]Mango wood and powder-coated iron combine to form the Whitewashed Wood and Metal Shelves, shown below.
Nonetheless, when paired with a duplicate, the item makes a wonderfully lengthy statement on wall or floor. [from CB2] Modular ShelvingModular shelves provide flexibility of arrangement and often allow for the creation of original compositions.
Take the 6-Piece Cubist Modular Wall Shelf Set, a grouping crafted of sheet metal with iron rods. Six different sizes create variety and interest. [from CB2]For a vibrant grid effect, try Qubicles by Quirky, sold in sets of 3 cubes. If a room divider is desired, choose open freestanding shelves that offer a view from both sides, an ideal feature of any partition. To create your own design, go with modular shelving that allows for a variety of arrangement options. Remember to personalize your new piece by artfully displaying books and decor on the shelves!

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