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Available for: Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilla, and Ducati.
If you’re ordering outside of the continental United States, please call us so we can work out shipping costs! If you’re looking to purchase a bicycle rack for your Harley Davidson, please click here. The 2X2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack lets you carry a bike on the back of your motorcycle. If you really like your motorcycle, then perhaps you might be keen on the idea of using it as your one and only source of motorized transportation – for part of the year, at least. The brake light-equipped steel rack mounts on the rear of the motorcycle using supplied bolts – no drilling or altering of the vehicle is required. Finally, a strap is run over the bike’s handlebar stem, and attached to the motorcycle’s frame or passenger foot pegs. The 2X2 Cycles Motorcycle Bicycle Rack works with Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Triumph, Aprilia, and Ducati motorcycles. I had a 883 sportster for a hanker time and found it just takes a little more time trying to catch sight of parts for the long hauls. I got a citation at the University of Houston for parking at a bike rack with my 50 cc scooter.
Silvia Valentini, 54, of Switzerland, sorted through a clearance rack of colorful blouses, draping several over her arm, while hundreds of other customers checked out the vast assortment of motorcycles, accessories and apparel. Not every rider buys into the lone-wolf stereotype the general public associates with motorcyclists.

A big "fuck you" to the motorcycle parked in the normal parking spot I thought was open this morning. Motherwell Products USA is proud to introduce the addition of a new solo luggage rack to its extensive line of signature motorcycle luggage racks designed specifically to fit the Harley-Davidson Softail Slim model. Silvia Valentini, 54, of Switzerland, sorted threw a clearance rack of colorful blouses, draping several over her arm, while hundreds of other customers checked out the vast assortment of motorcycles, accessories and apparel.
They both have two wheels but the fun you get is so much different: bicycles and motorbikes.
After installing the holding piece, the front wheel of the bike must be removed and it will be carried after loading it in a special piece. Our unique, patented 2X2 Cycles Bicycle Rack gives you the freedom to safely and securely attach your road bike or mountain bike to your motorcycle! We do not have an automated international shipping option through the site due to widely varying shipping rates. The process starts with the front wheel being removed, and the fork getting clamped into a lockable quick release at the front of the rack.
This is for added security, and – according to Blake – it helps keep the bike’s weight concentrated on the back of the motorcycle, as opposed to hanging out behind it. And because some bikers would still love to ride their bicycles in the many places they might reach on their bikes, motorcyclist and bike enthusiast Garrett Blake invented the 2x2 Motorcycle Bicycle Rack.
The 2x2 Motorcycle Bicycle Rack is a simple implement easy to install on pretty much any bike on the base plate for the topcase and it will not need altering or other any sort of permanent modifications.
Load the bike on the holding plate, have everything secured with a strap over the bicycle's handlebar pipe, verify that all is well fastened, and hit the road.

Buyers will be advised on the mounting method for their particular motorcycle when they order the rack. Next, at the rear of the rack, the left-side crank is lowered into a rubber-coated sling, and secured in place with another quick-release mechanism. Another motorcycle bike rack, the Johnny Rack, was available as recently as last year, but the company is no longer in business.
Your asking about touring racks for a 883 - its not a touring bike or one that most dont go touring on.
The detached front wheel is then attached to a receptacle just above the sling, using its own quick-release. For those interested, I posted a first print blog on the 2x2 Cycles Motorcycle Bike Rack over on the Dirt Rag site. Motorcycles carrying Bicycles Yes scads an avid motorcyclist and bicyclist has had this same idea. The one concern I have is the amount of force off the back of the bike and the long term stress from the torsional weight of the bicycle worrying to pull up the Bike Rack Motorcycle. The decision to act was inexorably motivated by my friend Paul who also has a V-Strom and also wanted a bike transmitter. Gifts to carry 2 bikes maintain the use of our side cases take up the cudgels for use of top.

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