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Reddit user Swoesh shared photos of the incredible off-road RV his dad built from an old fire truck, fortifying the frame so it could support more weight and transforming it into a living space.
Cyclists can get in on the DIY camper game, too, as proven by artist Kevin Cyr, who has created a series of bike-based mobile homes.
This cool DIY mobile home creation is most notable for that massive curving over-the-cab window. Inspired by the zen simplicity of Japanese design, this highly unusual self-built motor home has a hydraulic lift system that opens up a large loft space when the vehicle is stopped.
Tiny houses are growing in popularity because of increasing environmental consciousness and a desire to reject unnecessary material goods. I wanted a light, comfortable, nimble, sporty, and fun motorcycle, and after a well-researched decision found myself on top of an Aprilia Dorsoduro 750. The side case rack, which consists of three metal parts, took a bit longer to install and required two holes to be drilled in the tail-end plastics. Aprilia’s Dorsoduro luggage system allows me to take the bike on multiday tours without having to leave any of the essentials at home.
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Indexed: RV Accessories, Rv MountChoosing the Best RV Bike Rack: Hitch, Ladder, Bumper, or Tongue Mounted? Many factors are at work when you are sorting through the countless options on which RV bike rack is best for your motorhome, travel trailer, or camper.
Bolt to the bumper – This traditionally takes a solid bumper that is welded to the frame and is made of steel.
Concerns: A RV bumper bike rack adds additional 1-3 feet of additional length to your RV setup.
Alternatively, you can use an adapter to connect a trailer hitch to the RV bumper with U-bolts that creates a 2” trailer hitch. This RV bike rack, as the name implies, is for stowing your bikes through the use of your RV’s ladder should you have one. The most used method and therefore the method that provides the widest range of options is the RV hitch bike rack.
It is our hope this guide helps you better identify the options available in the RV bike rack market and which is best suited for your needs.
I use a hitch adapter and can also mount a cargo tray as well to maximize hitch usefulness. Arvika Bike Racks carry bikes on RVs & 5th wheels 2013-07-05 at 16:20 pm Arvika is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality travel trailer, fifth wheel, and hitch-mounted bike racks.
For fifth wheel trailers, the Arvika Fifth Wheel Bracket and Fifth Wheel XL Bracket allow the bike rack to attach to the king pin or gooseneck of the fifth wheel. Buy now and save on these heavy-duty custom-styled water-resistant black nylon tool bags—classic or accented.
Get the classic or accented luggage system at a great price to haul all your essential gear.! Motorcycle parts and accessories - for your Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Victory motorcycle we have all the parts.
No matter what you ride Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha or a Harley davidson you can get aftermarket motorcycle part.
Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders. Moose Racing Racewear becomes a household name when it comes to offering high quality Racing products.

High Quality Racing ProductsStarted in 1986, Moose Racing Racewear becomes a household name when it comes to offering high quality Racing products. This item ships via UPS Ground and delivery will take approximately 4-5 business days depending on your location from CA. It’s got roof racks, a custom-made elevator for a motorcycle, a kitchen, a full bathroom, seating, a bed and a fold-out table. While technically an art project, this bike camper is fully functional, lightweight enough to be pulled down the street with no more than leg power. SunRay Kelley bought a vintage 1984 Toyota dolphin camper vehicle, demolished the camper shell and built his own out of recycled aluminum, cedar and stained glass.
It’s got a bathroom, deck and skylight as well as stairs that double as storage space and a small kitchen complete with a rice cooker. Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects designed one chic modern version called a Rolling Hut, which has a sleek, minimalist wood-lined interior, kitchenette, wood stove and lots of glass for gazing at the surrounding landscape. Builder Andrew Morrison and his wife Gabriela wanted a sustainable, mortgage-free home that was every bit as comfortable as a standard residence, and managed to fit a lot of function into a very small space.
One of the first upgrades I made to make it more touring-friendly was the addition of a tankbag and side cases. If it was just about the bike rack itself then the decision would be quite simple, find the highest rated option at the lowest price and move on to the next project. As you can imagine there is a long list of RV bike rack options for all types of bike configurations.
Most RV bike racks are made to fit most types of steps, but ensure the one you purchase fits your type of ladder.
Unless you are taller it can be hard to get the bikes onto the rack if your ladder doesn’t allow for mounting it lower. Often times this is a custom setup (see a custom example here and here) that requires metal working and some design prowess. It can be difficult to find a RV bike rack that fits right and carries the number of bikes you need for a reasonable cost. Their unique rack systems allow you to tow a travel trailer or fifth wheel and still carry two to four bicycles. The 2, 3, or 4 bike attachment mounts to the upright arms.Bicycles sit into individual trays and get held in place with locking frame clamps and wheel straps. The bike rack would then sit in front of the cabin of the trailer and above the cab of the truck.For Tab brand travel trailers, use the Arvika Tab Travel Trailer Bracket in combination with the bike rack (requires drilling into the A-frame).
Biggest discount motorcycle parts for Honda motorcycle Harley davidson motorcycle and many more.
There’s just enough space inside to lie down, have a meal and store some basic belongings.
Once installed, the side cases snapped easily and securely onto the rack; they can be taken off quickly by pressing a wide release button on the back. There are several variations to accommodate different RV designs and the needs of the user.
Depending on the weight, a bumper mounted rack could stress the bumper and change the weight distribution of the RV.
This is one area where you want to be sure that the bike rack you choose will fit, otherwise you may end up buying and returning it. We recently installed an Arvika 2 Bike Attachment and an Arvika Travel Trailer Bracket on to the A-frame of a travel trailer. In the two bike and three bike models, all the bike trays sit level, extending forward from the upright arms.

So if you're looking for the coolest gear made, Moose Racing's Sahara Gear is it.In 22 years Moose Racing has grown from a light 36 page catalog, to a tree gulping 204 pages. All payment information is encrypted and transmitted without risk using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol.
This is a common method for travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and pop up campers if they feature frame connected bumper. Certainly worth considering the trailer tongue bike rack below if you are seeking an alternative. Though store bought options are sparse, there are a few models of RV bike rack that are purpose built for this application. The Arvika 4 Bike Attachment places the fourth bike behind the upright arms on a raised wheel tray to accommodate the curvature of most trailers.The three bike and four bike models require the use of the Telescoping Support Arm (sold separately).
The cover, made of nylon and PVC, is put on by connecting two straps to bolts under the seat and by fixing three more straps to the sides and front of the bike. All bags come with rain hoods to protect the contents, though I noticed after a heavy summer rain some water still penetrated the side cases from the unprotected back side. It is straightforward to install including just a few U-bolts and some minor assembly of the RV bike rack itself. This bike rack uses the square trailer hitch insert that must be pre-installed on your vehicle or RV for this to work.
One this is for sure, the folks who have this kind of setup rave about its convenience and peace of mind in comparison to the other options shown here.
The arm clamps on to the travel trailera€™s jack or on to the fifth wheel to give support to the end of the rack.Check out a video of the Arvika Travel Trailer Bracket, Arvika 2 Bike Attachment, and Arvika Telescoping Support Arm being installed onto a Trail Cruiser by Trail Lite Travel Trailer. See our Bike Rack Info and Advice or contact us for help choosing an appropriate bike rack.If you have any questions about mounting an Arvika bike rack to your trailer or fifth wheel, or you need to place an order for delivery in the USA, please call us toll free at 1-855-884-7225. Thanks to our dedicated customers for allowing us to redefine the industry with our top tier products.We would like to extend another special thanks to Haro Designs, Jett Development Group, the Parts Unlimited sales force.
Though the manual did not say this, I cut off some of the excessive straps on the sides, as their fluttering in the wind punished my knees while riding. If you don’t have a trailer hitch, then you must have one installed before using any of the RV hitch bike racks.
This video demonstrates how to properly install the Arvika bike rack system and provides recommendations for placement of the bracket. Overall, the installation takes less than 10 minutes, and the tankbag can quickly be connected on top of the cover via two plastic buckles near the handlebar and a micrometric closure near the seat. The small one at the top is about three inches deep and is suitable for a wallet, a cell phone, an E-ZPass, a not-in-use GPS unit, and a map. You can hold up to 6 bikes on these types of racks and possible customize something to carry even more if you travel with a large group. The bigger compartment below is about 8 inches deep and 11 inches wide, and it easily fit my rain gear, an extra set of gloves, and a kickstand pad. Both compartments are accessed via two zippers that almost completely surround the tankbag. When fueling the bike, the tankbag has to be removed, which is relatively simple given the easy-to-use buckles that fasten the bag to the tank cover.

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