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The Santa Cruz Syndicate team has been hittin’ the gravity circuit aboard full carbon fiber V10 downhill bikes for a while now, proving their World Cup performance. Now, they’re offering the frame, complete with a carbon rear triangle co-developed with Enve, to you and I. Santa Cruz spokesperson Will Ockleton said they looked at low stress areas and realized they had overbuilt it.
Ockleton says the level of compaction they use in their tubes is what makes the frame so strong. Enve and Santacruz use the same factory for composites in China, so the rear end was never really “made by enve, as much as they share their engineering resources with the factory. I can say with certainty because I went to UT and made swingarms with Jason Schiers, the founder of ENVE.
I have not had the pleasure of visiting the ENVE facility myself, but I too was under the impression that ENVE components (but not rims) where largely manufactured abroad.

Not only that, but they’re bumping to warranty to a full five years with lifetime warranty on the bearings and a crash replacement program. The front triangle has dropped 300g from the prior model, making the entire frameset a full two pounds lighter than the standard model! So, they started removing weight where they could, but made it stiffer overall by revising the layup. Rear dropouts and brake tabs are molded as one piece with the rear triangle, and a direct mount rear derailleur hanger is included. They’re also present on the downtube for an integrated look that keeps the frame safe. I have nothing against ENVE, but i think consumers just need to be realistic about current state of economy, and world trade affairs. The old frame could withstand being smashed around on rocks, trees and other things, which is nice and all, but they realized it was still overkill.

With a standard 150mm thru axle, the hubs endcaps are flush with a smooth internal face on the dropout. With 157, you basically have 3.5mm extended dropouts that slot into recessed guides on the frame. This makes it more like a thru axle on your forks, which lets the hub rest in little grooves that line up the axle with the holes on the frame.
It’s a good thing, and most modern hubs should be able to simply swap in new end caps as soon as that wheel brand makes them available.

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