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The idea of this first one came to me while joking with some woodworkers : they have been asking me to produce so many different rasps for them that I teased them saying that if it would have been possible, they would ask me to hand-stitch their fingertips !
Being strongly opposed to torture my customers, even at their request, I started to search for a better solution. This tool will come in 3 different stitching grains : #14 for finishing, #11 for intermediate works and #9 for hogging off stock. The shaft is large enough either to fit in the hollow of the palm for more power, or to be cut and shaped to fit the specific needs of each.
Powered by a 1,650 W motor that will run up to 4,000 rpm, the new LH1200FL has a wealth of features including a rigid cast aluminium table for premium accuracy; TCT saw blade, table guide rule, set plate, triangular rule, laser guide and a four LED job lights. Makita’s new PJ7000 biscuit jointer features the slim-line easy-to-grip motor housing from the very popular GA angle grinder machines. The new Makita RT0700C is the first combination router-trimmer in the Makita range and has been introduced to meet the tradesman’s requirement for a machine that will handle core routing tasks such as apertures in worktops and edge trimming of all sheet and panel materials. These new tools join Makita’s ever-expanding inventory of innovative solutions for professional woodworkers.

In a move that may challenge our love of pocket-screw joinery, Lamello introduces a new method of clamp-free joinery with Fixo biscuits. ROCKLER introduced a series of Contour Sanding Grips for sanding convex and concave shapes, edging and other rounded detail work. BOSCH introduced two new digital levels, models GIM 60 and GIM 120, with an illuminated tilt display, protective housing and unmatched angle accuracy. After several months of errors and unsuccessful attempts, here the solution we came up with : The shape of the teeth balde is inspired by both the shape of a thumb and the sole of Ibex tiny planes. I wanted to show him that an un-powered tool could be as efficient and powerful as a powered tool, while avoiding the noise, the dust and the vibrations that remove most of the pleasure of woodworking. This provides the table saw with 52 mm depth of cut and the mitre saw capable of bevel angles to 45° to the left and mitre angles to 45° to the left and to 52· to the right. By reducing the body diameter, accurate control of this tool is enhanced, stability improved in operation and overall tool weight reduced to just 2.5 kg. By offering one rugged 710 W motor drive assembly and three alternative trimming, tilt and plunge bases, a multi-task tool has been perfected, according to the company.

To use them, you simply hold the joint together face-down, and cut a biscuit slot or two across the joint. The machine-washable ZipFast panels are made of tough opaque nylon and feature sewn-in, heavy-duty zippers. The kind of tool that you end up, once you got used to it, to keep always at hand while woodworking . The curved ribs actually draw the joint together, while small barbs keep Fixo from falling out.

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