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We will take care of all the preparation and staining of new structures such as decks, board walks, pergolas, screens, furniture and fences etc. If you have left your timber a bit too long and it has started to weather and age it’s may not too late to rescue it. Remember our slogan is “Bringing Timber to Life” With the right materials and processes most timber surfaces can be restored to “like new” in many cases, so don’t give up hope. Bringing your timber back to life and looking after it will be a lot less expensive than pulling it down and replacing it.
Timber Doctors are armed with the knowledge and knowhow to advise you on what needs to be done and what can be expected. Smarten up an outdoor space or bring a visual element to an area with some casual outdoor lawn furniture. Sonokeling possesses a unique quality of a wild colour range with beautifully marked irregular markings from deep purple brown, grey-reddish brown to reddish brown-black. Requires little or no maintenance and develops a beautiful silver grey patina from exposure to the elements. In the manufacturing of our outdoor lawn furniture we select timbers that will stand the test of time and protect them against the sometimes harsh Australian climate with a penetrative quality timber oil.
Outdoor Furniture OnlineChoose from our designer outdoor furniture to place in your backyard or by the beach.

We are happy to do those small jobs that many tradesmen are not keen to do and we are just as happy to do the big jobs as well. Variety of styles, sizes and choice of timbers – create your own setting combination. Look through our range of exquisite furniture settings, and pick one that resonates with you and your home.
The only trouble is, outdoor timber weathers and has to be maintained, in order to keep its rich colours and tones. Timber doctors use only the best quality materials and follow best practice in preparation, choice of materials and application. This is a substantial investment and it needs to be properly looked after if it is to retain its value and add value to your property.
Just like when coating new surfaces, once the restoration is completed it is important to maintain it, whether it is a deck or outdoor setting or anything else, you need to protect your investment and we are here to help you do just that.
However, there is no need to panic, no need to give up your precious weekends or take time off work, when its time for maintenance of your outdoor timber surfaces the Timber Doctor is ready to step up and take the load off your shoulders.
We are also ready to provide advice on the most suitable product for your specific circumstance, tips on common problems and pitfalls to avoid.
So, just as we do when we coat those new surfaces, we will visit you each year and give a free assessment of how you timber is holding up.

We will also show you colour samples to see what your timber will look like when the job is done. As you know the outdoors is a less than friendly environment for all surfaces, and timber is no exception. With the right processes and materials we can have your new timber structures ready to go in just a few days and all you have to do is get ready to enjoy them.
Depending on circumstances most outdoor timber surfaces need regular maintenance at one to two year intervals.
When maintenance is done within the safe time frame, it can be done quickly, with minimum disruption and cost effectively. When maintenance is left too long the preparation time is greatly increased, more materials are required, more time is spent and, of course, the costs go up accordingly. As part of our commitment to making sure your outdoor timber continues to look terrific and lasts for years and years, as it should, we are happy to visit you each year and provide a free assessment of how your timber is holding up. If everything is going well we will tell you, and will schedule a return visit at a suitable time down the track for a follow up inspection.

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