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Before digging into our list of 17 garage woodshop plans I wanted to cite my inspiration for this collection: a post at WoodNet called Garage woodshop questions. 2) “One thing that I learned when I had my garage workshop is the value of organization and frequent cleaning. 5) “mounting your dc (dust collection) on the wall and incorporating your router table into the tablesaw will save you a good deal of floor space. After posting my Woodworker’s CNC Router in the projects section, I received several requests to show how I made it. This is called a gantry style machine because of the overhead structure, as compared to a moving table type machine.
I bought Mach3 (it was really Mach2 back then) as the controller software to take XYZ commands called G-code and turn them into step and direction pulses. You can see the picture of what is being cut; a new router holder for the Porter Cable laminate trimmer. This was quite early in the home CNC game and I could not find much on the subject, so I decided to attack each of these problems; flex, whip, speed, and backlash and come up with my own solutions.
I added the same adjustable plate assembly to the inside of the gantry to ride on the X axis. I mounted the gantry and the X pipes and checked for a smooth ride and that everything was parallel.

To get the speed of the machine up, and the whip down, I went with fewer turns per inch on the leadscrews. The next problem for the leadscrews in the hobby arena back then was mounting them and attaching them to the motors. I was posting this on another blog as I built it and quite a few people were watching and helping. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. The "Daisy" Pin Router easily attaches to any router table, and performs operations similar to machines costing hundreds of dollars more. The clamp for the pins and the tightening knob are light to medium duty and do the intended job well.
If you have a router table that mounts the router under the table (such as the Jess em table I have), the installation will go as shown on the instructions. The whole thread is an awesome resource for anyone planning a new woodshop in their garage. My customers are usually confined to 10X10 to 14×10 size working areas so space saving ideas are really needed as they grow in tools and project sizes.

It is a three axis machine, X is the long one that the gantry moves along, Y is going across the gantry, and Z is up and down.
So I came up with an adjustable plate that would press the bearings against the pipe by tightening screws captured with T-nuts to move the plate. I received an email deal that included 3 straight bits and I just couldn't pass it up. If you are prepared to handle this if it happens to you, you'll have a good working product. If you have a shop and don't have a hardware stash then you need to re-evaluate your shop. And since the pins have a round-over you are actually routing at an angle and not flush to the template. The fix is quite simple, shim the bottom two screws holding on the clamping mechanism with thicker washers to correct the droop and then re-tighten and measure for squareness. Anytime you buy equipment you should be prepared for such issues and learn to check and measure everything during the set-up process.

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