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The Round Pedestal Coffee Table provides a crowd-pleasing gathering spot for playing board games, TV watching, serving drinks, and sharing hors d'oeuvres.
The 40" round cocktail table pairs beautifully with a sectional, or as the focal point in the center of a grouping of sofas and chairs. The round low table can be painted in a classic two-tone finish with a stained top and painted base, or all-over one color finish. The Provence Round Pedestal Coffee Table complements French Country, English Cottage, Farmhouse, Rustic, Transitional and Traditional style decors. We offer (4) styles of tops on all of our furniture: Stained Pine, Hand Planed, Birch, and Vintage Pine. Thinking or re-decorating, tired of the old coffee table, why not try a round pedestal coffee table.
To go along with theme of your living room, you might consider a round pedestal coffee table antique as the center piece. This well made, heavy quality mahogany coffee table with cross-banded satin border edge is in good condition. In the down position, this lovely coffee table offers a large table surface for drinks, magazines and snacks, etc. The 40" round cocktail table features a grand onion base that is turned from a solid block of hardwood.

They provide a crowd-pleasing gathering spot for playing board games, TV watching, serving drinks and sharing light hors d'oeuvre. The sturdy, solid wood table will stand up to years of wear, and gain time-worn character. If we haven't covered everything you need to know we will be happy to provide an answer for you! No two tops are alike, some are more rustic than others, they can be very distressed by their weather worn age. Birch is a popular choice for customers looking for a harder top for children or heavy wear.
Round table is much more comfortable compare to the rectangle one, to sit around and talk among friends or families. The 22" high cocktail table is a comfort height to access the tabletop while sitting on a sofa or chair. We'll need to know what your size needs are and any customizations you are thinking of doing. Our Aged Finish tops are also available, these colors are Caramel, Sequoia, and Tuscan Sunset (see above color links). While new, these beautiful pieces of furniture are designed to look as though they have been around for years and boast a rich, worn, weathered feel.
Instead of four table legs, pedestal type of base is even better, less obstructions at the base.
With those details we can provide more information and pricing on making a custom piece of furniture for you.

Each piece of furniture is hand finished in your choice of over 30 colors with great care and thought to achieve its own unique look.
For the pedestal, you will need an inch thick plywood, jigsaw and two pieces of three inches thread metal flanges and a three inches diameter double pipe. Fasten one metal flange onto the base and the other one at the underside threaded of the table top.
Before fastening the flange, make sure to compare the length of the screw to the thickness of the flange.
The screw should not go through the surface both of the base and especially not the table top.
Screw tightly the double threaded pipe into the flange attached to the base of the pedestal.
Scour the pipe and the flange with steel wool to roughen the surface, for painting purpose. Apply a coat of primer on the surface of the whole pedestal, then paint it with the color of your choice.
Screw the table top of either small round pedestal coffee table or large round pedestal coffee table onto the other end of the pipe.
A representative will call to arrange a delivery date and confirm an appointment timeframe (typically a 4-hour window).

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