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This website uses cookies to remember your preferences and improve your browsing experience. Compressible pilates ring, which can be used for all man muscle groups in chest, arms and legs.
The Pilates ring is 1 of your Pilates implements that add on the Roll Up routine performed inside a Pilates mat exercise. The Pilates exercises to reduce back fat up, in principle, is considerably like carrying out crunches or sit-ups for that abdominal aspect with the body, only that the former is regarded a number of times much more helpful in toning the abs than the latter. As you move through Pilates ring exercises, you want the movement to connect all the way to your core. Sometimes I use it simply for a more weighted feeling such as holding it between my palms during a Roll Up. PILATES Pilates ring exercises ZNBK-PLTRG Overview: ZoN Pilates Ring can be used to develop strength, tone, flexibility and alignment with non-impact conditioning exercises. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Training with the balance board works almost all of the muscle groups and trains coordination due to its 3D effect.
The GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilising balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. The toning ball is the perfect addition to your exercise program by increasing the training of the arms, shoulders and upper body. The latex flexiband can be used for any type of muscle stabilisation – for both the upper and lower body. The massage balls with stimulating nubs are ideal for relieving tension and improving blood circulation, e.g. The Pilates ring is an easy and effective training device for the main muscle groups in the chest, arms, legs and back. The new BALANCE STEP is the ideal training equipment to improve physical stability and body image and to strengthen the deep muscles. The KETTLER FOAM ROLLER is a useful tool for a variety of massage exercises as well as for a stabilising torso training. The BASIC GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilising balance exercises but also for effective training workouts.
Le coussin d'air (Air Pad) se prete particulierement bien aux unites destinees au raffermissement et a l''equilibre.
L'entrainement avec le Balance Board permet une sollicitation complete de tous les groupes musculaires et des fonctions de coordination grace a l'effet 3D. Cette BALLE DE GYMNASTIQUE est utilisable de maniere tres variee et convient aussi bien pour des exercices d'equilibre visant la stabilisation corporelle que pour d'autre sequences d'entrainement efficaces.
Cette balle de tonicite est le complement ideal pour vos exercices habituels puisqu'elle allie l'entrainement des bras, des epaules et du buste de maniere renforcee. Le SET EXTENSEUR POUR LE CORPS permet d'entrainer tous les groupes musculaires importants chez soi ou ailleurs.

L'extenseur en latex peut etre utilise pour toutes les stabilisations de muscles, aussi bien pour le buste que pour le bas du corps.
Les balles de massages recouvertes de picots stimulants se pretent parfaitement au soulagement des contractions et a la stimulation de la circulation, par exemple apres avoir ete longtemps assis, ou apres une activite sportive. L'anneau Pilates est un appareil d'entrainement leger et efficace pour les principaux groupes musculaires du torse, des bras, des jambes et du dos.
Le nouveau BALANCE STEP est l'appareil d'entrainement ideal pour ameliorer la stabilite et la perception corporelle et renforcer les muscles profonds. Le Foam Roller de KETTLER peut etre utilise pour differents exercices de massages tout comme pour l'entrainement de support et d'appui du buste.
La BALLE DE GYM BASIC est utilisable de maniere tres variee et convient aussi bien pour des exercices Balance de stabilisation corporelle que pour des entrainements efficaces. Bitte installieren Sie Adobe Flash Player (kostenlos) um die 360-Grad-Produktdarstellung darstellen zu konnen. Some exercises are very subtle, like a seated lat push down, and others are a bit more intense, like placing it between your ankles for The Hundred.
Whatever your needs, a qualified instructor will be able to show you just how you can add the ring to your repertoire. Training on the moving surface gives the muscular system new stimulation and challenges and you will quickly begin to notice the positive effects.
It is used not only for physical therapy but also for sophisticated training and fitness purposes. No matter what the ground is like, the anti-slip, high-quality YOGA MAT offers secure footing.
The anti-slip, high-quality YOGA TOWEL is the perfect base for an extensive yoga or Pilates workout. After training, the GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles.
The toning balls, available in three different weights, can also be integrated into your Pilates exercises.
The yoga ball is superbly suited for deep relaxation and for strengthening the muscular system, such as the spine and abdominals. Along with crunches, biceps and triceps exercises as well as exercises to strengthen the buttocks and back muscles are all part of a balanced tube training session. The flexible dome reacts to movement and, together with the two traction ropes on the sides, enables a particularly diverse variety of training – from simple balance exercises to intensive workouts. The FOAM ROLLER offers a targeted workout for the supporting muscle groups in the body, making it an excellent accessory for pilates or yoga. After training, the BASIC GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the stomach, back and pelvic muscles.
Grace a l'entrainement sur un support mobile, les muscles sont exposes a de nouveaux stimuli et exigences, dont vous remarquerez rapidement les effets positifs. Il n'est pas seulement utilise dans la reeducation, mais egalement pour les entrainements exigeants specifiques aux activites de fitness ou d'autres sports.

Quel que soit le type de sol, ce TAPIS DE YOGA antiderapant de haute qualite est ultra stable.
Ce tapis antiderapant et d'excellente qualite est le support ideal pour la pratique intensive du yoga et du Pilates. Apres l'entrainement, la BALLE DE GYMNASTIQUE peut etre utilisee comme siege pour renforcer les muscles du ventre, du dos et du plancher pelvien. Les balles de tonicite, disponibles dans 3 variantes de poids differentes, peuvent egalement etre integrees dans votre entrainement de Pilates. La balle se prete parfaitement a la detente en profondeur, au renforcement musculaire, en particulier pour la colonne vertebrale et les abdominaux. En plus de ceux visant les abdominaux, les exercices portant sur les biceps et de triceps ainsi que les unites de renforcement des muscles fessiers et du dos font partie d'un entrainement equilibre faisant usage d'extenseurs. Elles sont egalement utilisees en reeducation pour des exercices de sensibilisation et de mobilisation. La demi-sphere flexible reagit aux mouvements et permet, par l'interaction des deux extenseurs places sur les cotes, un entrainement particulierement diversifie allant des exercices d'equilibre simples aux entrainements intensifs. Entrainant la musculature de maintien et d'appui du corps de facon ciblee, le Kettler Foam Roller est un accessoire indispensable pour la pratique du Yoga et des Pilates. Apres l'entrainement, la BALLE DE GYM BASIC peut etre utilisee comme siege pour renforcer les muscles du ventre, du dos et du plancher pelvien. Especially useful in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the chest and even the pelvic muscles. Pilates ring exercises Pilates Ring can easily be stored and used at home to create more resistance in your movements. With nubs on part of the surface, the GYM BALL offers an additional light massage effect and promotes circulation. It is also commonly used for exercise in physical therapy for sensitisation and mobilisation. Sturdy and anatomically shaped handles secure the device, so that the ring can be held between your legs or arms. Grace a sa surface partiellement couverte de picots, la BALLE DE GYMNASTIQUE procure en plus un leger effet de massage et stimule la circulation sanguine.
Des poignees stables de forme anatomique assurent les positions pour que l'anneau puisse egalement etre tenu entre les jambes ou les bras. This is our lightweight ring which has both inner and outer grips and a foam padded ring for extra comfort. Experiment with just how many ways you can utilize the ring and youВ’ll find that it becomes one of your favorite tools too.

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