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He started off as a bodybuilder and became an expert in many different sports, including diving, skiing, gymnastics, and boxing. When WW I broke out he and other German nationals were interned as enemy aliens and he was sent to work as a nurse. It was during this time at the camp that his experimentation with the springs in hospital beds led him to the development of the 'Universal Reformer'.
Pilates was so fully focused on developing new ideas that he did not concentrate on marketing his method.

The essence of his exercises was proper breathing and control over the body with the main focus being on the abdominal muscles.
By applying movement and resistance to muscles while the patients were in bed, he facilitated a speedier recovery of the injured soldiers. Pilates' exercise method took off with dancers who found his method helped them recover from injuries and prevent new ones. Pilates students went on to open their own studios around the United States and have now expanded around the world.

With his method the 'core' musclesare strengthened, improving posture and reducing the risk of injury for dancers, ice-scaters, athletes and people that are looking for overall fitness.
They were excited about the great results the method has had in shaping their bodies while giving them a 'kinder' alternative to the harsher forms of exercise that are still popular.

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