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We cannot guarantee that your car will win a trophy, but we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our products.
In February, The Dispatch asked engineers and designers at Battelle, Edison Welding Institute and the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State University to design and build the fastest Pinewood Derby cars they could for two special races. The mystery of what makes the fastest Pinewood Derby car has puzzled cub scouts and their parents for years.
State University Center for Automotive Research followed the speed-first-looks-second formula. The OSU car was a thin piece of unpainted wood with a stack of metal weights screwed on top. The OSU team said it battled that demon by sanding the axles using four grades of sandpaper.
Durham said a lot has changed since he designed his first pinewood car when he was a Scout. Each car design plan includes templates and step-by-step 3D images of each cut so you can't make a mistake.
Click on a car to read more about that car design and download the plan to your PC in seconds!

Pinewood Pro - Pinewood derby car design plans, polished axles, lathed wheels, Winning Secrets, free how-to guides and full line of speed products.
With the help of your block, axes, wheels, and lube we went from last place 3 years running to 1st place overall. Using the tips on your website, Daniel's car won every race for his den, and won the district races. Keirsten's car won first place in her troop and grand champion out of all the other troops that participated. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group and Pinewood Pro is not in any way affiliated with the LEGO Group. THE WEDGE is the classic pinewood derby car, combining ease of building with top performance. With ease of building and top performance, THE WEDGE TURBO is a great choice for new builders.
My son Joseph (age 7) wanted to build a nice looking car so we started doing an Internet search for Pinewood Derby designs. So the Dispatch enlisted the help of local scientists and a cub scout to study what makes the best Pinewood Derby car and then we put the cars to the test.

We won first place in our age class and 3rd place over all the age classes up to high school.
I've always had very good luck with your products and I will continue to purchase everything I need from you! I appreciate the quality of your customer service and will definitely recommend your company to others in my son's pack.
We have shopped with you all 5 years and our son won his Pack 2x, Districts 1x and placed 2nd the other times. When we came across the Maximum Velocity website and saw the "WEDGE TURBO" he said, "That's the car I want to build." We then ordered the plans for the WEDGE TURBO and "Car Construction Guidelines". I have used you guys for 3 or 4 years now, ALWAYS fast, great products, I am very happy with you guys. After reading all the material and helping him build the car, it looked great; but would it reach Maximum Velocity?

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