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What do you like best and why: 3D sceneries (like the one currently in RCDP) or photographic sceneries (as available in most other sims)? I prefer the 3-D scenery because my purpose in flying a simulator is to improve my real-world RC flying, not to replace it. If you're really a hacker, you can use a hex-editor to quickly modify the current towing.dat file to use your model instead of the Marchetti. So to recap, the helicopter flight model needs improvement before creating a lot more helis.
Yes I'm sorry for the delay in bringing out my models, I need to refine some small details, and get some believable pilot figures made. Am working on supporting multiple sceneries (without an editor for now), including photographic ones. I know you've got a lot on your plate but the present scenery's objects crash detection would be also a good new feature.
I'll go searching again for those biplanes, though I am enjoying the WW1 Albatross that I found. Since I don't usually want a profile model to fly about, I tend to cold roll the sheets into a tube, or near tube, and make wedge type cuts where needed to form a fuselage.
Since I like larger thin foam park flyers (TFPF), I tend to copy the scale paper airplane model plans and get them enlarged at a print shop.

If your building skills are still in the learning stage, hold off putting the next copy together until the first one off the assembly line proves to be a good flyer.
Views: 98 One example of a WW1 thin foam park flyer (TFPF) that is possible by scratch building.
Views: 108 This one was made with a slightly more expensive foam board often called fan fold foam (FFF) board. Views: 126 Taken from a cartoon about combat airplane caricatures acting like birds of prey, this RC cartoon flyer is fun to watch on Youtube.
Views: 84 One example of a Blu Baby Primary Trainer made from FFF to look more like a 1930s aircraft with few changes. Views: 133 A small collection of RC flyers done in the cartoon style and each is a video on Youtube by the same guy, which I think is Chinese. I have a couple of kits set back for future builds including an extra NIB Cox P-47 that I will let go for $25 plus shipping (less than my original cost). I have been watching the Red Bull Pylon race series and would like to learn the ropes without replacing a broken plane. I seriously considered, and maybe I'll still do it, of making an Ironman or Superman plane.
That looks about right to me Maybe make the Bixler like you intended and a Josh Scott plane with some weaponry.

There is no support yet in the release version to record flights, so for now you can send me the finished plane and I'll record a tow flight for you to distribute with your plane.
Except I was going to use a picture of Josh Bixler and call it the Bixler just to fake people out. Photographic sceneries are built up from a panorama photo and look more realistic from a pilots perspective. Users would have to replace the towing.dat file in their installation folder manually though. Downside: it doesn't take the new model size into account, so it might not look very realistic. I want to thank you again for that and also ask if you would look into modelling a Gee Bee R3 Fantasy Racer?

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