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First, you need to remove the weeds and lay out the garden bed, using string and batter boards.
Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! It is essential to check the corners for squareness, using a carpentry square, otherwise the garden bed wouldn’t have a neat look.
Top Tip: After attaching the side walls, you need to make sure the corners of the raised bed are right-angled.
In order to enhance the look of the wooden garden bed and to hide the edges of the walls, you could attach 2×4 trims. If you fit these cap railings, you will have a nice place to sit when harvesting or weeding.
Top Tip: Fit the ends of the hoop frames in the supports and plumb them with a spirit level.
Top Tip: If you want to save yourself from work, you should install a simple drip-irrigation system. This woodworking project was about free raised garden bed plans. If you want to see more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result.
It is supposed that plants and vegetables grow much better in such elevated beds than in the ground, also look ceramic pots herb garden kit. In case you are encouraged by the idea to get the best out of this option, you should learn how to build a raised garden bed quickly and effectively.
Prior to constructing this flower bed in your garden, pay special attention to the location it will be placed in, browse kitchen herb garden ideas. I would love to be able to transform this entire outdoor area into another kind of outdoor living area oasis, but I have to tackle one project at a time, with the budgets that I have available to me. There are so many projects I will need help with, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time watching these videos. It's home improvement time, and The Home Depot has everything you need for spring.  No matter what projects you want to tackle, The Home Depot has you covered and can help you #DigIn to spring.
Visit The Home Depot Garden Club for product ideas from kick-starting your Spring with seed starter kits to building a window birdfeeder. The Garden Club is so informative–I’m sure you will make a fabulous yard for yourself! PART 2 :Today is the 2nd part of our four-part series on how to plant a simple garden using raised row beds.
Raised Row beds with straw walking rows not only keep the garden neat – but more importantly keep the plants away from your feet!
Wherever I have lived, one of the first requirements was to stake out the best place to put a garden. Once you have found the best available area – you can do a little work now that will help you come spring.

Although we will get into specifics of the actual plants, planting and spacing next week – planting is a breeze! If you would like to follow along with the series and receive our DIY and Gardening Post each week – be sure to sign up to follow our blog via email, Twitter or Facebook in the right column. If you want to grow vegetables in your garden even in the cold season, you should pay attention to this article. If you also install a light hoop frame on top of the raised bed, it will be easy to raise the temperature with several degrees. In addition, you should check the plants constantly, even if the cover ensures protections against insects.
As you should notice in the image, you just have to lay the corner posts on a level surface, align them thoroughly and to attach the 2×6 slats. Attach the 6′ long slats to the corner posts, after plumbing the front and the back faces with a spirit level.
Nevertheless, the first step is to install 1” PVC pipes along the sides of the garden bed. The drip emitters will deliver water to the plants roots constantly, so you just have to wait until the first harvest.
It implies that you should grow plants in special containers (raised beds and container gardening), which are placed above the ground. Shop The Home Depot for terrific values on new patio furniture, landscape supplies such as fertilizer and potting soil and outdoor grills.
I can tell you Heidi that clay soil is not as problematic as you might think, and also that is is the most nutritious. Believe it or not – now is actually a great time to get started with building your raised row beds for next year – and with little effort! Notice that the beds are not massive hills – rather just  slightly raised soil with tapered edges. Building a garden bed is not enough to ensure the plants are proper climate during the cold night, so you should also install light hoop frames and put polyethylene film. In  order to get the job done as a professional, you need to drill pilot holes trough the slats and to drive in 3” galvanized screws. After fitting the 8” long supports in the soil, you need to secure them to the cap railing with galvanized pipe straps. You could cover the raised bed with polyethylene film, to raise the air and soil temperature. This solution has a number of remarkable benefits, the majority of which are appreciated by elderly and disabled people as well as those house owners, who simply do not have much space for planting their gardens. I signed up to be part of the Home Depot Garden Club and I'm looking forward to $300 of exclusive savings through email during the year, to see the latest products, and get inspired by their monthly lawn and garden ideas! Keep your lawn and garden looking great, too, with the huge selection of lawn mowers, edgers and trimmers, and garden tools.

Over the course of the four weeks, we will take you through the process of how we plan, plant, care and maintain our raised row garden – and how to create your own simple garden in your yard.
One final assumption we make here is starting your raised row beds with a pick up load or two of additional pulverized topsoil or growers soil.
Now take your black plastic sheet, lay it on top of your layer of straw or leaves to completely cover the area.
Take off the rocks and plastic, and what you should find is some slightly decomposed leaves or straw. We were able to have it all planted in about 30 minutes using this method – a huge time saver! Fill the bed with soil and cover the surface with weed-suppressing fabric, making sure the materials also extends to the walls of the wooden structure.
They are also distinguished by their property to get warm quickly (which is generally observed during spring months) and preserve the acquired warmth throughout autumn months.
Do not forget to maintain adequate moisture retention and add the required amount of compost. This will serve to eliminate almost all of the grass that now occupies the area – and keeps you from having to dig at all. We are always amazed each year when we pull the plants in the fall how big the roots have grown in the undisturbed rows. You may also utilize bricks, concrete blocks and other materials that will add functionality and appealing look to your diy structure. If you manage to cope with all these tasks successfully, you newly constructed flower bed will add an elegant touch to your garden and provide you with excellent gardening experience! Tomatoes, peppers and most vegetables like it sunny and warm– and that afternoon sun is the better choice of the two. However, one method we discourage is tilling up the existing space and using the soil at ground level.
Yes, it will cost a little here to get the garden up and running – but remember,  this is a ONE-TIME only expense. Just use your finger or a small hoe to make a shallow row in the topsoil and spread the seeds according to the package – cover up with topsoil and your done! You can also use this method in the early spring, just make sure to give the plastic a few weeks at minimum to kill off most of the grass underneath. As the roots grow into the straw – they will go even deeper into the soil below that has been softened by the organic matter you put down earlier.

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