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Please note: Surfaced or dressed (smooth) lumber will be of a smaller size (width and thickness) than the sizes nominated above. Note: The two side support frames will be a mirror image of one another as shown in the picture.
Position the support frames so that they are 450mm (18") apart and ensure that they are parallel.
Glue and screw the plywood panel to members [c] ensuring the bottom edge of the panel is flush (even) with the bottom of members [c].
The top of member [d] should rise above the top of the plywood sheet [f] by about 25mm (1").
Glue and screw member [e] in place in between members [a] and sitting hard on top of the plywood panel [f].
Drill holes, two partially into the tops and two partially into the bottoms of members [a] with diameters slightly bigger than the diameters of the screws heads.
The upright members [a] will need to be fixed securely to the wall with appropriate screws or anchors through the pre-drilled holes.

In a standard lumber frame wall the upright members [a] should be fixed directly to a vertical stud or horizontal block within the frame. In a masonry wall the upright members [a] can be fixed directly to the wall using appropriate anchor bolts or similar types of masonry screws or bolts. If you are short on space type A wall mounted desk may be You can utilize your new desk as an domain for making crafts studying or storing a laptop computer. Diy Wall Mount Desk Of Two Countertops - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Rather than having your desk in the middle of your living room, conceal it as a nick nack ledge with eye catching items.  When you're ready to work, a table top slides out for your notebook. By smart we mean ones that you won’t even notice or ones that serves several purposes at once. Such furniture have everything to get work done and could be placed in any room other than home office. Here are some examples of what we mean.LAX wall-mount desk by MASHstudiosThis off-the-wall desk is perfect for small spaces.

It is available in different color themes and configurations at Clei.Cube Duke by CamifThis laptop desk and cabinet is a perfect workspace organization solution for a small space. Its price is €195.Laptop Tower by Ursula MaierThe Laptop Tower is a standing desk for use at home. The finely crafted piece is handsomely finished with a combination of veneer and paint in different styles.
This mobile standing desk comes replete with an illuminated, pull-out laptop shelf with a mousepad, four lower shelves, and sockets for a small printer, projector and rechargers.
Quality construction allows the beauty of the wood to to take center stage, and the oil-and-wax finish highlights the grain. A work surface, built-in file drawers and adjustable shelves allow you to make the most of this versatile piece of furniture.

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