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I made this to solve a camping problem, too many plastic boxes, bread and food getting smashed & not being able to find things. I’ve always wanted to build one of those, now I feel more inspired to get it done before next elk season. Natalie, I don’t, I just measured everything I wanted in the box, then started constructing it. Very well done!I especially like how you chose to use the top for a cooking surface instead of a flip down door. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Given that the deign of the box would probably not allow it to collapse with equipment inside, the stand had to fold down.
Here are the finished photos of the Chuck box collapsed for storage and expanded ready for use.
Problem: I want to go car camping but, don't have an organized way of dealing with cooking, eating and cleanup besides several cardboard boxes full of camp stuff that I don't know what it is.
While i like the look and functionality of your stand, it's the only part i feel needs an improvement. The object was to design a collapsible stand that would fold flat and store in about the same amount of room that the box took up. One more thing, when I store it for winter, I write an inventory of all the contents and tape it to the outside of the box.
I like a trivet to set hot pots on, It sometimes helps when cooking to let things stand or just to get them off the burner.
All of the cleaning items can be re-organized in a plastic box with a lid just as anything in the box can. And the final bonus feature of the project is not my idea but merely a slightly different implementation of it. I found pictures of Dupont’s camping auto on Flickr and I just had to share them with you. Photo shows a Stoddard-Dayton camping car built for engineer and politician Thomas Coleman du Pont (1863-1930). One thing I liked about it was that I could sleep in the car and let the heater keep me warm, but since the tent is situated at the back of the car, I’d be constantly worried about car exhaust setting my tent on fire.
After looking at this video for the setup in a pickup, I have NO desire to own one of these tents. In the end, I prefer to use my car as a transport vehicle and keep my shelter separate from it. If you are looking for a camp kitchen that is just a simple box (like a boy scout patrol box), Blue Sky Kitchens makes a few that are pretty innovative. They also sell plans for all of these boxes, so if you want to build one yourself, you can.
His calm voice reminds me of RedGreen, but mostly these videos really make me want to go camping. So, I have decided to customize my tent in order to make it my own as much as the owner of that trailer did. You should test the markers on an unobtrusive part of your tent, letting them dry and then checking for waterproofing. The next time I see an adorable trailer that has been personalized, I won’t feel as left out. I bought my camp kitchen from a store, but I adore this homemade camp kitchen from this blogger, pwef. He based the original design on the Boy Scouts of America patrol box, but made it so much better. He built it to work with his Coleman fold up stove, but the stove doesn’t have wind shields, so he ended up adding a windshield himself in addition to another shelf on the left side for extra workspace. I love the idea of being able to choose exactly the features I want for my camp kitchen instead of being at the mercy of the camping manufacturers.
I sewed a zipper onto the bottom of each storage closet so that the hamper could attach to the bottom of it. We also had a problem with no loops for our lanterns to hang from, so we added string to the top with a few loops in it. Having that string taut across the ceiling of the tent is good for us because we can hang our wet towels over it to dry. When you order your Springbar tent, don’t be disappointed in the amount of storage you have. Our neighbor had stretched out the bottom of the tent, and driven a dozen or so tent stakes into the ground around the tent perimeter (ten minutes, or half of my beer).
She then assembled four springy-thingies-like-auto-antennas onto a thicker tubular bar while threading the springy-thingies into loops on what will become the roof of the tent. He’s right, I can erect my Springbar tent ALONE in the time it used to take to just get those stupid aluminum poles extended and threaded through the tiny nylon sleeves of my Hobitat.
This year, we bought a Springbar Traveler 5, which has the same height and floorspace as the Hobitat 6, but it’s FAR warmer. I don’t know if you can tell, but that lady is really tall, so she had a bit of an advantage. One thing we loved about the Hobitat was that its bag was big enough to hold it, even after we had used it. If you have packed away your camping gear for the winter, think about investing in a canvas tent.

Springbar Tent Models at Kirkhams: I was able to just walk into their store and buy the tent, but they sell their tents online as well. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Canvas Ten at Amazon: If you prefer the lenient return policies of Amazon, you can try out this tent from them. Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Electric Heater at Amazon: The heater I used was made by Duraflame, but it looks almost exactly like this one and it cost the same. Having a camp kitchen might seem redundant when almost every campsite has a picnic table, and quite frankly it is, but there are so many times when we have needed the camp kitchen that the thought of camping without one is unpleasant now. In the end, I ended up buying the Mega Camp Kitchen With Closets at Sportsman’s Warehouse. I put the paper towels on the poles instead of on the holder to keep them from flying in the wind. Setting up this camp kitchen takes hardly any time now, but it was a little difficult to figure out the first time. Whether you go with the tiny Coleman kitchen or a huge mega kitchen like I found, having one makes camping cooking much easier. My friend Terry built 6 or 7 of something like those for our Boy Scout Troop and Venture Crew. That does sound nice Jay, but weight is the problem I have now so I was thinking of a wooden one. I found many good designs on the net and borrowed features from some and added many of my own. Back when I went camping with scouts our chuck box hand simple legs made of, if i recall correctly, 2x4s placed into angled slots. Depending on your situation, it could have been made of lighter materials, this is a prototype. I built one years ago but I never thought of using hardboard to create movable shelves, that must save a lot of weight. Du Pont used the vehicle during his supervision of the construction of the DuPont Highway through the state of Delaware. I like to set up camp, but sometimes we need to take the car for supplies, to head to the lake or even make a trip into town. All the activities I love, camping, biking and canoeing, are all on hold until the air warms up and the lake unfreezes. I saw this old picture from our camping trip to Mantua, Utah a couple of years ago and it reminded me. They made a calendar for this year and he created a video showing where all the photos from the calendar came from.
We tested the Sharpie Fabric Markers, but their colors were so bright and they just didn’t look as good as the regular Sharpie markers. The Sharpies didn’t affect our waterproofing on our canvas Springbar tent, but I have no idea how they would work on a nylon tent like our old Hobitat. He ended up adding little legs to the bottom so that he can just set it on a table to open and leave the legs in the car. I could imagine making meals with that very chuck box while camping instead of my camp kitchen and it looked like fun. If I ever break my Mega Camp Kitchen like I did my Coleman, I think I will choose to design my own camp kitchen.
The Hobitat had tons of pockets all over the inside of the tent, so it was a change for us to camp in the Springbar.
After having so many pockets in our Hobitat, however, I just couldn’t go to having so few places to put stuff.
This is such a simple thing to do, but it took us a while before we realized how to add those loops.
I wouldn’t trust the loops to hold a heavy thing, like those fans that are supposed to cool off your tent, but they are perfectly fine for a small flashlight or our LED lanterns. This woman (and for that matter, any unassisted man) was going to have difficulty erecting this monster.
We paid over three hundred bucks for the tent and I can safely say that I HATED every minute in it. I can open the windows for ventilation on hot days, but in Utah, we have to worry about extreme cold weather more often than too much heat.
Mike had to do it the first time we put up the tent and we’ve kept the awning on the tent ever since (rolling it up with the tent instead of removing it). I was worried that the Springbar would never fit back into its bag, but if we fold it like this video, it fits just fine, even with the added bulk of the awning still attached. I love how the boxes move out of the car for a camp kitchen like a teardrop trailer, but then also move toward the back to make the base for your bed within the car. The swissRoomBox is a made-to-order item and is quite expensive, but it makes car camping look so fun and easy!
Last summer, I broke the aluminum supports along the side and I suddenly found myself in the position of having no camp kitchen.
Often, the picnic table is broken, a frozen slab of crumbling concrete or flat out missing, and when we boondock camp, the thought of the luxury of a picnic table is laughable. I use a couple of plastic bins in the sink (one for soapy and another for rinsing water) and so I don’t use the drain on the sink.
The last thing I want is to get the camp site and spend time digging through piles of stuff to cook a meal. This is a prototype version and depending on how it performs out in the field, may go through some changes. I have two boxes of camp gear that I repack every time I camp, and never know where I put anything!

There are only a few screws used in the base and the leaf, otherwise it is all held together with lots of glue and brad nails. Even with the innovative ‘skin and bone’ construction technique espoused by the creator, the box still weighs in at almost 32 pounds when empty. I thought about some form of machine screws through the base into threaded inserts in the top of the box. It threads through a roll of paper towels and hooks onto the leg locking dowel in the leaf.
If my tent is attached to my car, I’d have to break camp in order to make a firewood run.
Why does this tent need to be so complicated when my Springbar goes up in fifteen minutes?!
Mike and I had a cold trip to Lake Mead after Thanksgiving, but other than that, our gear has been sitting in the garage. It’s a great little video to watch when you are stuck in the office or at home and wish you were in the mountains instead. You can see the little legs in this photo (they are the black nubbins on the bottom of the box). The tent came with one storage closet, which is a zip-in panel with a bunch of little pockets, and one hamper, which is like a laundry bag.
There is a loop on the closet, but when we hung the toiletries bag from it, it covered our pockets.
Springbar had added a spot to tie the string, but we didn’t make the connection until Dan mentioned it to us.
The tent she had dragged out of her van was obviously one of those canvas behemoths, and my wife and I nudged each other knowingly. There were only two nights when I wasn’t miserably cold in that tent, even though we only camped in the summer. After putting up the tent (it was a one-person job, as opposed to the difficult MESS it was to put up the Hobitat), I put an electric heater in the tent. I am still able to do it on my own, but it’s a lot more clumsy than shown in that video. I actually looked at this kitchen, but it cost forty bucks more than the one I found at Sportsman’s Warehouse. I really liked this design that seems to that give you endless possibilities for storing items for a camp kitchen. But I thought this would ruin the ‘all wood’ look of the project by drilling holes in the top and adding hardware. Ken the creator of the Grubby One showed this technique by hanging it off the side of the spice rack in his videos. The remaining two poles were used, along with the first guy-lines I had seen, to raise the fly over the entrance.
If you have limited space in your car for packing up camping gear, it’s truly the best choice. Nesting cooking components saves space and the flip out door design allows easy access to all components.
This is still manageable for carrying short distances but I still wish the box was lighter. But the dowel in the leaf also seemed like a perfect spot for it to go as seen in my pictures. There are only two inside zippers in the tent, so I had to find a way to hang the additional items. I realized that I could camp all winter as long as we have electric hookups at the campsite. The food pantry was locked up in the car when I took this photo to prevent critters from eating our food, but it hangs on the left. Great look'n go box, I wish you much success with the final version and hope my suggestions help. One of the side pockets has hooks at the top to hang cooking utensils and the other is a spice rack. And a C shaped claw on the end is sized to slip securely onto the leg stretcher of the accessory leaf. I like that it continues the theme that all elements of the project serve multiple purposes.
Thus requiring the carrier to grip the base through the cutouts in the sides while using their fingers to carry the weight of the box itself.
They’re small enough that you can dispose of them every night to keep the animals away. The leaf accessory has a foot with a french cleat style attachment to a mating piece on the box. A second oak dowel can be inserted through both sides of the top and the far ends of both legs to lock them in place for transporting. I purchased them expecting the PDF to contain lots of assembly photos like in the woodworking magazines.

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