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Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets have revolutionized the dream kitchens for do-it-yourselfers. Proper planning is important when buying pre made cabinets because making adjustments can be hard once the pieces have been ordered. Kitchen islands can be social, smart and fun thanks to an endless array of seating options ranging from comfortable to practical. The 2011 HGTV Dream Home's kitchen perfectly combines maple floors with charcoal-finished cabinets, quartz countertops, and high end appliances to create a sleek, modern chef's kitchen.
Sure, kitchen islands are hardworking, but they can also be equally inviting when designed specifically for family, friends or visitors to pull up a chair, enjoy conversation or lend a helping hand with prep work. You too, as everyone else, are probably having trouble finding enough storage room in which you can store your kitchen utilities as well as supplies you use for cooking and snacks.
In order to help you choose the best kitchen pantry design for your unorganized kitchen that will be enough to store all of your utilities and supplies, we have made this collection of 15 Handy Kitchen Pantry Designs With A Lot Of Storage Room which you can use as a place to get ideas and inspiration that will help you solve your kitchen storage and organization problems. Inspired by Indian recycled tinware but made of stainless steel, this stunning and ingenious cupboard provides amazing storage for a whole variety of jars and condiments. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. If you would like open shelving for everyday dishes or pantry items in your kitchen, but are afraid you’ll spend the better part of everyday fussing with staging your shelves, I have good news for you. 1 Group like things together. I love an eclectic mix of pieces on my shelves, but a safe styling tip is to group like items together. This concept will work as long as your dishes coordinate in some way and you like the look of them.
Note: If everything you own is oddball and you hate it all, either buy new pieces you love (over time or all at once, your budget will decide that!) or keep them behind a cabinet door. For food products in the open pantry concept, use a few baskets or canisters instead of showing packaging that may or may not be attractive. 4For food or baking pantry items, use open shelves for things that can’t look messy like baking pans or things that can be confined to baskets or canisters.
The key to using this system effectively is to fill the baskets or jars with items that are used at similar times, like a snack basket for easy to grab snacks or a baking basket with vanilla, baking powder, and chocolate chips or perhaps cookie cutters and frosting bags and tips, so that you could grab an entire basket in order to bake. Of course, I have a closed cabinets for all the messy and non-attractive kitchen essentials…not everything is worth displaying!
If you have a small kitchen, put things you do not need every day in the basement, garage, under a bed or in an extra closet. If you pick even a small cabinet or shelf and fill it with attractive things you use every day, you too can have open shelving without all the fuss!
Reader question: So how do you hide the holes left from the hardware if you remove a cabinet door? Yes, that can be a problem in some kitchens especially if you do not have a good exhaust fan or if you cook a lot! We’ve thought, time and time again, about pulled a few doors off our cabinets, but truly I don’t know if I have to have them balanced?? I just realized I have things I want and like to see, but don’t use regularly on my top, out-of-reach shelves in the cupboards anyway. I often use bits of lace to trim the edges of shelves in glass door cabinets to give a Mediterranean feel. Like you, I also have decorative plates hanging at the back, but I use handpainted plates from my own collection that have developed hairline cracks or tiny chips.
Something else I do is recycle chipped cups and mugs by planting herbs in them and keeping them on the dresser or the window ledge.
Like some of your readers above, it’s the cooking grime, not dust, that gets to me most with open shelves. More great ideas-thanks Melissa-I never thought of putting something decorative up in the back. Ah…I’m now thinking of the money we could have saved on our cabinets by having some open shelving! Yes, I JUST took the cupboard doors off yesterday so that is why I don’t have pics of it all… I had a glass front cabinet in my old kitchen too, with all of my mismatched dishes, but I cannot for the life of me find a picture of it!
Great ideas-all the same reasons I gave my hubby when I was sharing this idea for our kitchen.

Sure, you’ve been wanting to organize your garage for years — you’re just waiting for the right inspiration. Give each of your long-handled landscape tools a home of their own with leftover pieces of plastic PVC plumbing pipe. Basketballs and soccer balls tend to wander; you can make a ready-access cage for athletic balls using bungee cords.
DIY storage solutions, such as this sleek modular system, offer configurations with hooks, bins, cabinets, and shelves that you can design and set up yourself. Take advantage of garage nooks with platform storage designed to hold seasonal items, such as sporting equipment and Christmas lights, that you tuck away for months each year. Your garage is a great place to repurpose old items and give them new life as storage containers and organizers. There are a lot of pre made cabinets available on the market for different styles and designs of kitchen cabinets.
Before shopping for a kit, draw a map of the kitchen area and decide the main function of the cabinets. There are different designs and the appearance of the cabinets plays a crucial role in how your kitchen interior will look. A breakfast bar for less formal meals and frosted glass bring function to this designer space. You might consider adding a kitchen pantry to your existing kitchen design if, of course,  you have space for it. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. You do not need to stage your shelves beyond the first initial set up and they will NOT get messy looking! You just have to follow a few basic steps to set things up initially and I promise, staging will be unnecessary from that point forward! For an organized look, group plates, bowls and cups on own shelf, organize baking supplies in attractive containers on another.
It doesn’t matter if they are blue and white, red, yellow, patterned, a rainbow of colors, clear or whatever, just make sure they coordinate with your room and that you like seeing them all together out in the open. I attach a few strictly decorative (but inexpensive) plates to the back wall of some of the shelves with sticky tack (or a plate stand) and then in front of the plates I pile up our every day dishes (and they go in and out every day, no staging required).
The baskets are always there looking all fancy (and less than $10 a piece if you bargain shop), and it doesn’t matter what the stuff looks like inside of it! I use attractive jars on shelves for flour, sugar, dried beans and grains, and baskets to contain small items. You don’t have to rifle through all the baskets every time because items are grouped according to use. I’ve often had my extra items on basement shelves before, just so I could keep pretty things I used every day in my kitchen. Answer: If you enjoy puttering and making things look pretty (like I do) it will not feel like a chore, however it is completely unnecessary.
I have two glass doors in my kitchen, so it gives it an open feeling and also breaks up the cabinets.
Just consider where your open cabinet goes, how protected it is from grime, and how often you use the dishes, etc.
In the past, I’ve also attached narrow wooden decorative rail across shelves to either act as a plate rack or to stop kids pulling things off open shelves.
I also cut the tops off decorative olive oil tins, make the edges safe and plant red geraniums or herbs in them.
Cut small sections of pipe at an angle so it’ll be easy to make a screw hole, then attach the pieces to your garage or shed wall.
The cords bend easily for storing and retrieving, yet hold all your gear snugly when not in use. RTA cabinets, also known as pre made cabinets are flat packed furniture pieces that need only to be assembled on site. They’re easily accessible and offer a lot of designs that can suit different decorating styles and storage needs.
After checking that all pieces are complete and that the design you’ve received is what you’ve seen in the store, prepare the room.

Your open cabinets can look magazine photo ready (but in a real life sort of way) without even trying. I happen to have all different shades of white dishes that cannot look messy if they tried. If you don’t like to see something, hide it in a basket or find a closed storage option for it.
And if you still don’t like open shelving, there is NOTHING wrong with all closed storage.
I actually do not balance my dishes very often because the minute I get them in the cupboard, someone takes one out to use it. I’ve found the balance between open shelves, glass doors and one freestanding glass door cabinet for special stuff works best. They are easier to care for than I had thought because of grouping and knowing just where things go.
Here are 9 great garage organizing ideas that are simple, cheap, clever, and possibly life-changing. The measurements are important because this will be a big deciding factor when buying RTA cabinets.
You can use your items every day  and they’ll look as good next week as they do today. They look magazine ready not because I fuss around with them every day, but because they all are all white. When I bake, I take the appropriate basket down, set it on the kitchen table and take what I need. Then you won’t lose track of it!  Save your cabinet space for things you use every day and make them pretty! Or if you are like me, you leave the holes because you are probably the only one who will ever notice them.
The assembly and installation need a few simple tools and can easily be installed by two people. But like any major project, buying and installing kitchen cabinets should be carefully planned before getting started. Dividers and drawers are important so make sure to keep your kitchen accessories and tools in mind when deciding on the interior design of the cabinets. I do not worry about perfection in how they are arranged, I like the look of naturally piled dishes. I look for interesting shapes, and sizes and just add to my collection as I find good deals. If it gets a little dusty on the upper shelves where things aren’t used as much, I dust or rinse things off prior to use (l will often run the upper shelf items through the dishwasher before a party so they are ready for use. Not a big deal when you consider how much enjoyment I get from seeing all my pretty bowls out in the open. However, if you have an irregular space, you can find brands that make customized RTA cabinets where you give them the measurements and they will order a kit for you. Begin by installing the flooring before the base cabinets because this will save time and mess cutting and fitting the pieces. Would I spend a few hours a day arranging my cabinets to look all fancy to impress everyone? This will take longer as compared to buying those readily available in stores but it is a good investment if you want the kitchen interior to look attractive. I might start collecting some other color of dishes someday, but for now (and the last 25 years!) white is what I have.
If you’re painting the kitchen first, make sure to match the color of the trimmings to the kitchen cabinets so it ends up having a cohesive appearance.
You can come over and surprise me any day of the week and my open cabinets will look just fine.

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