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Each event is unique and there is no right or wrong answer, but taking time to set goals around registration and revenue numbers is vitally important. You can open registration immediately after your event for the next year’s race, or you can wait.
Offering multiple price points gives people a reason to register early and drives urgency throughout the open registration period. This entry was posted in Best Practices, Industry Trends, New Ideas and tagged event planning ideas, event planning tips, race director, race director tips, race pricing strategies by admin. Official pricing and specifications for the 188kW Golf R have now been released by Volkswagen.
To put these prices into perspective the cheapest Audi S3 available in Australia, a three door manual, has a list price of $68,000.
Rather than go over the finer details again, just go straight to the press release after the jump. The enormous efficiency gain of the new Golf R is not some magic trick rather it is the result of intelligent downsizing. Proving that even the sound of a four cylinder can leave a strong impression are the fifth and sixth generations of the Golf GTI, also powered by a four cylinder TSI.
Put a Mk4 R32 pic against a Mk6 R and the newer Mk6 with its sharper lines actually looks more aggressive IMO.
That poses a dilemma to a potential GTI buyer as to whether they should fork out that little bit extra for the more powerful AWD version, especially when you consider the standard 18″ alloys with much bigger brakes and bixenon lights as standard on the R version would make this car only a few grand more expensive and well worth it! The GLE Coupe that Mercedes first showed in Detroit at the beginning of 2015 has finally been shown on European soil, at the Geneva Motor Show. In Germany, the BMW X6 rival is available in 5 configuration, only one of them being a diesel, while the Bimmer has 3 diesels available.

The Cheapest GLE is called 350 d and basically packs an updated version of the old 3-liter turbodiesel V6, matched to a 9-speed G-Tronic gearbox and ready to set you back €66,699. Again, there is no right answer and you have to assess what is best for your particular event, but opening registration right after your event will capitalize on the positive post-race energy. It’s important to remember that some participants are extremely price sensitive, but others are not.
The total number of price breaks depends on when you open and on the specific goals of your event; some events change prices every month, some only offer two or three total. That is very good pricing indeed and we expect Volkswagen Australia will sell a lot of these cars. There are some equipment differences in standard spec between the two cars, but nowhere near enough to equate for the almost $20,000 premium asked for by Audi.
Your choices are Candy White, Reflex Silver metallic (pictured), United Grey metallic, Rising Blue metallic (AUSmotive’s tip) and Deep Black pearl effect.
Its legendary predecessor generated its power from a displacement of 3.2 litres and six cylinders. By comparison, the six cylinder of the previous model developed a maximum torque of 320 Newton-metres at 2,500 rpm. Why no tornado red or some other exciting colours for what’s supposed to be an exciting model ? We got to sample the design of the car in 63 AMG S form, knowing full well that pricing information had been released at the same time.
This just goes to show that Europe isn't the market envisioned for the sports activity coupe. The GLE 450 AMG Coupe offers 367 PS from the same twin-turbo V6 and is equipped with a 9-speed as well.

There are two true AMG versions for that, the GLE 63 that packs 557 PS and has a similar drivetrain to the ML 63, and the GLE 63 S Coupe equipped with a 585 PS 5.5-liter lump. Especially when you consider the cars share essentially the same chassis, engine and all-wheel drive systems.
In the new model, however this is accomplished with four cylinders and 2.0 litres of displacement, which equals a highly advanced direct injection petrol engine with turbo-charging (TSI). That too was remarkably good however the turbo four-cylinder direct injection engine of the new Golf R, on the other hand, transfers 330 Newton-metres torque at 2,400 rpm and can maintain this peak value up to 5,200 rpm. As the flagship of the model series it is equipped with standard Bi-Xenon headlights, LED daytime running lights and LED rear lights. Most noticeable at the fuel pump and on the winding mountain road, this high-tech alliance is superior to a classic six cylinder with multi-point injection. This means that the new Golf R truly delivers a fascinatingly high level of fundamental dynamic performance. Considering you also get a standard AMG body kit and larger alloys, the 450 model is excellent value.
Full carbon interior trim and pearl white paint make this into a desirable, yet awkward looking Mercedes. This not only proves that comparing prices with other countries can be a worthless exercise, but it puts into context what a performance bargain the Golf R has become in Australia. At 188kW it is the more powerful than ever before and at the same time, it is the most fuel-efficient Golf R of all times.

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