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Agile project management involves iterative processes whilst traditional methods are sequential. Traditional project management methods succeed where the project requirements can be tightly defined upfront and where there is little change during the project. The choice of Agile versus Waterfall can mean the difference between business success or failure. We share the experiences of some of our clients as they have embarked on their Agile and Scrum journeys. PRINCE ®, PRINCE 2 ®, ITIL ®, IT Infrastructure Library ®, M_o_R ®, MSP ®, P3O ®, Microsoft ®, Windows ®, PMI ®, PMP ®. Focus on Training and certain other company or product names on this website are Trade Marks of their respective owners. I spend a fair portion of my time working with Project Management Office (PMO) and Project Support Office (PSO) groups helping them integrate agile methods. Agile methods provide a great feature delivery engine, they iteratively feed on features from the backlog and produce tested functionality of high business value.
To external stakeholders this also represents a daunting and unfamiliar process to connect to.
As mentioned, while agile methods focus on delivering features, they often do not provide the information required for PMOs, PSOs and other supporting groups.
Fortunately we can safely extract much of the required information without unduly disturbing the process by interfacing with the product backlog and retrospective processes. Adding Requests to the Product BacklogThe Product Backlog (prioritized requirements list) is the input hopper for the agile engine. This feature will then be accessed, estimated and prioritized within the backlog for processing. The important distinction here is that the request needs to come from a sponsor or business user, the people responsible for prioritizing the backlog (feature list). If the PMO cannot convince the sponsor or business reps why its requests are valuable then why should the team be consuming business dollars to fulfill them?
Some reporting requests will recur every month, these can be kept in the backlog of features and taken into account when determining the total number of hours available for development work each iteration.
Getting feedback from the projectAgile teams undertake an evaluation of user feedback, technical development, and process effectiveness as part of the retrospective conducted at the end of every iteration. A Project Office can really benefit by capturing these evaluations and learning’s and working with the agile team to facilitate the retrospectives . Since project evaluations and learning’s should be happening as part of the agile cycle anyway, it pays project offices to make use of these outputs. Tracking the project Velocity statistics as alternatives to earned value metrics and for trend analysis. Capture any “Recommendations for the next iteration” in an ongoing Lessons Learned log for the project.

Capturing any “Impediments” or “Blockers” reported by the team in the corporate Risk Repository. Agile Project Management is one of the revolutionary methods introduced for the practice of project management. Agile is one of the latest project management strategies that is mainly applied to project management practice in software development. Therefore, more flexible software development models were required in order to address the agility of the requirements. Agile Model is an umbrella term used for identifying various models used for agile development, such as Scrum.
The agile model emphasizes on the fact that entire team should be a tightly integrated unit. In an agile project, the entire team is responsible in managing the team and it is not just the project manager’s responsibility. This makes sure that there is no delay is management decision making and therefore things can progress faster.
In addition to being a manager, the agile project management function should also demonstrate the leadership and skills in motivating others. Helps the project team members to turn the requirements backlog into working software   functionality. Responsible for holding agile meetings that discusses the short-term plans and plans to overcome obstacles. Agile project manager is the chief motivator of the team and plays the mentor role for the team members as well. In addition to that, the agile project manager plays a key role in agile team in order to provide the resources, keep the team motivated, remove blocking issues, and resolve impediments as early as possible.
In this sense, an agile project manager is a mentor and a protector of an agile team, rather than a manager. Warehouse personnel will assist in loading merchandise on your vehicle, Join our growing team where open positions may include Sales Associate, Kanes Furniture provides quality furniture at affordable prices with locations Kanes warehouse associates are some of the hardest working people in the Contact details for Kanes Furniture yamp; Carpet Discount Warehouse in Dungannon Welcome to Kanes Furniture Warehouse on Facebook. Its cyclical, seemingly never ending process is about as appealing to interact with as putting your arm in a washing machine while running. They typically do not encompass the entire enterprise lifecycle omitting important pre-project work and beyond delivery activities, as shown below.
So, if the PMO wants something done by the team, then rather than interrupting a daily stand-up meeting or calling a special meeting that disrupts the velocity of the team, an alternative approach is to add the request as a feature (story or requirement) to the Product Backlog. The only snag is likely to be that the priority assigned falls somewhere below fixing the report footer full stop inconsistencies (i.e. Usually things resolve quickly, the obvious items are included and anything with suspect value is renegotiated until all parties can see the value. These Evaluation and Learning’s portions of the development cycle can provide great information for a Project Office, but many organizations are oblivious to their existence.

The process improvement and root cause analysis that occurs at retrospectives is similar to the “Continuous Improvement” actions promoted by CMM level 5, (but without all the compliance to consistent, documented process that characterize levels 3 & 4). With an appreciation of how agile projects operate external groups like a PMO or PSO can interact productively with little disruption to either group. Therefore, it is best to relate agile project management to the software development process when understanding it.
As a result of this, the information technology community developed agile software development models. Since agile development model is different from conventional models, agile project management is a specialized area in project management. Therefore, daily meetings are held in order to determine the day’s work and dependencies. These techniques and tools enable the team members (including the customer) to express their views and feedback openly and quickly. When it comes to processes and procedures, the common sense is used over the written policies. This helps retaining the spirit among the team members and gets the team to follow discipline.
Rather, this function facilitates and coordinates the activities and resources required for quality and speedy software development. From one project to another, these responsibilities can slightly change and become interpreted differently. Join now to write reviews I brought a Sofa and Loveseat from Kanes Furniture in Tampa November 2010. In most cases the business recognizes the value of project status reporting information and gives it a decent priority.
These comments are then taken into consideration when shaping the requirements and implementation of the software.
This is because agile projects aim to maximize business value and many external stakeholder requests are seen as non-value adding compliance work, just the sort of stuff to minimize.
To make sure these requests actually occur, we need to get a sponsor or other influential stakeholder to give them a business priority. Just as some system features may be required for contractual or legal reasons and just have to be completed, so too are some metrics.

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