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It may sounds like a simple job but actually project management is very difficult and complicated field.
First of all, you need to mention the name of your department along with the project name, starting date, estimated completion date, name of supervisor, names of team members and name of client(s). Then start by adding all the projects to the list and dividing them into further sub categories by splitting each project into various steps or tasks. Mention estimated completion time for each task and the name of the person who is in charge or each task.
Highlight those tasks that need to be start earlier than others due to any reasons and if it’s possible, mention the reasons for doing so.
Mention important milestones or key turning points of each task when the each supervisor is required to fill in a project progress report in the head office. Leave a column blank for each task in which the date will be mentioned when the task will complete. At the end of each task, leave some empty space for special comments or notes regarding each task.
Related TemplatesProject Punch List Template A punch list is actually a tasks list or another form of a to-do-list. The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives. In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.
A project closure example report is a formal document stating about the last stage of your project. VIP Task Manager will help you schedule tasks and todo lists to create your project template.
All of our free PM templates are developed by PMP certified Project Managers with extensive project management experience.
If you like our site please spread the word by telling your friends about us.We Like to be Liked! Before starting a project many organizations require a formal business case to be developed.
In this week’s blog we have compiled a list of what we believe are the Project Management Body of Knowledge’s (PMBOK) seven most critical project management templates. Project Management Plan - If the project charter is the foundation of a project, the project management plan is its core. At its most basic level, a project plan – or Project Management Plan, as the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) calls it – is simply a guide for how the project will be managed. The risk assessment meeting should be a formal meeting conducted during the project’s planning process. Besides every other thing and issue, it’s not that easy to please a client or provide him exactly what he wants or needs. After carefully analyzing them all, you mention estimated time duration to complete each task and also assign them to individual employees.

It is implemented in so many industries and organizations but sometimes it’s also referred as “Snag list”.
This document is to be created at the stage when your project manager takes steps required for closing the project quickly and efficiently.
Users can work with Pivot grid, generate charts and use Time Logs view which lets filter, group and sort time logs for creating time tracking reports.
We suggest you start with this template then use subsidiary management plans to further build out your project plan. We have two Project Charter templates available, a short one page version and a longer more comprehensive version. It is imperative that the project manager sends a meeting invitation and agenda to all attendees well ahead of time.
At one extreme, project managers create their WBS at two or three levels with loosely defined work packages including only a title and an estimate of the number of hours.
Registration will ensure you're notified of new project management templates and articles as they become available. Project management is a very broad term which includes number of other areas and fields which directly or indirectly related to managing a project. This means that each one of them is the in charge of his tasks and will be held responsible for the results or afterwards consequences.
Unlike a to-do-list, a punch list includes the small tasks that need to be done at the end of a project so it […]Rolling Action Item List Template How many of you have worked with a to-do-list but didn’t find it very effective or helpful?
In your plan template, you can point at the level of project success and identify lessons learned for future projects.
These reports can be used for various purposes such as performance measuring, payroll calculating, client billing, etc.
Templates are one step in the how to project management process and perhaps the easiest way to learn all about project management. At the other extreme, project managers create their WBS with levels taller than the empire state building, WBS Dictionaries which go into almost infinite detail, and work packages of just a few hours each.
In order to deliver what a client wants, it’s essential that the whole project is oversees by a supervisor who keeps an eye on everything and each step towards the finish line. You also examine all the tasks and then highlight those which are more important than others and needs to be done before anything else. Probably most of you will agree to the fact that this list is not that effective at all and you have to work hard to remember each task written on the list either it’s essential or not.
The document proves termination of supplier contracts and reallocation of resources back to the business. Once the stage is finished, you can use Report Builder of the software to create a report template. All templates are provided free of charge, all we ask is that you share us with your colleagues and friends. Or a more in-depth and detailed document containing specifics of every aspect of the project?

While these extremes may not be necessary, the WBS should be created with enough detail to serve as a useful tool in managing the project’s tasks.
But here’s the problem starts when you divide the project into different parts and assign them to individual employees, not all of them fulfill your demands or expectations and due to multi tasking in the company, often the project will be delayed due to an issue or individual problems. Also it’s not important that you start the important tasks before others but you need to start those tasks early which will take more time as compared to others or which can be delayed due to any reason throughout the project completion process. Some of […]Weekly Task List Template Although it’s good that you complete your tasks on daily basis but sometimes the routine is so tough and busy that you can’t spare time to finish daily basis tasks. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a valuable tool for organizing a project by breaking it down into more manageable component parts based on the deliverables required to complete the project. So there should be another way to manage this work, some kind of organizer that will help the manager and ease the management tasks.
With the help of this list, the manager dumps most of his responsibilities on the lower staff and that means more productivity with less efforts. Also not all tasks are that essential to do on daily basis such as you may want to clean your house on daily basis but you […]Monthly Task List Template A monthly task list is actually an organizer or management tool that helps us to manage our time and perform the duties that need our consideration. It is the accepted project management document for tying the project scope, cost, and schedule together. This is actually a list that shows all the tasks you need to perform at the end of each month.
There are many ways to configure the WBS, but within an organization, it is important to standardize the way it is formatted across the entire portfolio of projects.
Just as with processes, tools, and methodologies, standardizing the WBS format is an important part of providing repeatability and consistency.
Most holidays don’t require you to buy gifts for your friends and family members where some occasions […]Project Activity List Template When a company is hired to complete a project, the client or customers just wants to see the completed task and he has no concern what the company goes through in the way over to the finish line. So it’s the responsibility of the company to manage their work and fulfill the needs and […]Weekly Chore List Template Sometimes when you are doing a full time job and taking care of a big family, you need to relax and spend some time with yourself or have fun for a while. But that’s not possible as you leave so many tasks on weekends which you can’t finish on regular basis so you finish them on […]Equipment Inventory List Template In order to make any business successful or an organization to perform in the right way, it’s essential to keep an inventory list. There are dozens of methods of keeping an inventory and businesses use them as per their situation and requirements. This is the perfect way to count the […]Moving Inventory List Template Making a home or office inventory list is very helpful in many ways but it’s the most important and useful tool when you are moving your stuff to another place. You can move all the stuff by yourself or you can hire a professional staff that will make this list for you and move your […]Household Inventory List Template Life is full of surprises and unusual incidents so you never know what’s going to happen the next moment or the next day.

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