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We have found that the project management software at Zoho is the most thorough and comprehensive software package for project management on the market today. Without a doubt, this software has the easiest user interface to begin using of any of its competitors.
Organize your tasks : Help your team to stay focused, plan effectively and get the work done much faster with tasks and subtasks.
Fix bugs fast : Bug tracker combines a clean interface to track bugs with workflows, business rules and fix bugs fast. For all of the extra features that are on this software, it is actually quite cost-effective as well.
PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter of PMI has been building and managing project management communities comprising more than 9500 members consist of business professionals, project and program managers. PMI Pune chapter organizes annual conference ‘OnTarget’ which attracts more than thousands of project management professionals.
This year PMI Pune chapter has organized its business mega event ‘OnTarget 2013’ with great success. PMI is an international non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the methods of project management. Zilicus offers All-In-One project management software ZilicusPM that provides complete project management control for project and portfolio managers; at the same time makes it really simple for project team members to stay on top of things. Here is a list of 5 free online project management tools that you can use to effectively manage your projects online by collaborating with others.
The 5 free online project management tools that I have reviewed in this article are Traxmo, Meta Team, Teamplifier, Basecamp, and LessProjects. Traxmo is the first online project management tool in the list.  The free version of this online project management tool allows you to add up to 5 team members for a project and you can work on maximum 5 projects at a time. The important things to know in this online tool is that you create as many projects as you want and add one member to different groups in different projects. All these online project management tools provide you some interesting and different features to use.
Prоject budget management, planning, resоurce allоcatiоn, interactiоn, cооperatiоn and, decisiоn-making alоngside several management systems. Scheduling instruments The prоgram can be used tо schedule series prоject activities and spend and methоds tо them.
Offering infоrmatiоn Prоject management pc sоftware prоvides infоrmatiоn tо different stakehоlders, and measures the amоunt оf wоrk had a need tо cоmplete the task. Maintaining the cоsts Other impоrtant part оf Prоject management cоmputer sоftware includes accоmplish things successfully and within the and use оf resоurces. There’s a grоwing demand оf the Prоject management sоftware as different businesses are fast recоgnizing the significance and utility оf the pоwerful sоftware. This will be your very first formal document and it should be produced as a part of project life cycle. The project charter records details like what you are going to perform and it provides you the formal authority to make use of all the needed resources.
Once you have a perfect plan in hand the next thing you should pay more attention is project monitoring. Obviously at the beginning of the project every Project Manager will produce the project schedule.
Project management course are available in many universities but since project management career has becoming one of the fastest growing professions, many institutions has started to offer the online training programs.
Any online project management program not only beneficial for just because we can do that from home but it also provides ways to lookout for the career prospects. These kinds of Professional certification courses demonstrate much more advanced value added courses in the disciplines like IT, global projects, construction and healthcare.
Popularly it is known as CAPM which is specially designed to educate the project group members. There is no need for the Aspiring associate project managers to get these online certification courses. You should be able to conceive & articulate the required methods in order to achieve the targeted objective.
As a project management professional you should have an outstanding problem solving abilities.
The successful completion of any project purely depends on the project?s meticulous execution. These software tools are installed in the network system and made available for the team who supposed to work on the particular project. While running any business or handling any large volumes of data, you can adopt the agile project management software which is very help full tool to ensure that everything runs well, all data & statistics are correctly functioning in the way they should be.
Following points will tell you why you need to adopt the agile project management software in your organization.
This project management software programs allows your team and yourself to systematically stay on the same kind of wavelength with any other large concerns. When your concern takes up a large project no wonder there will be some hundreds of people will work in the same project.
Apart from working with the people in the same concern now a days there are many situation arises to work with the people in some far apart. Competitive business world requires every individual to play a specific role in their businesses.Directing groups of employees in the organization towards the successful completion of the project  one of the main tactics that is required for any business men.
Any student who push their self into the project management degree program, definitely walk away from the course with abundance of confident for scheduling any successful project. Essential knowledge required to handle any job role responsibilities in opt manner can be easily earned via 3 different Project management programs. This first step of project management program normally teaches the students like how to understand the vital part of today?s business.
Students are expected to gain a very broad and keen understanding of all the management theories, quantitative procedure, accounting, decision-making and marketing. Through project management courses online and courses on drafting, these schooling programs teaches the structural technology, business communication, labor law and site planning. This common guideline assists the project management professional to stay on the planned track of the desired project.
Students who are about to continue their education in the management program must have the deep desires in getting the leadership roles in the business. These masters in project degree program used to advances the management skill level of all the students. Project management courses online and Certificate programs are utilized by the persons who are already working in the area of project management? We have many courses and the self help books which all covers almost all the points needed for any successful business project. Project management tools and techniques will help to run the business in successful manner. Many tools and techniques are available to obtain best results while managing the projects. Critical path method helps in scheduling and managing the complex project and it is mathematical procedure to calculate the project schedule.
Task analysis is also called as  work breakdown structure.  Task analysis is the first step in critical path analysis. Alternative tool for monitoring your project is Gantt chart.  It is used to identify the overall flow of project similar to logic network diagram. Free project management tools helps to manage the business  as they are very useful to track the business progress. How to become a project manager is the only question that itches in the minds of the people who get the project work for the first time.  To become as good project manager must always inspire and motivate his team members where the team manager must always conduct a meeting to collect the suggestions and feed backs of team members to complete the project in better manner.
Project managers should also have enough knowledge with the project planning tools which are necessary to manage the project scope management and to complete your project successfully in your field. As a project manager you should be well aware of formal project charts and other documents.
Completing the project on time is considered as one of the necessary skill that any project manager has. Project scope management is based on the quality and the quantity of project.  Scope management explains both the concepts.
Identify the scopes requirement:  identify the variation of document and to underline the project issue. Project manager roles and responsibilities actually includes the project scope management too. After explaining the project charter and the objective of the project set a plan of attack.  Start the procedure with the effective execution of step such as execute, monitor and manage.
Project management software helps in monitoring your software on anytime from anywhere.  This software helps in allocating your resource and to set the project task and the timeline. Project procurement management has the objective to select the vendor which meets out the requirements of project such as project, budget and work. Given below are some useful points that should be followed to accomplish the responsibilities of a project in a proper way. As a manager, you have to obtain the objective behind developing the project, plan the work, allocate different resources for accomplishing the work, assign task to each team member, monitor the quality and check the performance. Some of the management institutions provide certification for the professions in this field. Project management qualification is framed on the basis of project management book of knowledge. Top companies recruit the project manager to increase the profit of their product and to ensure the timeline and assurance to make the clients happy. The project management basics encompass the items that are required for all people who are involved in all sorts of businesses. Some companies have testing phases by the name alpha and beta to assure a quality product to the client. About UsThis site covers the topic related to online project management & open source project management.get a basic idea on what is project management ,free project management software,project management course and so on. Project management is quite necessary to maximize the business productivity as with the help of effective project management, you can plan, monitor and control all your projects quickly and efficiently. Thus for the proper planning and execution of such projects, an effective project management is necessary on your part.
From the last few years, there has been seen a great increase in the popularity of project management and its tools in various sectors of trade and business. But if you are looking for free tools for project management, this article will surely prove to be a good guide to you.
It is one of the best free open source desktop project management tool that works effectively with Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac. This is a web based project management tool which contains the feature of multi user and multi language application is organized by a volunteer community that is open for all. If you are looking for an app for coordinating your group activities and for sharing business data with others through internet, the PHProjekt is the right choice for you.
This small and light-weight management tool is a great option for the users who want to work with different projects or tasks at a time. It is the latest addition in free management tools and includes almost all the project management tasks required from the conception to the completion of the project.
This modern web-interface free tool helps you to collaborate on projects and to manage various tasks with your team members.
It is a free online management tool that helps you great to increase productivity and management of your entire team. It is a great self-hosted PHP app that manages all your projects and tasks with web interface. It is a cross platform and cross database open source management tool which is written using Ruby on Rail framework. Written by Ilya Elbert, he writes for several IT Support Jacksonville and Computer Repair Jacksonville national service organizations.

Status Reporting and Resource Planning – This project management software helps users obtain information quickly with many types of reports. Timesheets, Collaboration, Mobile and more – ProjectManager has a built-in timesheet for team members to enter time spent on tasks and even add notes to each entry. Clients include NASA, United Nations, Deloitte, GE, HP, Nike, US Postal Service, Wells Fargo and Coca-Cola. Chris Neilson of Allegiance stated that ProjectManager gives them the ability to track hours of the team and see where they are profitable, down to the task level. Miguel Ferrer of Volvo described the software as simple to use, very easy to manipulate and can get anyone started managing projects in minutes. Nowadays, most projects are too stratified to keep up with all the details without the proper project management software. Everything is very intuitive and looks nice on the screen, which is definitely a plus when you are talking about detailing complex processes. If you are anything like us, you have projects in which different apartments have different deadlines. These functions, considered luxuries on other packages, are an integral part of this system.
20, 2013 – Zilicus Solutions, the  leading provider of online project management software, announced that PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter, a local Chapter of The Project Management Institute (PMI), has selected ZilicusPM to manage its initiative, improve collaboration and project management activities. Its primary goal is to facilitate and empower its member to achieve excellence in project management by offering professional education, imparting trainings, help them earn professional credentials. It also offers multi-faceted programs covering to address challenges faced by diverse industries, government organizations in conjunction with academic institutes, NGOs; thus to offer benefits to society at large.
It offers award winning online project management software ZilicusPM – delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance.
The organization administers the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®), Project Management Professional (PMP®), Program Management Professional (PgMPSM) and other certification programs, conducts international and regional seminars, provides geographical membership services through the Chapters, and offers industry level services through the Specific Interest Groups (SIGs). Online project management means that you can collaborate with your colleagues and work on a project together.
You can add team members by sending them an invite and once they accept it, you can assign tasks to them.
You can start using this online tool by creating an account, after which you can add team members to work on a particular project. Teamplifier allows you to create projects, add task to projects, add users to do project, create a group, track progress of the task etc. The online project management tool allows you to work on multiple projects at a time and you can update the status of the project from time to time on your dashboard. The pоint behind the applicatiоn wоuld be tо take care оf the difficulty оf cоntrоlling large prоjects. He’s tо handle the peоple, resоurces and the jоbs in the mоst fantastic pоssible manner in оrder tо prоvide оptimum results.
The elegance оf a schedule will vary cоnsiderably based оn the techniques recоgnized and thоse might include wоrk and leveling оf resоurces, multiple reliance relatiоnships, prоbability-based simulatiоn, actiоn periоd estimatiоn etc. In few occasions this will be delivered to you by the individual who is assigning the project to you.
But when the project goes on many of the Project managers miss to refer it back with the current project progress.
Obtaining a management certification of completion & excellence will provide you some extra points to your resume when you are seeking the opportunities in the industry. This is considered as one of the most comprehensive course among all other certification programs. To keep pace with the latest offerings in the industry, most of the experienced project managers & all the senior level project managers enroll themselves in such certification programs. Going deeper, it is aimed to provide a proper co ordination with the overall project progress. Anyhow these online training programs provide all the necessary Project management qualifications listed as below. You should foresee the large scale and small scale problems and solve before the stakeholders come up with these issues. This Agile software management programs provide easy ways to organize the data collected from all these hundreds of individuals and it also enables the superior authorities to keep track of all these people to ensure whether all the work are progressing in a planned way.
Highly skilled hackers do not have any trouble to develop the new one to hack your secured data. Now a Days Students have 3 major schooling choices which assures them to confidently take up the project management program for their careers. Things like how to deal with the internal employees of the organization, other companies and external clients are being taught in any Project management program. It opens wide opportunities to get expertise in the areas such as commerce, information technology and education. It is also taken up by the students who don?t have enough time to pursue their management studies on the regular basis. It is easy for the person who plans to develop their skills in their spare time without disrupting their day today life.
Critical path methodology, closing the loops and the action planning are some of the tools used for developing the business.
Most of the people do not utilize the project management tools in the small scale business with the thought the small business are easy to manage without the need for tools. Project manger manages the issues and the problems in a best way and he or she learns the critical success in every project.  On the other side , the project manager gains the theoretical knowledge in managing the project through the project program certificate  with the necessary insight of the project. To learn the customers mind you can work in a call centers during weekend where the customers call you to get the assistance for certain trouble.  This call centre job will help you learn the people mind which will help you in future while working as a project manager.
This will ensure your project by receiving the support in funding which will result in success. It provides the authority to the project manager  to apply the organization report to the project.
A project manager roles and responsibilities are many in number but the main role is to ensure the project’s quality and along with that completing the project on time. This is given to the people who have great managing skills and abilities to complete the project on time. He is supposed to define the goals of the project, motivate the workers, develop plan and must monitor the quality and progress. After getting the approval for the project, you have to maintain a database for keeping a track on the bills.
Planning is made after the approval of the project and this includes determination of resources and equipments required to do the project. Proper project planning plays a crucial role in the success of a business and it require great efforts to gain the desired outcomes out of your serious endeavors that you take for the growth of your business. A good project management needs some tools and techniques in order to control all the actions and to provide the desired results within required time and budget. Below are the best 10 free tools for effective project management and you can choose them according to your preference and requirements. It serves as an excellent alternative of Microsoft Project and can also open present native project files. The major features of dotProject tool include creating of tasks, projects, to-do-lists, Gantt charts and so on. Some of the key features of Gantt Project tool include Task hierarchy and dependencies, creating Gantt chart, PERT chart, HTML reports and PDF in addition to import or export of Microsoft projects and WebDev based group management. This free open source management tool is laced with various useful components such as group calendar, file management, mail client, contact manager, time card system and many more. It is a platform independent tool which is written in Java and helps you to manage various tasks by keeping exact record of all the activities done on each of the project or client. It is equipped with components of scheduler, built-in resource balancer, and consistency checker and revenue planner and is an ideal choice for applying the modern management strategies. Its major features are task manager, email, calendar, elegant dashboard, effective communication and time recorder. It helps you to organize and communicate with your team members effectively and offers you the flexibility of self hosting. The key features include multi tasking, flexible tracking, Gantt chart, file management, wiki and forums and so on.
This is accomplished by having a tool where team members can easily see their tasks and schedule, so they can work on the most important and urgent.
With a few clicks, they can generate project status reports that can be viewed online or saved as PDF, Excel or CSV. They can view the total time per week and can also simply copy the previous week’s entry in one click.
As an online application, it is highly accessible and built for collaboration, which are essential requirements in today’s project-centric business landscape. It was launched in 2008 in Auckland, New Zealand, founded and is led by CEO Jason Westland. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry. ZilicusPM introduces unique feature - online meeting manager in ZilicusPM 5.0 to help team to manage meeting information. It also educate local businesses, make them aware of benefits and best practices of project management, help them network among project professionals. Like most of the non-profit organizations, PMI Pune chapter is primarily made up of volunteers. To organize this event and coordinate activities, PMI Pune Chapter Implements ZilicusPM Project Management Software. By actively involving employees with ZilicusPM and realizing gains in productivity, companies can meet strategic & organizational objectives. Various online project management tools provide various features like chat, assign tasks to particular members, take collective decisions.
You can assign separate tasks to each one of them or assign same task to all of them depending on your project.
The projects that you create are saved in your account but there is no mention of the limit of free space provided to you. In the decisions tab, all the members of the team can come together and chat about various thinks. You can also track the progress of their tasks and even track the history of their progress. Where Prоject management sоftware can help him tо learn whether he`s оn the right cоurse and help him plan, check and repоrt оn all his prоjects successfully this is. There will be no dull second in your way – no matter whether it is large or small, consists of only a very small number of activities or bunch of activities. It provides the basic knowledge along with the real time experience on the project management ideas. Since associate project managers are the only ones who used to act like a sidekick to the senior levels, their educational backgrounds, experience, knowledge and other skill sets on the particular job role are measured in these kinds of courses.
So double checking whether every aspect of the project is planned in a right manner is very important. Before spending your money, it is suggestible to have a close watch on the Project management software review programs. Anyhow agile management software program provides faster way of updating to your data whenever a new product emerges in the market place.
You can use the Bug tracking software program to secure the project because there can be nothing worse situation can arise than finding your valuable project has been hacked. So having a best Bug-tracking software programs are wise way to stay secure from all these cyber pests. Skills needed to understand the exact project requirements, procedures are given to the students. Management degree programs are designed to educate the students to have a control on all the phases of project and to correctly assess the project risk factor.

They also provide an exposure in the areas like Courses on management, marketing problem solving and Business strategy. By utilizing the different slack value project manager detects the critical task in earlier or later period. It is easy to create the charts using those templates, which will help you in creating chart to have control over your project.  You have to assign the task to your team members to complete it on time meanwhile the project manager has to analyze the project by using project planning tools with the help of free project management templates which will make project manager work easier. Business people use resources, money and time throughout their business lifespan to attain success. In addition to that major certificate we have certain certificate of value they are certified associate in project management, program management professional, PMI scheduling professional and the master degree in project management.
Hence, there are lot of job opportunities for project managers, who have great skills and knowledge to do the work with intelligence. All the materials, equipments and employees are engaged in the work of production and the company designs the out coming product.
With the help of this tool, you can create Gantt Charts, PERT charts, RBS charts and earned value costing etc. Not only this, it also contains quite useful apps of resource allocation, forum discussion and reporting.
The software also provides project managers information about tasks, status, and progress at a glance, so they can help resolve issues that may cause delay. The software also has a calendar and a personal dashboard where a user can see his or her projects, tasks, messages and the latest discussion threads. The Team plan includes all Personal plan features with the addition of team management, collaboration, timesheets, expenses and reports.
It has great visual planning, tracking and reporting features, mobile-ready, works well with Microsoft and Google Apps, and can be integrated with many other cloud tools. The company is made up of talented staff who are experts in both project management and online business.
Effectively manages the report at the risk management and approved by an inspiring family oriented, in different formats like a go nogo progress report on deviations from the project management. It also enables informed decision maki ZilicusPM introduces unique feature - online meeting manager in ZilicusPM 5.0 to help team to manage meeting information.
This is not just a package to administrate; it actually becomes an active part of the process in a very positive way. The assigned projects are  worked upon by the members and you can track their progress from time to time. You have to add all the details regarding a project, like its name, description, date by which you want to start, date by which you want to finish and more. There is no limit to the number of users you can add and you do have to assign users a task while adding them.
You are allowed to create a project, assign tasks to different members, track their progress and discuss with them regarding the progress of the project. You can even add different users for different projects.  After you have assigned the tasks, you can set the priority level of their task as low, medium, high and track their progress.
Almоst perfect part is that yоu can lоg in any time and anywhere tо оbtain the actual time prоgress оf any prоject. In fact, this list may grow dramatically in times but what you have to do at the beginning is you need to understand who you should keep content & to whom the project is going to get delivered!
To ensure they are really qualified in their role, they will be tested through the online assessment exams. These software programs used to be specific on what exactly the stored data is tracked.  If it finds any bugs it will eliminates the problem quickly. It is easy to track out the periodic updates and the issue by using those templates.  Free project management templates helps to segregate the responsibilities of the team members in case any one of the team member is absent where the work is distributed between other members. We have certain certificate courses such as program management professional, and project management professional and the PMI Agile certified practitioner. The process of planning, organizing, leading, managing resources to achieve the target is project management. Finally, it allows collaboration so that team members can communicate and share files directly in real-time using a single centralized application. It has a powerful and interactive Gantt chart that provides a visual indicator of the health and status of the project. Resource management features help in workload planning as well as monitoring, thereby making sure resources are optimized without overloading. The Business plan has all the feature of the previous plans plus multiple project management, advanced reports, email integration, apps and plugins, a dedicated account manager and more. It can definitely improve in having a timer for its timesheets, as well as an approval workflow.
Since its launch, it has achieved very high growth rates, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies, adopted by a wide variety of industries, used in over 100 countries, and has received several top awards. Everybody sees the same screen and can easily interpret what each piece means, so people know when the pressure is on them. You can set milestones for your members to achieve in a particular time limit and also see their conversations with each other.
While the task is in progress you can keep updating its progress and invite the client to view the project.
Yоu can priоritize, schedule,discuss and track prоgress instantly, with just a cоuple оf mоuse clicks. Get accurate infоrmatiоn tо cоnfigure assembling yоur shed repоrts and view yоur realtime prоgress. This initial listing of project requirements will actually makes up the base for project execution plan. The contents of the project will be like project scope, project schedule and the fund requirements. While taking up the online training it is also possible for you to get a valuable feedback for yourself from your respective instructors on the web. Only after getting qualified in this course you are allowed to write the written examination.
As a project manager, you have to set milestones for the project so as to keep track on the work. But monitoring the project usually starts when the project is approved and the work of planning and designing is going on. It also has other tools such as a centralized document management page, integrations with Microsoft Office and Project, third-party apps like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Dropbox, Evernote, Podio, and more, as well as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Apps.
Example: example feature card for example is provided during the standard format, Project manager's reference material. You can assign roles to your team members ( admin, leader, and sponsor) and they have to contribute to the project accordingly. You can paste the link of any article available on the internet and it is visible to all the members of the team.
This online tool also allows you to make changes to your project even when it is in progress. You can update the status of the project as in development, in design, in QA, in client review and completed. Yоu can alsо share mоvies, phоtоgraphs, papers and оther impоrtant infоrmatiоn related tо prоjects оnline. Every project has a time and money constraint and the project manager is supposed to meet those constraints. Budget of the project is another important thing that must be considered and you have to negotiate with the client if the budget goes beyond the specified limit. Monitoring the project does not stop until the project is completed and it is handed over to the client. The product can be a onetime project or on the repeated basis and this depends on the nature of the project. Support the format on the project management practices in more detail in what is going to help the project progress report.
The members of the project can also share documents with each other to help each other and you can compile all these documents and put them in one place. Plan assembling yоur prоject visually and mоnitоr the pulse оf yоur business with a range оf tооls and оptiоns available in the sоftware.
Before the project actually begins, as a project manager, you have to specify the equipments, training for the staff and other materials.
Monitoring is the process of checking the productivity and tracking whether the project reaches the milestone on the specified time or not.
Now, once the users are added and project is created with different tasks in it, you have to start assigning these tasks to different users. Express Project is a free project management software program to help you monitor and track all project activities and help you stay on track to achieve established goals.
ZilicusPM users can schedule project meeting, view those in calendar clients like outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Google, Apple, and many others, create minutes of meeting (MoM), assign action items to project stakeholders with due dates. 5 Clients can be added to a single project and you can send them invoices once the project is complete. You can allow them to just view the project, make changes to the project, or not even view  the project.
In most cases, team members will not need to access project workspace and perform update from home page itself.
Creating groups is helpful because this way you can decide the level of participation of every user, according to your need. Project schedule may undergo changes, ZilicusPM provides baseline feature that allows users to create baseline for project schedule. Once baseline is created, it can be compared with current plan and users can visually observe the difference between baseline and project plan in Gantt chart.Trusted by users in more than forty countries, ZilicusPM has emerged as the top-most choice for project and program managers because of the feature-richness and incredible performance.
Its online project management software ZilicusPM – delivers on the promise of collaborative planning to improve team performance. Highlights and explains all the jargons a project manager need to know in order to manage projects successfully.
The OpenProj solution has been download more than 1,250,000 times in the few months since launch and is being used in over 142 countries. Express Project Free for Mac is a free project management software program to help you monitor and track all project activities and help you stay on track to achieve established goals.
Built on top of the KS-Gantt control it offers all functionality implemented in a modern DotNet technology. This means fast and intelligent planning of tasks and resources in an interactive gantt-chart. Use Easy Time Logs for your or your employees timesheets, time tracking, and project management. Easy Time Logs offers a web-based interface with timesheets and a variety of other features and reports.
It provides a much easier way to view, edit and share multiple photos simultaneously in multiple tabs. The program starts with Windows and gathers information on applications started, websites visited, various activities over time and consumed traffic. The project management system is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents. 2004Microsys It aims to make timesheet creation, usage, and project management for jobs easy.

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