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For example, if we want to move car we must first start the engine, put it in gear and step on the gas. We always have a current plan which directs us from the currently achieved point to the next destination point and a baseline plan to enable the comparison with the current plan and with the original plan. An update of the baseline plan must not have the same number of versions as the current plan, but if it is updated then it must relate to last version of the current plan.
Thus, the current plan and baseline plan, as well as changes to the plan are progressively elaborated.
For the project, or anything in between, down to a discrete piece of project scope defined with one activity, the project management plan is first developed and then updated as the project progresses.
Before we start the process, a project management plan must be compiled, approved, saved and copied as an Original plan, Baseline plan and Current plan.
From Figure 2, we can see the relation between the Project Management Plan and project work. For example, let us consider how the Project Management Plan develops for the knowledge area "Project Communication Management". Use Marketing project plan, open this template on your Excel 2013 for Project Management templates. Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically! This Quality Plan document template can help you develop a solid plan for ensuring your project reaches its goals and meets expectations. Download the PM Toolkit to receive the Quality Plan Template, along with 40+ other project management templates and forms, all designed to help you achieve greater levels of productivity and success.
Endeavour Agile ALM is an Open Source solution released under the GNU General Public License version 3. Endeavour Agile ALM is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch, French and Polish.

If you are looking for the fastest and most effective way to pass your PMP exam, I'm glad you have found this blog! But before we start an analysis of the Fourth Edition, it is necessary to make the above statements clear. The current plan can have many versions and is always an updated picture of its earlier version. The baseline plan should contain data from original plan plus all approved changes to the original plan. The result of an update for a discrete scope of work is used to build an integrated picture of the project plan. Within the loop the Current Plan and Baseline Plan will change, while the Original Plan stays the same throughout to project completion. Using this plan, you will focus on three key areas: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Acceptance Criteria.
During the process of travel, we impose different driving commands and control actions to stay on track. For example, the third version of the current plan is an updated picture of the second current plan, not an update of the first edition of the current plan. We can summarize and organize results from those discrete pieces to get results for any other project structure, i.e. Differences between the Baseline Plan and the Original Plan show the value of approved change orders, while differences between Current Plan and Baseline Plan show the value of pending change orders, or some other differences that are not in conflict with the contract. Therefore, when the project plan once migrates into the iterated process loop, then we must deal with quite a different set of data than those we found in the originally approved Project Management Plan. Each such series of actions relate to a discrete path and each new direction will pass through similar procedures until we reach our destination. The current plan should contain the data from baseline plan plus all the pending changes to the baseline plan.

If we start our journey with a definite project plan, we will know when we should reach a certain milestone, e.g. Figure 2 shows how the project management plan has been developed and then updated within the process-iterated loop. Join Facebook community (Like the page), to get daily free sample PMP questions, and resources Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to drop me a mail at shiv(at)pmexamsmartnotes(dot)com for anything you need for PMP preparation.
However, if we did not reach the milestone defined in the baseline plan, then we must update to a current plan for the next measurements of performance of our travel. Cheers, ShivCreating project management plan is a complex process, where all subsidiary plans of various project domain areas such as risk, communication, quality, human resources, schedule, scope and so on, are prepared.
A project that has environmental implications may need to adhere to government’s environmental regulations. Files from previous projects such as scope, schedule, cost, risk register are also important assets to be considered while planning.Expert judgmentLot of planning is based on past experience and judgment.
If you are not familiar with certain aspects of planning, you need to get hold of an experienced project manager in the company.
It is important to talk to experts to get their inputs, and even running the plans through them once you have them is essential.

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