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Great management and clear guidance are not the only tools that a company can use to improve productivity and efficiency among employees. If you could change a few things on your project to vastly increase your chance of success, wouldn’t you do it? We've gone through the topic of why use the mind mapping technique for your project management efforts before. Just like any other area of management, project management is bound to change its face during the upcoming year. The recent PwC Global PPM Survey pointed out some interesting facts about the trends we’re seeing across project and programme delivery.

There are definitely benefits to being hired on as a full time and permanent project manager.
What is the project timeline and when will particularly meaningful points, referred to as milestones, be complete?  When will formal and informal meetings take place?  When will regular status information be exchanged?  When will testing and reviews take place? One more thing - to be a complete project plan according to industry standards such as the PMBOK or PRINCE2, the project plan must also describe the execution, management and control of the project.
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How will they be organized?  Who will make approvals along the way?  Who will fund it?  Who will be responsible for specific types of communication on the project? This information can be provided by referencing other documents that will be produced so it isn’t absolutely necessary that it be contained in the project plan – it just needs to be referenceable somewhere.  Documents such as a Procurement Plan or Construction Plan may contain such information. This was very helpful for the project planning aspect of the course on cultural industries I am designing.

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