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Project Plan PowerPoint Template is a free presentation template that you can download and use for project management presentations. You can download this free project plan PowerPoint template containing Gantt chart designs for PowerPoint and awesome graphics for project planning. The project planning template contains multiple slide designs for project plans that you can customize with the editable timelines and editable Gantt charts for PowerPoint. Here you can see some examples of the internal slide designs that you can find when you download this presentation template.
Inside this presentation template you can find useful slide designs including project plan timelines and project planning diagrams for PowerPoint.
The following example contains a Gantt Chart created with PowerPoint and including rows for tasks and columns for month names. You can use these Gantt slides for PowerPoint to make awesome PMP presentations or Project Management presentations using PowerPoint. You can easily edit the Gantt chart to include other useful information you need for your project planning presentations like resource expenses or availability.
Alternatively you can download other free Gantt PowerPoint templates and slide designs for project planning. This free Project Planning PowerPoint template contains useful slide designs for managers and project leaders who need to prepare awesome slide designs with original Gantt and project planning charts.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. All data and information provided on this site is on an as-is basis and for informational purposes only.

The recent post Bring your tasks in a row showed a way of how to import a project plan from Microsoft Project into a preformatted Microsoft Excel template with ease. Export your project plan or parts of it and use the slides in your project status report, steering committee or team meeting presentations.
If you don’t have a project plan to export, but rather need a simple Gantt chart slide in Microsoft PowerPoint, it is more convenient and time saving to create a Gantt with Microsoft Project, export it to PowerPoint and edit it there according to your requirements. When opening the tool and enabling macros, you will notice an additional menu in the main menu bar called “Export to PPT”.
Delete all existing dummy data in the download file and copy your own project plan into this file. The time line of the PowerPoint Gantt is always in months, no matter which time structure you have in your mpp-file and no matter how long the total duration of your project might be. You need to have Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Project installed and to enable macros when opening the file.
The tool is tested using Microsoft Project Standard 2003 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2007. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations.
We do neither guarantee for accuracy, completeness, suitability or validity of information on this blog nor be liable for any errors in this information or any damages arising from its use. In fact it is a set of PowerPoint objects like textboxes, rectangles, triangles and diamonds. You can use the tool for this as well, but I would recommend to import the project plan into Microsoft Excel.

Thus, the tool uses a function to calculate the width of the task bars on basis of a year with 360 days.
There is no such thing as general settings where you would be able to change colors, the height of the bars, the symbol for milestones, the number of rows per slide or anything else.
You can format, align, rearrange, group and resize them, add annotations, delete single items, etc.
This leads to some cases of inaccurate task bars, but in general the visualization is close enough.
This function is very useful if you want to export a subproject or a couple of selected milestones. If you are not happy with the look and feel of the slides, you have to change the VBA code. And I am not talking about a simple macro that copies the project plan as a picture and pastes it into a PowerPoint slide. The tool converts an mpp-file into a full editable Gantt chart in Microsoft PowerPoint with one single mouse click.

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