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The way you manage your project, whether you follow documented processes and procedures, your own or corporate standards, is as much subject to quality review as the project’s deliverables. I always think it’s a good idea to invite a review as early as possible in the project. Product quality, on the other hand, is how you ensure that the project’s products or deliverables are created to agreed standards, and is sometimes called project control. This maybe a permanent team or group within the company whose job it is to ensure standards are followed.
Project quality processes need to be discussed, agreed, documented and established right from the start.

Facilitate the initial few quality reviews and establish a habit and a pattern for your team to follow. This is extremely damaging, not only leading to poor quality items, but also a poor commitment by the project team to really meeting the needs of the users. Also, I think it’s always a good idea to formalize the review by having review comment sheets to be filled in.
Always employ or consult a qualified professional for the management of any particular project or to solve any specific project problem. The first step to achieving project quality is to understand it, its importance and how it can transform a project.

A simple quality plan template can be created or obtained for this purpose, but it makes all the difference, because it ensures consistency.

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