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Both processes are easier to manage if dividing them into a range of simple tasks that can be assigned to appropriate people involved in the project.
The process of starting up your project requires you to list any reasons for project launch in the Project Mandate which is a formal PM document stating the reasons and defining expected outcomes of the project. SP is a relatively short process carried out to ensure the pre-requisites of your project are available before the project is initiated. Within the Preparation phase, the process ends up with designing the Project Description and the Initiation Stage Plan. The DP process that can be run in parallel with the Starting up a Project process should be undertaken from the very beginning of your project until its closure. Within the Preparation phase, the purpose of the process is to establish the Project Board which takes responsibility for the overall success of your project; however, the Board is not responsible for managing details of the project (this will be the major responsibility of the Project Manager).
Define the project management team structure (details on who will be involved in managing your project). Approve and verify PIDs (Project Initiation Documents), such as the Initiation Stage Plan, the Project Mandate, the Funding Request, etc.
The Project Board typically delegates day-to-day management responsibilities to the Manager who reports on the status of the project and tasks on a regular basis. The Preparation phase and its two high-level processes can be managed with help of VIP Task Manager that lets design to-do lists and task hierarchies. Breaking down the work is the first stage of project planning and essential for managing project scope. Create your own work breakdown structure online - download a blank WBS template to edit online with Mindmeister.
These WBS were created for real world projects by a qualified Project Manager (Prince 2 Practitioner, APM Practioner, MSP Practioner) with over 12 years experience. Includes project definition, specification, design and tender, construction and project close. Covers Orientation, Analyzing, Development and Implementation phases of an engineering project to build a Solar Vehicle.
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To remind you what I said in part 1 of this article, in the real world projects dona€™t always go to plan and this can happen for a variety of reasons, some of them internal and some of them external to the project.A A In this section I want to cover project tracking within a PRINCE2 project, reviewing the stage status, reporting on issues, re-planning, taking corrective action, escalating problems, and premature closure. A major control for the PRINCE2A project manager is that work does not commence until aA work package is authorized.
Reviewing recent checkpoint reports in particular, noting work package progress information and the status of any issues and risks.A  The project manager will be looking here to feel confident that progress is going to plan, hence to note any problems or concerns for project tracking purposes.
In a similar way, the issue register should also be checked, and both are done in theA capture and examine issues and risksA activity. The PRINCE2 stage plan will not only contain activity and milestone scheduling information, but also the resources required (human or otherwise), to carry out such activities.
Authorize a new or modified work package either because the plan states that a new work package is now required, or a modified work package containing any corrective actions. Issues and risks will be regularly captured and examined, resulting in either corrective action being taken or escalation if tolerance is forecast to be exceeded.A  If needed, the project manager may at any time seek project board advice before taking any action. It may be that some of the products during a stage are to be handed over to the customer as part of a phased handover.A  If this is the case, the project manager would want to request a product status account to ensure that such products have met their quality criteria and have been approved, and that the operational and maintenance staff are prepared to take responsibility for the products. The project manager will want to examine the amount of tolerance that has been set, and how much of such tolerance has already been used for project tracking purposes.A  This also should be included within the PRINCE2A highlight reports. If at any point, for whatever reason, the project board decide toA prematurelyA close the project, then the project manager will use the closing a project process to do this. David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. Update the Issue Register and Risk Register if any new issues or risks have been identified (or if existing ones need to be modified).

PRINCE2A® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. This product contains EVERYTHING in the publications: Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 - 2005 edition Managing successful Projects with PRINCE2 a€“ 2009 edition Directing Projects with PRINCE2. Quality in a project environment, Configuration management Change control, Organisation, Plans and Controls. Problem solvingProblem solving covers identifying a problem, the use of brain storming and the Pareto rule. The objectives are to experimentally characterise particle and powder properties using a wide range of techniques, to identify critical particle characteristics that dominate bulk powder properties, and to investigate powder mixing and quantify the mixing dynamics and microstructures of mixtures. Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. Using VIP Task Manager allows you to represent the processes as hierarchies of tasks and to-do items. The Project Mandate serves as a foundation for developing the Business Case at later phases of the lifecycle. Along with the Project Mandate you will need to design an outline of the Business Case, choose an implementation approach, establish quality expectations, and do other tasks in order to prepare your project for initiation. It is the longest process that covers all the phase and high-level processes of the project lifecycle. Members of the Board will supervise and monitor your project via various reports submitted by the Manager. It means that this institute will define the strategic direction of the project and govern decisions made by the Project Manager.
Information flows between both parties should be managed under rules of the Communication Plan.
Download Visio file - this is a Microsoft Visio file you will need MS Visio or a Visio viewer to see this WBS. Covers Project Management, Regulations, Help desk process remediation, system development and communication.
Use the Interactive Prince 2 process model to zoom down and between the process and speed up your learning. Covers venue selection, delegate arrangements, publicity, handout pack and structure and format of the day.
For the project manager to remain in control with project tracking, itA is important that the progress of the stage should be checked on a regular and timely basis.A  The focus here is to compare what has actually happened against what was originally planned, and hence what is the forecast for the remainder of the stage end of the project. Checkpoint reports provide a rich picture of data to feed intoA project tracking so that appropriate corrective action may be taken.
Without factoring in the status on risks and issuesA plusA their corrective actions, and how effective such actions are, that project tracking can stand any chance of being effective. It is vital for PRINCE2A project tracking that such data on the status of products is captured and clarified. He now develops a wide range of project-related downloadable video training products under the Primer and PM Mastery System brand names.
Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. Successful completion of the Preparation phase authorizes project initiation and proves creation of the support infrastructure (control, monitoring and communication mechanisms). The software features Task Tree view that lets make task hierarchies, to-do lists and task groups. When you decide on whether to launch your future project you should first define why launch the project, or what reasons for this. The Project Description is a document aimed for searching necessary funding and describing a project?s summary, goals, implementation approach, feasibility, expected outcomes and other details necessary for project initiation.
For each task of the hierarchy you can set a range of attributes, such as ID, Due Date, Estimated Time, Cost, Assigned, Status, Priority etc.

By using Comments panel the manager can discuss this document with representatives of the Project Board and receive feedback from team members.
A vital element of project tracking is that aA balance needs to be kept between planning ahead and reacting to events.
In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management. The aim of this project is to explore how material properties, roll compactor type and process parameters affect the roll compaction process, for which ribbon properties produced using various types of roll compactors available in IPROCOM and microscopic flow patterns of particles during roll compaction with different system designs will be characterized. Let?s find out what sample tasks are appropriate to the listed processes of the Preparation phase and then see how VIP Task Manager can be helpful for managing such tasks.
The Initiation Stage Plan is a formal document that determines an amount of work required to initiate a project. The manager of your project can share tasks between team members, make assignments and track changes.
Every person using VIP Task Manager will be a resource having login access to your PRINCE2 project database. Members of the Project Board can be assigned to the entire project as supervisors who receive status notifications by using Notifications panel or via email. The objectives are to perform a systematic study of roll compaction using roll compactors of different scales and to identify the design space for roll compaction.
The objective is to explore how ribbon properties and milling conditions affect the granule properties. The objectives are to analyse powder filling processes using DEM, and to assess flow rate and uniformity, and how particle properties and process conditions will affect the properties of the powder bed in roll compaction. DEM models will be further developed to explore the effects of particle shape, cohesion, agglomeration and electrostatic interactions.
The objective is to develop predictive models using FEM , which can be used to identify the critical material properties and process parameters controlling the quality of granules. This project aims to explore the fundamental microscopic mechanisms of ribbon milling using DEM. How ribbon properties and milling conditions affect the microscopic behaviour of milling will be explored. The goal of this project is to predict final compact properties using a combination of DEM and FEM.
A systematic investigation  will be performed to examine how granule properties and process parameters affect the die filling behaviour and the subsequent powder compaction and ejection. The objectives of this project are to develop a robust computational intelligence (CI) platform together with ESRs 10-12 and to identify critical particle properties (CPPs) and critical process variables (CPVs) that dominate bulk powder characteristics.
The objectives of this project are to develop a robust CI platform together with ESRs 9, 11, 12, to model roll compaction processes and to identify critical powder properties and CPVs controlling ribbon characteristics. The objectives are to develop a robust CI platform together with ESRs 9, 10, 12, to model the ribbon milling process, to predict granule properties based on ribbon parameters and milling conditions, and to identify vital information on critical materials and process variables. This project aims to develop a robust CI platform together with ESRs 9-11 and to model the powder compaction process, from which critical granules and granulation parameters together with process variables will be identified. The objectives of this project are to assess how uniformly particles of different properties can be mixed  and to simulate the mixing behaviour of various powders and to investigate the mixing and segregation phenomena using DEM.
The effect of packing structure of mixtures on the bulk powder behaviour will also be examined. The objectives are to develop a population balance model for analysing ribbon milling processes, and to investigate how the ribbon properties, mill type and milling conditions affect the granule size.

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