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PVC Greenhouse Kit Building your own custom PVC patio furniture allows for endless options.
Before the construction phase of your PVC furniture project you will need to decide on a design for the chair or other furnishing you.
Dennis and Danielle McClung’s “Garden Pool” began when they bought a foreclosed home in Mesa, Arizona, in 2009.
Five years later, it’s now a solar-powered closed-loop organic food production ecosystem using aquaponics hydroculture. McClung and family have grown broccoli, sweet potatoes, sorghum and wheat, tomatoes, bananas, beans and zucchini.
The just-released second edition of Garden Pool’s extensive how-to book features detailed instructions, illustrations, photos, and QR codes that link to video tutorials. What started as a goal for family sustainability, grew into a grand experiment and blog, and is now a full-time occupation and a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a small staff.
Now that it’s a nonprofit, Garden Pool can apply for grants to fund international trips, and “hop from place to place and make stuff happen.” McClung wants to build Garden Pools in Haiti, Africa, South America, and across the globe, and eventually become an international clearinghouse for research into closed-loop systems. Garden Pool’s Phoenix-area Meetup group has nearly a thousand members — local volunteers, students and gardeners — who have helped build a dozen Garden Pool systems in and around Phoenix. Kim Robson lives and works with her husband in the Cuyamaca Mountains an hour east of San Diego.
The goal of this project is to build a roller coaster for marbles using foam pipe insulation and to investigate how much height is needed in order for the marble to run through a loop of fixed size.
Slow and clanking, the string of cars is pulled up to the crest of the tallest point on the roller coaster.
You've probably noticed that the first hill on the roller coaster is always the highest (unless the coaster is given another "boost" of energy along the way). You can investigate the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy with this project. You'll use the same size loop for each of your tests, but you'll add (or subtract) track before the loop so that you can change the initial height where the marble starts. The illustration above shows how to measure "rise" and "run" in order to calculate the average slope of the track leading in to the loop. How high do you have to make the starting point of your roller coaster in order for the marble to "loop-the-loop"?
Do your background research so that you are knowledgeable about the terms, concepts, and questions, above.
Make a second cut on the other side of the tube (yellow line in the illustration above), along the entire length of the tube. Raise the other end of the track up to make a ramp coming down into the loop (see illustration below).
Measure the horizontal distance from the track starting point to the beginning of the loop (run). What starting height was needed for the marble to make it through the loop most of the time? You can expand the experiment by building a set of roller coaster tracks with various loop sizes.
Try using different lengths of roller coaster track so that you can adjust the slope of the track leading to the loop. For a more advanced version of this experiment, see the Science Buddies project Roller Coaster Marbles: Converting Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy. The marble would sometimes fall off the foam pipe insulation tube before it would even make it to the loop of the rollercoaster. Compared to a typical science class, please tell us how much you learned doing this project.
I learned that the marble must not be too big and the loop of the roller coaster can't be tilting. I learned that if the marbles were bigger then it would move slower then the ones that were smaller. The problems that I had were cutting the foam pipes, getting the marble to go through he loops, and making sure that the marble wouldn't fall off the roller coaster or even stopping out of nowhere. I will apreciate how much effort rollercoaster designers put into their creations because it takes a lot of knowledge to get the velocity and angles right. The Ask an Expert Forum is intended to be a place where students can go to find answers to science questions that they have been unable to find using other resources.
Mechanical engineers are part of your everyday life, designing the spoon you used to eat your breakfast, your breakfast's packaging, the flip-top cap on your toothpaste tube, the zipper on your jacket, the car, bike, or bus you took to school, the chair you sat in, the door handle you grasped and the hinges it opened on, and the ballpoint pen you used to take your test.
You use mechanical devices every day—to zip and snap your clothing, open doors, refrigerate and cook your food, get clean water, heat your home, play music, surf the Internet, travel around, and even to brush your teeth. You may print and distribute up to 200 copies of this document annually, at no charge, for personal and classroom educational use. Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. GARDEN DOME A  These guys build geodesic frames for people plus they sell geodesic hub kits for those of you who want to cut and assemble your own dome structure(s).
GEODESIC DOME CONNECTOR MEDUSA   Here linked to is a video showing a new geodesic frame connector for about 2 minutes.

GEODESIC DOME CONNECTOR   This listing here goes to a YouTube video which in great detail shows the construction of a 6 spoke geodesic hub. PVC 12 STRUT DOME CONNECTOR   This is something i have had in storage for a long time (i mean the picture).
METAL PLATE SOURCE   This business specializes in heavy-duty steel connectors mostly flat plate with holes drilled for attachment into lumber. GENESIS ENTERPRISES LLC   You can find the connectors that this company manufactures on their website link entitled "Parts". We have also developed a line of specialty designed steel framed and fabric structures to meet our customers needs. APPLE SEED GEODESIC DOME CONNECTORS   This is a project someone is working on using "Computer Aided Design" (CAD).
E-Z FRAMES   This is a complete system of connectors used to tie 2X2 lumber into many possible shapes and sizes.
The advantage of this design is that the connectors (joints) are identical and can be used at any intersection of the straight segments.
DOME KIT   It seems like this site is making geodesic connectors for use in soft covered structures only.
TEMCOR ROLLWELL DOMES   This company based in India has developed a complex hub but probably best used in large commercial applications. CENTRAL TENT   This business has a lot of shade tent related stuff, but i will focus on their tent or tarp frame connectors and accessories here.
Versatile system—The tent system can be set up according to customer's needs with minimal parts and configurations. ALL STEEL SHED FRAMES   Hopefully, all of you visitors to my website will like this listing displayed here. GEODESIC DOME HUBS   Look at this latest new connector from the UK, the owner has a listing on eBay featuring these for sale to the general public.
OHME GEODESIC DOME HUB   It appears to me to be a heavy-duty connector system which can be used with 2X4 lumber. FAST FRAMERS   These are Galvanized metal connectors used with 2x4's for building shed or backyard home office type buildings. This site is unique in that it specializes in shapes which can be used in building projects all having the property of identical sides or elements as the author describes them. PVC PIPE DOME CONNECTION SYSTEM   Even though this webpage is instructing the building of a "geodesic greenhouse" the information doubles for a livable structure in my opinion.
ADAPT BUILDING SYSTEMS   This is a bolt together framing system for attachment of SIPs panels.
Ever had your kids get so dirty you thought hosing them off would be easier than giving them a bath? This fabric and PVC teepee is super cute and can be used as an indoor or outdoor reading nook or play fort. Lowe’s Creative Ideas put together an awesome set of instructions and a demo video showing you how to make this cool 3-section kitty condo using basic supplies. Visit the Lowe’s Creative Ideas website for all the instructions or check out this video to see how it’s done. If I had more time I think I'd try another version with 5 sizes of PVC, and two layers of rays. Just an everyday lady, married to a wonderful guy, with two grown daughters and a growing number of grandchildren. A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe greenhouse plan is a quick, easy and inexpensive way for do-it-yourself gardeners to.
The backyard was dominated by a broken, empty swimming pool which would have cost a small fortune to repair and fill. The Garden Pool feeds a family of five with fish, eggs, goat milk, fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs all year long — and in an extremely hot, dry environment.
Excess runoff water runs back into the pond, and a rain catchment system on the roof captures some of the nine inches of annual rain the Phoenix area sees, so the Garden Pool requires a fraction of the water needed for a conventional garden. Dennis says building your own Garden Pool is not as labor-intensive or complex as it sounds.
Scientists and engineers from Cornell University, Arizona State University, and even the space industry have visited the Garden Pool to study its symbiotic design. You'll build a roller coaster track for marbles using foam pipe insulation and masking tape, and see how much of an initial drop is required to get the marble to "loop the loop." It's a great way to learn about how stored energy (potential energy) is converted into the energy of motion (kinetic energy).
One by one, the cars start downhill on the other side, until gravity takes over and the full weight of the train is careening down into curves, twists, and turns.
You'll use foam pipe insulation (available at your local hardware store) to make a roller coaster track. For each track configuration, you should try at least 10 separate tests with the marble to see whether it can loop the loop or not.
It's not as smart as you are, and it may occasionally give humorous, ridiculous, or even annoying results! You can use masking tape to attach pieces end-to-end to make the roller coaster track as long as you want. I also learned that the time for a marble to move down the roller coaster was always different depending to how much the marble weighs.
If you have specific questions about your science fair project or science fair, our team of volunteer scientists can help.

Virtually every object that you see around you has passed through the hands of a mechanical engineer. Virtually every object that you see around has been mechanically engineered or designed at some point, requiring the skills of mechanical engineering technicians to create drawings of the product, or to build and test models of the product to find the best design.
PVC pipe is a relatively inexpensive alternative to using wood or metal for home DIY projects. When I made my PVC snowman I was fiddling with the shapes after having glued them together. I used a band saw because I have one but you could easily do this by hand using a miter box.
The directions say to work in temperatures above 40? and to apply the cement to both surfaces and then hold together for 30 seconds.
My approach is one of living creatively whether in crafting, cooking, organizing or problem solving. Instead, Dennis sketched out his idea, built a plastic roof over it and start growing things inside a DIY greenhouse.
The McClung’s spend only about $100 a month on groceries for things like cooking oil and coffee. A chicken coop is built over the pond, and their droppings fall through wire mesh, feeding the algae and duckweed in the pond.
Pest control is organically managed with things like adding ladybugs to eat aphids, snails to control algae, and selecting plants like marigolds and garlic, which repel whiteflies and spider mites. The McClungs have added a couple of pygmy goats for milk, and several fruit and nut trees to the experiment. This spring, volunteers paired up with Naturopaths Without Borders to travel to Haiti and build a Garden Pool there. The roller coaster is a great example of conversions between potential energy (stored energy) and kinetic energy (the energy of motion). The energy that the marble loses to make the track move means less energy is available to make the marble itself move. Our Experts won't do the work for you, but they will make suggestions, offer guidance, and help you troubleshoot. Consequently, their skills are in demand to design millions of different products in almost every type of industry. I like browsing the fittings aisle at my local hardware store for ideas – the pipes come in lots of different lengths and shapes, and the different fittings allow you to create bends and turns as-needed for your project.
The house is stained using Benjamin Moore Arbor Coat solid stain in Amazon Green (Benjamin Moore 2136-30).
This blog is to share with you the individual and unique solutions I implement in every day life. He and an active community of Garden Pool advocates are building Garden Pools across the country and the world.
The fish eat the pond plants, defecate their own nitrogen-rich droppings, and the fish water then gets directed (using a solar-powered water pump) into the hydroponic system that grows the family’s produce in the shallow end of the pool.
Her interests include the environment, dark skies, astronomy and physics, geology and rock collecting, living simply and cleanly, wilderness and wildlife conservation, and eating locally. As the cars are being pulled up to the top of the first hill, they are acquiring potential energy. For example, the friction of the wheels and other moving parts converts some of the energy to heat. There are as many possible variations to this project as there are twists and turns on a great roller coaster ride, but a good place to start is to see how much initial height you need in order to have your marble successfully navigate a loop in the track. Tip: start with a track height and loop diameter such that the marbles just make it around the loop. Hopefully, you'll find an idea that will lead to an inspiring solution in your life as well.
For instance, blueberries and amaranth didn’t do as well as eggplant and asparagus, but McClung’s book includes a long list of things that grow easily in a Garden Pool. The cars also make noise as they move on the tracks, so some of the energy is dissipated as sound. The rise is the height of the starting point, and the run is the horizontal distance from the starting point to the beginning of the loop. With a stabilized loop, can the marble start at a lower height and still make it through the loop?
When the cars start down the other side, this potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. Because some of the potential energy is dissipated to friction, sound, and vibration of the track, the cars cannot possibly have enough kinetic energy to climb back up a hill that is equal in height to the first one. The way that physicists describe this situation is to say that energy is conserved in a closed system like a roller coaster. Some of the kinetic energy is now being converted to potential energy, which will be be released when the cars go down the other side. That is, energy is neither created nor destroyed; there is a balance between energy inputs to the system (raising the train to the top of the initial hill) and energy outputs from the system (the motion of the train, its sound, frictional heating of moving parts, flexing and bending of the track structure, and so on).

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